How Dr. Mark Mofid Innovates In The Field Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid has been a plastic surgeon for the past two decades. His practice is in San Diego and customers come to his offices from Del Mar, La Jolla, and Chula Vista as well as other areas. Beyond operating on people he also has performed a lot of research into various implants. He wants to make plastic surgery as safe as possible while also getting people he has worked on to look natural, like no work has been done. One of his specialties is gluteal augmentation and he is regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States when it comes to this procedure.

When Dr. Mark Mofid started doing gluteal augmentation surgery about a decade ago he was very dissatisfied with the implants those in the industry were using. He has said that they are very incompatible with how the human body operates in regards to muscles and tissue. They are notorious for slipping out of place which gives any women with this sort of implant an inevitable sagging look. He knew he could come up with something better.

After countless hours of research, Dr. Mark Mofid had designed a new gluteal augmentation implant. He says it has much lower profile than what came before and, even better, it stays in place. He now uses this implant exclusively and offers it to other plastic surgeons who do this type of surgery on their patients.

In order to learn everything he can about gluteal augmentation surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid has developed a professional relationship with Dr. Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzales has been doing this type of surgery in Brazil since 1984. Dr. Mark Mofid says that Brazil is known as the gluteal augmentation capital of the world and Dr. Gonzalez is the best one in that nation in performing this type of operation.

After graduating from Harvard University, Dr. Mark Mofid attended The John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Upon graduation he moved to the greater San Diego area and set up his own practice. He also serves as a staff surgeon at a number of hospitals in Southern California.

Graham Edwards — Directing the Developmental Ambitions of Telereal Trillium Investment Purposes

The commercial enterprise of handling houses and land can be complicated. However, Telereal Trillium is the United Kingdom’s environment for real estate simplicity. Although you could search property companies within the thousands around the UK, Telereal Trillium is among the largest. So, capable people can carry out their potentials and prosper with this investment company (

Also, CEO Graham Edwards has been directing the development ambitions of Telereal Trillium for more than 17 years. Behind Edward’s guidance, the private company has shown constancy and growth. More so, venture capitalists are welcome to map out a favorable path after coming on board and taking part in the business investment purposes.

Edwards believes the company’s unique personality is because of its employees’ loyalty and actions. For more insight, the heart of the company’s charge is its organized responsibility. What’s more, Telereal Trillium assists students in starting a thriving future — while providing them knowledge about improved economic and survival capacity.

What’s exciting, Telereal Trillium caters to diverse clients who put much trust in the commercial property organization due to its superb reputation. Graham Edwards earn the recognition for adding in these notable industry clients such as The Department for Work, Virgin Media, Royal Mail and many others. In fact, the company’s CEO has been trustworthy about hard work and quality service.

Edwards’s leadership has been vital in molding the property market of the UK respect to the 21st century. Now, Telereal Trillium’s financial roles are worth billions in euros, which is part of a generous impact on property owners. Graham’s time spent with the BT Group Plc. as the company’s finance director provided him plenteous experience before joining Telereal Trillium.

Worth mentioning, Telereal CEO, Graham Edwards first started contact with Trillium CEO, Ian Ellis to talk about Trillium coming into the property market. Besides, Edwards added the Telereal Trillium establishment to his legacy of business-dealing — which was a renowned transaction. So, the companies merging fulfilled the lack-of-funds issue and made it convenient for carrying out team investment plans.

And too, the new company has a large quantity of leverage on the property market.


Talk Fusion App, Is It All Talk?

You may have heard about the new apps that Talk Fusion is putting out on the market for their useers. However, many people wonder if their latest app is all talk or if it lives up to the hype that so many people are talkign about. The company came onto the playing field in 2007 with a strong leadership presence. Their focus was to stay ahead of any and all competition by simply offering the best technology and products. This dedication to their service has won them several awards and they have continued to stay focused and upgrade the technology to stay light years agead of anyone else. Talk Fusion is a global marketing company who are leaders in the field of video and video marketing.


This all new application or App, as it is called, allows busy, on the go people to use the award winning products of Talk Fusion on the go. This app can help any company to hold their own edge and stay above their competition in the wonderful world of business. The new app works with most Apple products and Android devices with a system of 4.4.3 or newer. Video email is a great marketing tool. There is nothing like the ability to send a personal email to your clients, customers and business friends and include video. It is no secret that video is a great way to engage people you are doing business with or looking to do business with.


Bob Reina, The CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion has a strong background in leadership. Mr. Reina encourages people to lead by example and get out of the way of progress. Bob tells everyone that the products and services offered by Talk Fusion can be used to connect not just with business associates but, also with family and friends. Imagine the ability to have a video conversation with your family, friends or business associate using a highly advanced technological program. This is what happens when you use Talk Fusion.


The ability to connect from any device to any device is just an awesome possibility. Talk Fusion is the award winning, all in one video marketing program that makes it all happen. The company also allows other people to make a business from the sale of their products. This is a winning situation for so many people who want to make their lives better. If you want to use the product or offer it to others, it’s a win regardless, just like their new app. Learn more:

How Ride Sharing Apps Are Changing The NYC Real Estate Market

Real estate professionals in the New York City area know how there has been a sudden change in the market in that area and it is largely because of the rise of ride sharing app popularity. There are a number of companies such as Lyft and Uber that help transport people from point A to point B in a very affordable manner. Previously, people would choose their residential location in New York based off of the subway system or the public bus system. There were building development companies that would purchase properties and develop buildings based off these prime locations as well. Now, the real estate market is more vast thanks to better transportation that is easier as well.

The Need For Transportation
People who choose to live in the big city often leave behind the option for a vehicle because it just isn’t practical in this type of location. You have to pay for parking, you have to pay for gas, routine maintenance is ongoing and that doesn’t even address the issue of traffic. It is preferred when walking to a certain destination is an option but if not, the subway has always been to common way of getting around. Ride sharing ( is more popular these days because not only does it eliminate needing a vehicle but you can also share the cost of the trip with other people who are headed in the same direction as you. These ride sharing companies know this is a fact and they have begun to advertise to certain areas outside of the public transportation system to let people know they are around.

What it comes down to is that allocating a budget for something like Uber can still be a lot more affordable than investing a car, maintaining that vehicle, buying gas, insurance and much more. People can also save money by moving outside of the main areas of NYC ( enjoy more land, less traffic and better views. As real estate booms in the city, more and more developments will occur from companies that are looking to expand but feel more comfortable doing so outside of the paths of the G train or the subway system.

Zombies Take Over New York City!

Before you grab your nearest crossbow and prepare to Daryl it across the country, there were not any actual zombies in New York City. Dish Network recently decided to drop AMC from its list of available channels. In protest, AMC unleashed a few zombies into the civilian world of New York City to make a statement. People were dressed up like firefighters, food vendors, construction workers, mailmen, essentially everyday people found in the famous city. Except they were zombified and played their part quite well.

People were either terrified, curious, or excited about the staged act. The entire performance was filmed and the message at the end entails a zombie dragging a Dish satellite, with words proclaiming that zombies only belonged on television and not in real life. AMC had some problems with Dish when they began to ask for those who wished to watch the channel online pay extra fees. Officials from AMC thought it was questionable that viewers should have to pay more when they already had access to the channel on their TV.

The website currently being used to protest the drop of AMC from Dish’s lineup is called PutZombiesBack, and it believes that the reason AMC is being dropped doesn’t have to do with the channel itself at all, and instead is about an older business issue. One that never even involved AMC or anything related to it. PutZombiesBack is pushing those who interested in the dispute to find a new provider since they believe that the regular viewer is just being used as a pawn in a business game. That they are being charged unreasonably for a service that others can provide for them as a cheap and normal part of their viewing list.

While it is yet unknown what Dish will plan to do next, whether it will return AMC to its viewing list, or if viewers will simply decide to ditch Dish and find a different provider, there’s no doubt the impact the zombies had on those during the protest. Signs of the apocalypse are certainly a guaranteed method to attract attention to your cause. For fans of the Walking Dead and other AMC shows, let’s hope the stunt does more than just scare a few innocent passersby.

Stream Cares is Doing Special Things in Texas

Hurricane Harvey was a tragedy, and when the city of Houston was hit by the storm, the results were catastrophic. Harvey did significant damage to the entire area, and flooding took the homes and lives of many. Pets were lost, keepsakes were washed away, and many who survived the initial storm struggled to survive the storm’s immediate aftermath. Fortunately, a number of organizations stepped forward to help. One group, in particular, was one of the first to fund recovery of the city of Houston and its citizens. This group is the energy company Stream Energy, and their actions were hugely influential in the city’s recovery.

Stream is an extremely successful energy sales corporation, but their charity is just as significant as their business ventures. Stream Energy has been known to help dire causes all across the country, and recently, the company launched a specific charity foundation called Stream Cares. This new organization is mostly continuing the philanthropic mission of Stream, but is continuing to expand efforts and do even more for the community. Surprisingly, it is not that common for corporations to launch a charity-specific sub-organization, but Stream’s clear intention to better its surrounding communities pushed it to make that decision. By dividing efforts within the company, talented, driven individuals were able to be put in charge of the charity and philanthropy efforts, and the results will certainly be good. Stream shows a constant drive to be the best at giving, and the creation of Stream Cares is emblematic of this mission.

It’s worth mentioning that Stream’s corporate structure lends itself well to this type of charity. Stream is in the business of direct energy selling, and through this practice, Stream acquires and maintains an ever-growing group of pleased clients. As associates of Stream gain more and more traction, through both sales and bigger client numbers, their opportunity to donate and help others grows as well. Throughout its entirety, Stream Energy encourages all employees and representatives to contribute to society the best they can. Each individual is encouraged to work for a cause they personally believe in, but Stream, as a company, has built some priorities of its own. One of these is homelessness, and Stream has done significant work throughout Texas in helping curb this epidemic.

It’s easy to forget all of the work some corporations do for the well-being of the planet and those who inhabit it, but Stream Energy’s impact is special and deserves to be remembered. What Stream does with its success – in this case, sharing with the needy – is commendable and a great blueprint for other companies to emulate.

Felipe Montoro Jens details Brazils PPP efforts

The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) is a government agency that is responsible for forging relationships between the private sector decision makers and the public sector decision makers, in order to encourage more public private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens reports about an R $ 44 billion stimulus package by the Brazilian government to stimulate public private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens reports this R $ 44 billion invest will be in the form of 57 projects, and will include 22 sectors including roadwork projects, airport management solutions, and privatizing of public companies. This R $ 44 billion is going to be managed by the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI). Learn more on for more info.

Public private partnerships are an effective tool that allows the collaboration of both the public and private sectors. In December 2004, the Federal Law 11,079 / 04 was released. Federal Law 11,079 / 04 details the rules and regulations that govern the implementation of public private partnerships in Brazil. Public private partnerships allow traditional expansive projects to be drastically cheaper, because the financial burden is shared by both the public and private sectors. There has been an increase in the number of public private partnerships in the country, and there are more today than 10 years ago, however, Felipe Montoro Jens reports there is still the need many more. One issue that is slowing the implementation of more of public private partnerships is the taxation expenses. , Felipe Montoro Jens points out, what happens in some cases the private sector will after a project is paid for, right off the expenses, and these expenses are passed to the government.

Felipe Montoro Jens also learned as of the R $ 44 billion investment, that will be governed by the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) will include as part of the 57 projects the selling of the Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks of Espirito Santo.



Cynthia Nixon Is Running As The Governor Of New York And Challenging Andrew Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon the award winning actress has just announced she plans to run for the Governor of New York. She is best known for her part on Sex and the City and is running as a Democrat. He opponent is Governor Andrew Cuomo. The primary election will be held in September. Cynthia Nixon has been involved with politics although she is new to campaigning. She wants the government to focus on healthcare and repairing the broken subway. She stated the people are tired of politician more concerned with power and headlines than the people.

Cynthia Nixon made an announcement for two minutes. She spoke of her advocacy for public education and of the New York City public schools attended by her children. She additionally talked about the deteriorating subway system in the city. Her press release was a direct attack on the Governor. She said Andrew Cuomo’s time in office has consisted of corruption indictments, making no attempt to repair the subway and support backroom deals leading to the Republicans controlling the Senate in the state. For additional details please visit

Cynthia Nixon became involved in politics in New York City in 2014. She has been critical regarding the work Andrew Cuomo has done as the Governor. She does not believe his best policies come close to providing what is required by the state. She says his policies only concern people making $75,000 to $125,000 per year. She wants the number of charter schools privately run in New York City to increase by at least half. She cited Andrew Cuomo as a proponent of tax credits imposed on private schools. She referred to this as a backdoor voucher system and said this may be expected from Betsy Devos but was a surprise coming from Andrew Cuomo.

Cynthia Nixon intends to dethrone the governor. She spoke of one of Andrew Cuomo’s top aides, Joseph Percoco. She reminded the public he was found guilty regarding his participation in a corruption scandal. He allegedly accepted bribes totaling $300,000 from the state business done by executives. The latest poll released by the Siena College shows Andrew Cuomo currently has 66 percent of the Democratic votes. It remains unclear if Cynthia Nixon will become a credible threat to the governorship of Andrew Cuomo.

Nick Vertucci Tels His Success Story To Inspire Others

In telling his personal story, Nick Vertucci recalls that life as a child was pretty good in the beginning. He says his family, while not wealthy, did manage to do well. Later, the passing of his father changed that and Nick recalls that his mother worked long, hard hours just to keep things going. From those experiences, Mr. Vertucci learned that anyone can change their fate, if they’re dedicated and willing to work hard.

Even in his own adult life, Nick Vertucci admits to experiencing setbacks. Eventually, he went from living out of a van to developing a successful career as a computer hardware salesman. He made enough money that he was able to build a comfortable life for himself. He started a family, having three daughters with his wife, and it seemed that he was living the American dream. The dot-com crash in the 2000s changed that and again threatened Nick’s livelihood.

Things were not going well for him and Nick Vertucci admits he lost everything, except his home. He knew he needed a change, so he took up a friend’s invitation to attend a real estate investment seminar. Though he was reluctant and wary, Mr. Vertucci decided to give it a chance. The event inspired him and he began researching the prospect of investing in real estate for himself.

Over time, Nick Vertucci fine-tuned the system he learned from others and eventually developed his own system altogether. It was so successful, helping him to completely change his life, that Nick vowed to teach it to others. Nick understands that most people are like him in that they want to change their lives and are willing to work, but lack the knowledge they need to succeed.

That’s why Mr. Vertucci developed his system into a learnable course. He started the NV Real Estate Academy, so anyone can follow his approach. Now, learning to invest in real estate with Nick’s system is helping people everywhere get rid of their debt and build real wealth in their lives. Nick believes the best thing about investing in real estate is that it can provide a financial buffer, so people can protect themselves against sudden downturns. Mr. Vertucci’s system helps people change their lives, just as he changed his own.

OSI Foods Features among the Top 100 American Companies

OSI food sports all the characteristics of a successful company. The company that has existed for over 100 years and still serving its customers with excellence featured among the top 100 companies. At number 58, you know that you are talking about serious business. It has been estimated that OSI foods transact sales worth $ 6 billion every year.

Expanding to the Lands Beyond

Sheldon Larvin leads OSI in some of the most progressive and strategic acquisitions that have happened in business circles in recent day. OSI now has a resounding presence in Europe. The Food processing company recently bought Baho Foods; one of the leading Dutch Foods outfits that command nearly 30% of the European market. Baho Foods has a conspicuous presence in such countries as Germany and Switzerland. OSI deserves to be number 58 on the list and even better. It seems that it is a matter of time before Forbes churns out another list with OSI among the top 10 companies. OSI stays ahead of the pack for a range of reasons. Firstly it is one of the few food processing firms that offer custom made value-added food supplies to its customers. Secondly, OSI Foods offers one of the widest food choices portfolios. The company supplies bacon, fish, vegetable products, hot dogs, pizza among others. The overseas outlets provide plenty more with exotic food cuisines.

Playing it fair and Just

The company is an equal opportunity employer with a current staff base of over 20 000 employees. Apart from buying Baho, the company also bagged Flagship Europe to announce its presence loudly in the region. The addition of Flagship Europe grants OSI a huge leverage in its dealings and is likely to lead to more significant acquisitions. OSI has established a reputation for itself already in the European market. The company was awarded the Globe of Honor in the UK in 2016 for its efforts in conserving the environment even as it pursues its usual business. OSI also recently built a poultry processing plant worth over 60 million Euros in Spain. The company sought to double its poultry products production following research that showed that the demand for poultry meat far outweighed the prevailing supply. Other notable moves to expand OSI include the purchase of the Tyson Food Plant in Chicago. OSI food outlets now serve clientele from all corners of the earth.

OSI has its headquarters in Aurora in Illinois. The company already operates in over 17 countries across the globe. It runs over 65 outlets across the various regions. The company also announced that it is employing staff with various qualifications to fill positions that the expansion facilitates. Some of the countries that OSI already serves include Brazil, Australia, India, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, the US, Canada, and Ukraine. OSI remains committed to its objectives of supplying high quality customized, value-added food to its customers. OSI is currently headed by Sheldon Larvin. He is an experienced hand, especially in meat processing business. He worked in the meat industry for a couple of years in the UK, before he became the CEO of OSI Foods.

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