Peter Briger soaring Fortress Investment Group to greater heights

Peter Briger is a Princeton Alumni and is proud to be listed among top 400 businessmen of the prestigious Forbes magazine. Commonly referred to as Pete by his close associates and colleagues, Peter Briger, serves as the co-chair of Fortress Investment Group for the last nine years. Peter Briger also has other portfolios at the group which put him in control of a hive of activities. You can find Pete in his office at Fortress Investment Group headquarters.

 Briger’s role at Fortress group

Fortress Investment Group is an internationally acclaimed investment company. At Fortress, they invest in sectors which do not have access to mainstream money & capital. These are sectors that the main financial institutions blush off and turn a cold shoulder on. Briger says this neglect causes a great imbalance in demand and supply, and Fortress capitalizes on that. According to Peter Briger assessments, and they are usually affirmative, assets in the range of three trillion US dollars have been dispersed in the last ten years. Briger’s role at Fortress Investment Group is to evaluate these assets and decide which ones to purchase. This practice has since been likened to garbage collection, except Pete is a financial genius and he has a way to turn them into valuable assets at the end of the day.

 Pre- Fortress

Mr. Briger began his prosperous career in junior leadership and management positions. And what a better place to kick-start your career than at Goldman Sachs. Well, Briger was fortunate to start at Sachs where he built his investment banking expertise. It was during these early times of his career that he developed razor-sharp abilities, dealing with real estate, international investments, and distressed debts.These are the skills he carried with him when he joined Fortress sixteen years ago as the co-Chief Executive Officer.

Benevolent gestures

Mr. Peter Briger is for sure a very successful financial expert and a billionaire. This places him on the society’s lens, but for a man who is already generous by nature, supporting others is by default in his DNA. It is said that charity begins at home, and Peter Briger knows this. He is among the three Princeton alumni’s that contribute to the Alma Mata fund. Through this fund, myriads of Princeton Alumni and students have been able to start their own businesses and other profitable activities a factor that not only enables them to be self-sufficient but also reduces unemployment and dependence on the government.

More about Peter Briger

Peter Briger was the eldest in a family of three children. His dad worked as a tax attorney while his mother, Kathy, worked at Chemical Bank as a manager in the credit department. He schooled in New York in a private school before switching to the Groton School in Massachusetts. He later attended Princeton University where he majored in history.Pete graduated at a time the loans and savings market was nose-diving and Credit associations were shutting down. This presented Briger with an opportunity to learn from bad loans and it is no wonder today he is an expert in handling non-performing assets and bad loans.Briger cites the late Michael Mortara, as his tight friend and mentor.

Wes Edens Retains Leadership even in the Buyout

Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by Softbank Group. The acquisition was based on a premium stock exchange price that amounted to about $2.25 for every share. Later into the application of the premium on the stock’s share per price, Softbank was valued at $8.08 for every share. Accordingly, the charged premium stocks share has been charged on the prices instigated on Fortress Investment Group. This has in turn increased the corporation’s valuation by about $140 billion.

Background Information

Well, surprisingly, this is the second time Fortress Investment Group has entered the records of companies that have broken records in such ways. In 2007, the company was put in the same position and Lehman Brothers joined by Goldman Sachs held their previous offering to declare themselves public. Originally founded by five like-minded individuals who aspired to transform people’s lives by contributing to their financial goals, the company has in the past years cemented its name in the industry of financial services.

More on His Career

Behind the entire transactions that Fortress Investment Group has dealt with is Wes Edens, the co-principal of the organization. Wes is also a board member and has extensively participated in the decision making process of the firm. Other than that, he has vast experience in finance and banking. Moreover, he plays pivotal roles as the man who oversees the Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Because of his leadership skills, he has landed various executive positions across the board with the most recent being him retaining his position at Fortress Investment Group even as the Japanese acquire it. This is a reflection that Wes Edens is a competent leader. Even so, Wes Edens started his career from a humble point.

The Overview

For starters, he worked for Lehman Brothers, an investment firm. Prior to working for this company, he was a student at the prestigious Oregon State University where he majored in finance as well as business administration. When working for Lehman Brothers, he garnered vast experience as the managing director. Moreover, he committed time and effort to developing his career by honing his leadership skills. It is because of these skills that he has since managed to work for Fortress even during the buyout.From Lehman Brothers, Wes Edens served at Blackrock Asset Investors for several years. He was the managing director and the investment manager at the same time. In 1998, he decided to join his business associates in developing Fortress Investment Group.