Cassio Audi Explores the Benefits of Finance and Heavy Metal

The worlds of heavy metal music and high finance are rarely seen as being closely linked but the development of the career of popular investment specialist, Cassio Audi shows any person can explore their interests in various parts of life. Despite becoming one of the leading financial heavyweights of the Brazilian economy across the last three decades, Cassio Audi was once dedicated to a much more individual passion, heavy metal music in the 1980s.

In 1985, the young people of Brazil had only just been allowed to explore the popular culture of the period after the end of the military junta in the country had allowed U.K. and U.S.-based bands to arrive in the country for the first time. Cassio Audi was heavily influenced by the arrival of British heavy metal bands including Iron Maiden and set out on a career as a drummer in his home city of Sao Paulo during his teenage years; Audi was quickly recruited to the original incarnation of the cult heavy metal band, Viper who would go on to become one of the leaders of Brazilian heavy metal. To know more about him click here.

During his time with Viper, Cassio Audi would go on to become one of the leading figures in the early years of Brazilian heavy metal and create the initial sound of a hall of fame heavy metal band. The group would include Cassio Audi as its drummer from 1985 through 1989 when he decided to return to Sao Paulo University and embark upon his impressive financial career. Audi would appear on the first recordings of Viper including “The Kilera Sword” tapes and the band’s debut studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

Cassio Audi: A Brazilian Rock Legend

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian-born musician who has also created a great career as an entrepreneur. To many, he is best known for his work as a founding member of popular 80s band, Viper. Viper’s success was aided by Cassio’s performance on the drums. Cassio carved out his niche by composing many of the songs that Viper played all over the world on their tours. His talent as a composer and lyricist as well as his drumming ability forever cemented Audi as one of Brazil’s greatest rock talents. After two successful rock albums, Audi left the band in pursuit of his entrepreneurial dreams while leaving the fans with much to remember.

Viper came into being with Audi as their drummer and four of his friends providing guitar and vocals. Their youthfulness along with their raw talent and hard-hitting music was a huge hit among Brazilian radio stations in the mid-80s. The one thing that set them apart was their lyrics, written in a large part by Cassio Audi. The fact that they sang in English set them apart from nearly all other bands in South America, as nobody had seen that before. The band put out their first album, Soldiers of Sunset, in 1987 and followed it up with their second, Theater of Fate, just 2 years later. After touring in South America, Europe, and North America, Cassio Audi left to pursue other interests. His talent as a drummer, composer, and lyricist has gone down in Brazilian rock history as a true pioneer.

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From the Paris Accord to Alleviating Poverty, Avaaz has Track Record of Success

The United States may have rejected the Paris Climate Accord, but virtually every other nation on the planet signed on and work will now move forward to tackle one of the most pressing problems of our times – climate change.

Even the rejection of Paris by the U.S. is being blunted as individual American states and cities have vowed to move forward with implementing the goals of the accord without the help of the federal government.

This historic event may never have happened without the work of Avaaz, the world’s largest and most effective online advocacy group. Avaaz is an Internet-based activist organization established in 2007 by a coalition of other groups that already had a track record of bringing about positive change.

Just a year before the Paris Accord was approved by 174 nations and the European Union, it was widely expected the landmark agreement was dead in the water. The political will to act was just not there, and the general public felt powerless to do more.

But then Avaaz sprang into action. It put together the People’s Climate Marches of 2014 and 2015 bring out more than 1.5 million people into the streets. They demanded action. It was a serious wake-up call for politicians. The massive outpouring engineered by Avaaz moved mountains – in this case, the mountainous mass of opposition for taking responsibility for climate change.

Avaaz is an Internet-based organization with nearly 50 million contributors from citizens in countries all over the world. Anyone can sign up in minutes on the Avaaz website. No matter what your social concern or problem, Avaaz can be the key to allowing you to get things done.

In the past 11 years, Avaaz has solved problems of poverty, battled the chemical giant Monsanto and worked to preserve the rain forests, to name just a few of its documented accomplishments.

Nick Vertucci Became An American Success Story Through Real Estate

The NV Real Estate Academy is a training program set up by real estate magnate Nick Vertucci. The goal of the academy is to provide people with the training they need to make a good living working with real estate. The NV Real Estate Academy is the fulfillment of a promise Vertucci made to himself many years ago. After being encouraged to become involved in real estate and seeing how it helped to make him financially secure, Vertucci promised himself he would teach as many people as possible how to make money using real estate.

For Nick Vertucci, getting involved in real estate was the best business move he ever made. Vertucci had previously found success running a small computer repair and sales company. But when the boom ended, he lost all his customers. When he was introduced to the real estate industry by a friend, Vertucci quickly came to realize it’s possible to make money with real estate no matter what the economy or the stock market is doing. He learned that with real estate he controlled his own financial destiny and as long as he had an effective system he could remain financially stable.

Nick Vertucci had gone to a real estate seminar at the urging of a friend, spent a decade researching ways to buy, repair, rent and sell real estate and created a system so simple and effective, anyone could use it to make a living in the real estate industry. The system Nick Vertucci created is his Fortunes in Flipping program. And that’s just one of the many strategies he teaches students in the NV Real Estate Academy. One of the great things about the real estate programs that Vertucci created is that anyone could quickly learn to use it to generate a good, consistent income.

These days many people of all ages, sexes and social and cultural backgrounds from all over the country are using the Fortunes in Flipping system and the other techniques taught at the NV Real Estate Academy. And Nick Vertucci couldn’t be happier. Not only is he now a multimillionaire with the resources to give his family the best quality of life possible, he is teaching others how to do the same thing using real estate. Vertucci is an American success story and he is giving anyone that wants it the tools to become financially secure using real estate.

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A Look Back At OneLogin’s Memorable Year

OneLogin has enjoyed a productive year. Here is a look at some of the important things that happened at OneLogin during the year.

One Of The 10 Best Places To Work

OneLogin was named as one of Fortune Magazine’s Top Small Workplaces In The Bay Area. OneLogin has been honored by The San Francisco Business Times and Glassdoor in the past as a top company where employees can grow.

Airbus Partnership

OneLogin announced their partnership with space manufacturer Airbus. Airbus will rely on OneLogin as their access management provider. Airbus is placing more of an emphasis on digital transformation. OneLogin helps Airbus by connecting the company and their customers to the necessary cloud services.


OneLogin introduced Adaptive Authentication, the next step in Multi-Factor Authentication functionality. Adaptive Authentication reviews specific login details, such as geographic location, device, and network reputation threw machine learning. Machine learning analyzes the safety of a login attempt. If the login attempt seems compromised, the system will react accordingly.

Web Access Management

OneLogin made a commitment to Web Access Management. Web Access Management helps the web servers reach legacy applications. They can be connected to the OneLogin cloud directory, which will unlock many new features. Different apps can be viewed at the same time, while the security features are also enhanced.

Pleased Customers

OneLogin received high marks for customer service. Customers in different industries expressed satisfaction for OneLogin. OneLogin established partnerships with organizations such as Chart Industries and Zendesk.

Enhanced App Access

OneLogin enhanced their portal to make user app access more reliable. Customers are now able to see the most frequently used apps. Users can create unique descriptions for every app. By using the portal, users can find new apps or services to add to their portal. The universal connector makes it easy for customers to find whatever they need.

Hiring Of New CEO

OneLogin announced Brad Brooks as the new Chief Executive officer. Brooks has more than 20 years of experience leading technology companies. Brooks felt that OneLogin was a great fit for the next chapter of his career because they have a clear vision of where they want to go in the future.

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Doctor and Serial Entrepreneur Mark McKenna

Serial Entrepreneur and Physician

Dr. Mark McKenna is a serial entrepreneur, whom also has a major social media presence. He is licensed as a surgeon, and practices in Georgia and Florida. He is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from Tulane University’s Medical School. In addition to his medical degree, he also holds an MBA which is why he is a serial entrepreneur. He began a real estate investment firm while he was practicing medicine, McKenna Venture Investments. His real estate business went on to hire approximately 50 employees, and offered turnkey services to a wide variety of businesses.

Previously Practiced in New Orleans

Before relocating to Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna experienced a major hit to his business. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans, and Dr. Mark McKenna actively helped to re-invest in housing for low and middle income families. He eventually relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2007 and established a health and wellness practice in Atlanta that was sold to the nationwide company LifeTime Fitness. Mark and his wife were also named among the most beautiful Atlantans in 2014. His wife Gianine is originally from Brazil and is a prominent model and fashion designer.

Launched Wellness and Lifestyle Brand

Most Recently, Dr. Mark McKenna is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of a wellness brand called OVME. This concept heavily relies on technology for a medical aesthetics concept that aims to innovate in the healthcare field. The company is aiming at a March 2018 launch date, in a move which is aimed at revolutionizing the field of elective healthcare.

Years of Experience Working in Medical Field

His newest concept comes from his years of experience working in the medical aesthetics industry. This includes growing his practice to become one of the largest medical aesthetics companies in the US. Dr. McKenna is also an avid reader whom is a big believer in allowing his business to grow around himself. He is influenced by entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates.

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Dick and Besty DeVos

For over twenty years, Dick DeVos, husband of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, former CEO of Amway Corp., and current CEO of the Windquest Group, has influenced the development of his hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Beginning in 1991, when he publicly lobbied against a proposed sports and convention arena to be situated north of downtown, he has promoted particular construction initiatives that have radically changed the Grand Rapids skyline. Learn more:


Both DeVoses are heirs to family fortunes, which has allowed them to influence both institutions and policies for decades. Dick is the oldest son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, while Betsy is the daughter of Edgar Prince, who founded the Prince Corportation, and the sister of Erik Prince, who founded Blackwater USA. Both are natives of Michigan, and together they comprise one of the richest families in the state.


After the success of his arena campaign, Dick DeVos formed Grand Action with other business leaders. This group was the driving force behind the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, the Grand Rapids City Market, and Michigan State University’s medical school. The collective impact of these projects has altered the Grand Rapids skyline and led to a reduction in suburban sprawl.


In addition to his construction projects, Dick DeVos has influenced labor policy in Michigan, most notably the 2012 law that converted the state to a right-to-work state, ending union membership as an employment requirement. He has worked with Betsy to expand charter schools, including founding an aviation charter school at Grand Rapids International Airport, and further bolstered the airport’s profile by wooing AirTran and Southwest to increase direct flights to major destinations. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has given away over $100 million to a variety of causes, including leadership programs, health services, churches, and education policy initiatives. In 2006, the DeVoses made the leading donation towards a children’s hospital in the Spectrum Health System, whose corporate board is chaired by Dick.


The DeVoses are considered GOP “mega-donors,” which has allowed them to further influence policy and support conservative causes. Although Dick DeVos lost his gubernatorial campaign in 2006, in 2016 Betsy DeVos was appointed as U.S. Secretary of Education, and Dick was recently appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council.


Dentistry Professionals at MB2 Dental Invite You to Improve Your Smile Today

Many people today are driven by an their appearance and desire to look their best at all times. Like never before, more people are opting to see a dentist professional to improve or maintain their smile. You only get one smile and you have to do your part throughout your lifetime to ensure your are maintaining a smile which gives you confidence and carries you a throughout adulthood. A MB2 Dental professional has the knowledge and expertise to help you with your smile from a child to an adult. In fact, they encourage adults to work on their child’s smile at a young age with pediatric dentistry.

Protecting your smile early on gives you the benefit of being able to communicate effectively, have confidence while you’re interacting with the public, or when you’re trying to pursue which depends solely on how you look. Thousands of people are going to the dentist for routine care and others are getting treatment to correct dental issues they’ve had since a child. Build your new look with an award winning smile you can count on to help you stand out in your group pictures or selfies.

MB2 Dental Services

– teeth whitening

– traditional braces

– jaw realignment

– oral cancer screenings

– Invisalign

– friendly professionals

– spa dental

– alternative sedation

– straightening/crowded/space teeth

– emergency services

– and much more…

They don’t believe a patient should never have to suffer with a less than perfect smile because of an inability to pay. They offer their customers several payment plan options, but moat insurance plans are accepted. Get the dental repair you need and pay for your treatment over time. They also accept children’s insurance and your child can also get their smile perfected for adulthood.

Furthermore, the specialist at MB2 Dental recommend early treatment for your child to protect your smile. It can cost more to correct detail issues you’ve had as a child because later on they could cause uncomfortable treatment or cost a fortune to correct. They can help maintain your smile as early as pediatric dental. Are you looking for a primary dental professional? You can speak to one of their friendly trained dental professionals and take a tour of their spa dental. MB2 Dental is committed to keeping your smile sparkling and bright to carry you a lifetime. You’re invitrd to beautify your smile with a superior MB2 dental professional today.

Dr. Mark McKenna Went on to also Establish Universal Mortgage

Dr. Mark McKenna is known for being a Medical Doctor that happens to be licensed in both Medicine and Surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Examiners. When it comes to Dr. Mark McKenna he is very passionate about patient advocate and is a very dedicated community servant. He is known as originally being from New Orleans, LA but is a graduate of the Tulane University Medical School.

Shortly after he finished his medical training he began practicing medicine alongside his father. This was done at the same time that he was trying to launch McKenna Venture Investments, which is known for being a boutique real estate development firm. This is not, however, where McKenna’s achievements stopped.

Throughout his career years, Dr. Mark McKenna went on to also establish Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. He would later go on to grow these companies to have over 50 employees. Along with helping grow the employee count he also helped the companies to be able to offer real estate closing services, financial services, and turnkey design-build services.

It was on August 29th of 2005 after Katrina destroyed New Orleans that Dr. Mark McKenna decided that he wanted to help by participating in the rebuilding of New Orleans. He decided that he would do this by taking part in the redevelopment of the low moderate income housing. This turned out to be one of the things that McKenna took a lot of pride in helping with. On November of 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna decided that he wanted to relocate to Atlanta, GA and established ShapeMed, which happens to be an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. In 2014 ShapeMed happened to be sold to Life Time Fitness Inc., which McKenna served as being the National Medical Director for until July of 2016.

The Results in Using Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are different than many medical practitioners in that they focus only on the treatment of cancer without other disciplines that might interfere with that objective. Cancer Treatment Centers of America strives to treat the whole person because each person may have individual cancers that are unique to that person. Such treatment requires care that is personalized conducted by well-trained clinicians who are able to cope with the complexities and variations of cancer.

A collaborative approach is used in order to bring in specialists in the field who have dealt with the different kinds of cancer and who can treat the disease with evidence-based treatment plans and therapies.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses what they call the Integrative Approach to treating cancer. Cancer can be an incredibly complex disease, requiring multiple doctors’ visits and treatments. The more traditional ways of treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used along with other supportive measures that are meant to bolster the patient’s stamina, strength and the quality of life.

There are some interesting facts about cancer patients that many are not aware of. For example, 80 percent of the people who have cancer are under-nourished. When the cancer is diagnosed, 50% of those patients have some form of a deficit nutritionally. At least 70 percent of cancer patients who are undergoing treatment are experiencing fatigue. These and other life events take place regularly among cancer patients.

Integrative care combines the traditional therapies along with supportive therapies to combat some of the side effects that come with the cancer treatment. All of the treatment is under one roof so you won’t have to deal with lots of travel to receive your treatments. Your personal treatment plan will probably not be duplicated for anyone else, as each patient’s experience with cancer is unique.

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