Paul Mampilly Believes Certain Stocks Will Be Great For 2018

In an article published recently at Banyan Hill, investment expert Paul Mampilly talked about what the future holds for stock buyers in 2018. 2017 was a great year for investing, and while 2018 may have some changes, Mampilly says investors should look out for mega trends stocks. What exactly are these mega trends stocks? A lot of them have to do with how automated technology and advanced medical research are going to change life as we know it. Mega trends to look out for include enhanced mobile financial technology such as blockchains, cryptocurrencies, mobile payment and loan solutions, and others. You also should be aware of precision medicine developments, and things related to the “Internet of Things,” or in other words how there’ll be not only smartphones, but smart appliances, self-driving vehicles and other ways the internet will have precedent.

Paul Mampilly has been researching stocks, mutual funds and other investments since he began his career at Deutsche Bank in 1991. His family history is Indian and he came to the US to complete his financial degree at Montclair State University. He learned the way to make good profits in investing quite well that soon he was joining his superiors at Deutsche Bank, and not too much later had earned even higher positions at Banker’s Trust, ING, Sears and even a Swiss Bank. From the banks he then went on to become a consultant at Capuchin Consulting, a firm based in North Carolina. Then he got a major position as the Managing Director of Kinetics International Fund, one of the top hedge funds of its day cited by Barron’s as one of Wall Street’s top performers. Mampilly also invested $50 million that gained 76% in one year despite the 2008 financial crisis being at its worst, and it won him the famous Templeton Foundation competition in 2009.

Paul Mampilly eventually decided Wall Street served primarily just the corporations and top 1%, so he decided to retire and bring his knowledge to the 99%. He had been one of the first investors to buy stocks in Netlflix, Facebook and Sarepta Therapeutics and he decided it was time to show people how they could manage their money without needing the professionals to do it. So he began writing “Profits Unlimited,” a newsletter published at Banyan Hill which showed which kind of stocks people should look into, and the price was cheap compared to most other financial insider journals. Over 60,000 subscribers joined that newsletter overnight, and more and more have come to appreciate what Paul Mampilly has to say.

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