New York City Provides Empowerment Tools For Women

The city of New York is looking to provide resources that will allow women to emulate the female rapper Cardi B, who is a favorite to many, and make “power moves.” The website Women.NYC was launched to consolidate information regarding economic, legal, and social resources available to women in the city in one place.

The website provides vital information on city programs that provide women with business funding, legal help, affordable housing alternatives, and a number of other resources. The city has also launched a marketing campaign with the goal of making women aware that the website exists.

Alicia Glen, who works with the city’s office of housing and economic development as deputy mayor, says that Women.NYC provides relevant tools to facilitate the empowerment of women in New York City and is looking forward to seeing these women take advantage of the assortment of programs available to them that for the most part have gone unnoticed.

Glen went on to express her feelings that the city of New York is a better environment for women than many other locations in the country. She cites the facts that there are more women CEOs in New York than any other city as well as the city having the smallest wage gap in the nation to bolster her claim.

Despite this impressive pair of facts, there are still obstacles for women residents of the “Big Apple” to overcome. The office of Bill de Blasio reports that despite having the lowest wage gap in America that New York City women still earn only 89 cents for every dollar earned by a man. And for female business owners in the city, the gap is even larger as revenue for women business owners is 61% of revenue raked in by businesses owned by their male counterparts.

The mayor’s office also reports that along with the marketing campaign and website, the group that powers the Women.NYC initiative will also provide fresh programs and workshops designed to support women with a number of pertinent issues.

The initiative is also calling on employers to eliminate the wage gap in ten years and offer women six weeks of paid leave for parental purposes annually.


Duncan is a 45-year-old chief executive of Talos energy, and for about four months he has been planning a 2.5 million dollar merger with Stone Energy which was bankrupt and publicly traded. This is a risky move for Talos, but it would also make Talos a public company without the need of a public offering. When the merger is completed in May, Talos will acquire Stone’s listing, and the CEO will run an organization of over $900 million in annual revenue. Most of Talos’ assets will be in the Gulf of Mexico despite the substantial operating risking the water which is offset by the low-risk balance sheet the company has. The drilling platform alone costs hundreds of millions with an expected risk of a spill.

The risks involved are high, however, with the application of new hydraulic fracturing technology, Talos can operate the old reservoirs. Working on the waters at the Gulf of Mexico would be politically chancy, but the company could increase its production given that the new company can produce at least 48000 barrel now.

The CEO, Duncan, is a robust and highly energetic man who makes the most out of tight situations given that he held negotiations for the merger despite the Hurricane destroying Houston. Also, the rebuilding of the Phoenix field after it was damaged by Hurricane Rita.

Today, Talos pumps up to 1600 barrels a day. Pompano platform is the utmost promising asset that Talos will acquire from Stone Energy. The existing infrastructure in the Gulf will create an opportunity for Talos to add discoveries into existing platforms several miles away. This will be as Duncan calls it the developed deepwater model. The Gulf I the second largest oil province in the country where pumping can be done to up to 1.6 million barrels a day which contributed about 3billion to the U.S treasury. This has led to the current federal government opening more waters to leasing.

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OneLogin is a Leader in Enterprise SSO Services


Logging in has become a part of daily life for billions of people, and it’s often something we take for granted. We enter a username, put in a password, and off we go, whether it’s a bank or an online video game we’re logging in to. The process of logging in to an application or website isn’t something that many people think about, but for many companies, it may be time to start thinking about it.


The number one cause of data breaches in the U.S. is phishing scams, which work to steal credentials from users. Using these stolen credentials, cybercriminals are able to log into a company’s network and wreak all sorts of havoc on their systems or steal unprecedented amounts of data. If you hear about a big data breach on the news, chances are that our hacker simply logged into the company’s systems using stolen credentials.



Can Credentials be Protected From Phishing?


One of the biggest factors towards credential theft is the sheer amount of login information that the average user is expected to remember. With a modern reliance on cloud applications and cross-domain integration, users can no longer get by just remembering their PC’s user password, they may need to remember several sets of credentials for a number of internal systems and cloud applications, as well as external websites and internal networks. This makes it easy to misplace a set of credentials or leave an application logged in, or for a user to mistakenly give their credentials to a cybercriminal via a phishing scam.


Enter Single Sign-On


Single Sign-On, also known as SSO, is a type of service that helps to alleviate the risks of phishing by reducing the number of usernames and passwords that users will have to remember.


With SSO, multiple applications are linked to a single portal, which a user can log into with a single set of credentials. It’s simple, efficient, and convenient. It makes it easier for users to remember their passwords, and it reduces the number of security holes that a cybercriminal can exploit to gain access to a company’s data. It’s a solution that seems like a win for everyone except the cybercriminals, and, for the most part, it is.


But SSO isn’t run by a single service. Multiple companies offer SSO services for both their own applications as well as external applications, and it quickly becomes a mess of different SSO solutions. While implementing multiple SSO services can reduce your sign-on issues, it won’t eliminate them. Unfortunately, there are few SSO services that offer complete coverage. It’s a problem that seems hard to solve, but, fortunately, there are a few services that offer vast amounts of support for all kinds of applications. OneLogin is perhaps the finest example.



OneLogin Provides Enterprise-Quality SSO


If you’ve done any research into Single Sign-On services, chances are you’ve heard of OneLogin, the purported “one SSO to rule them all.” You may have rolled your eyes at their exaggerated claims of offering support for almost any application under the sun. However, their claims weren’t exaggerated. There’s a reason that OneLogin has kept its spot at the top of the SSO ladder practically since it first came into being. It maintains support for thousands of the most common applications and is easily configurable to access almost any other application you can imagine. It’s used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Moreover, it has unparalleled levels of convenience, allowing users to access applications from practically any device through their powerful SSO portal with only one set of credentials. It also supports many personal applications, truly allowing its users to access all of their applications in one place.


But where OneLogin really shines is security. OneLogin uses the latest in security features to ensure that both employees and the company are kept secure. They have support for robust multi-factor authentication, meaning that even if a cybercriminal gets their hands on your username and password, they can’t access your applications. Users can be individually restricted, keeping low-level users out of sensitive applications, and companies can further configure password requirements and integration with their own applications.



Does OneLogin Live Up to its Star-Studded Reputation?


OneLogin may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. With a simple, easy-to-use front-end that makes logging on and using applications a sinch and enterprise-quality security, there’s a reason that OneLogin is considered the top of its class. It’s a powerful application that almost anyone can use easily, and that has given it a well-earned reputation for being the best in the biz. OneLogin isn’t just a tech toy for the modern startup, it’s one of the most powerful tools for company security currently on the market, on top of saving IT departments around the globe from having to deal with a flood of forgotten password requests.

Fortress Investment group, taking over the global map of finance

You’ve probably seen one of its principals on TV or read about the company in newspapers because they are quite a big deal. Nevertheless, if you haven’t then no worries we are about to update you so you can stay on tabs on all that you need to know about this financial giant.Established in 1998, Fortress investment group is a highly versatile finance company famed for its success in all the sectors that it operates in. In other words, Fortress investment group commonly referred to as FIG is a business for all seasons and some of the areas it specializes in include asset management, liquid hedge funds, controlled credit funds and private equity. Even though the company has had its shares of misfortunes since it was established it has been doing incredibly well since it was established. What’s the secret? Check out the answer to that and more below.

Great Leadership Panel

The secret ingredient behind Fortress investment’s success is its highly experienced panel of leaders. As mentioned earlier, the firm was established in 1998 by five principals who prior to joining the company had been serving various prominent roles in the same sector. For instance, before joining FIG, Peter Briger, one of the firm’s top dogs had been a partner at Goldman, Sachs &Co for more than a decade while the other principals to boast high profile resumes and experience in the sector. When the five highly experienced and proficient brains were brought together to form FIG it was no doubt that the company was going to achieve colossal success and its significant achievements today are sufficient proof of that. For instance, just eight years after it was established, Fortress investment group had managed to expand to global markets and even increase its size by forty percent. It continued to display a positive growth curve and increased, even more, when it held its first IPO in 2007.

Acquisition Deal With Softbank

Today the company manages assets worth over forty-three billion for more than 1750 institutions in the public sector and also bigwig private facilities worldwide. Nevertheless, even with all the success, FIG seems to be stopping at nothing and seeks to expand its horizons at whatever cost. That is why it recently accepted a $3.3 merger deal from Softbank. The merger will create a win-win situation for both companies which have the same goal of taking over Wall Street.They are both A-list companies and at the same time, each one of them has a strong client base and great market influence which makes it possible for them to achieve their objective. The move is already starting to bear fruit because as soon as the deal was signed, Fortress Investment group’s market stock rose above the ranks rapidly due to increased demand. Even though it’s difficult to tell what the future holds for FIG as the finance sector is quite dynamic one thing is certain, it is going to achieve even more significant milestones if it continues to move at that pace.

Postal Worker Caught With 17,000 Pieces Of Undelivered Mail

A United States Postal Worker for the city of New York was recently discovered to be holding onto well over 17,000 pieces of mail. The man claimed that he was simply “overwhelmed” by the job and then began stashing pieces of mail in his work locker, home and car instead of delivering them to their intended recipients.


Aleksey Germash, 53, was employed by the United States Postal Service for 16 years. He was a veteran from Brooklyn who was recently charged with knowingly holding onto mail. Investigators received a tip stating a vehicle contained many blue mailbags that were full of mail, and once investigators began their search they discovered 20 mail bags containing roughly 10,000 letter hidden in his work locker, home and car that dated as far back as 2005. In his defense, Germash claimed he was just completely overwhelmed by the large amount of mail he was expected to deliver but he did make sure that he delivered all the important pieces of mail each day.


This case seems to have caught the attention of the nation and become a viral story, but this is not the first time something along these lines has occurred. In the past month, postal inspectors discovered roughly 60 bags of undelivered mail in the home of a United States Postal worker living in Long Island. In 2008, “Slate” published an article that exposed the issue of postal workers holding onto mail and cited many different cases, even noting that this has been occurring as far back as 1874 when a Rhode Island postman threw mail right into the ocean. According to “Slate”, cases like this generally occur with junk mail like flyers and catalogs, though it is important to note that there are, in fact, ,some cases where United States Postal workers were found to be holding onto and failing to deliver first class mail too. For more information on this topic, please go to Huffington Post.

Yankees GM Suggests He Was Suspicous Of Illegal Doping By Robinson Cano

General Manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman said he possessed no first-hand knowledge of any doping being done by Robinson Cano but did say that there was a period of time that he had “suspicions.”

Cashman, while speaking to the media on Tuesday following an announcement that Cano had been suspended for 80 games by Major League Baseball for violating the league’s drug policies, explained that if he would have had any knowledge of such happenings he would have been required to report the violations. Cashman finished the statement by further explaining that knowledge and suspicion are not the same things.

When asked a short while later to clarify his suspicions, Cashman appeared to walk the statement back a bit saying that he never “suggested” that he possessed a “suspicion of Cano.”

Cashman expressed that he was rather uncomfortable with any discussions of the matter since Cano is no longer a Yankee and is now a member of the Seattle Mariners.

A fact that has added to the suspicions surrounding drug usage by Cano is that his two best buddies while with the team, Melky Cabrera and Alex Rodriquez, both received suspensions from the league due to doping.

Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia said that the news is disappointing but past events have made it difficult to surprise him in regards to doping allegations. Sabathia pointed to the Ryan Braun incident as perhaps the last time he had been caught totally off-guard by allegations of doping.

Braun tested positive in 2011 for high levels of testosterone in his urine. A source close to the incident says the levels of testosterone present in Braun’s urine was twice as high as the previous highest level ever tested by the league. Braun was able to successfully appeal a 50-game suspension by raising doubts regarding the “chain of custody” that took place with his urine sample. In the process, Ryan Braun accumulated plenty of sympathizers who believed he had been wronged in some way.

Two years later Braun has suspended again. This time for 65 games resulting for his role in the Biogenesis scandal. This time Braun was unable to escape serving his suspension.

Pedestrian-Friendly Crossings Over Harlem River Coming Soon

New Yorkers looking to cross the Harlem River via bridges on foot or bike might have got their wish granted. In a plan unveiled on Friday, the Transportation Department detailed an initiative to install dedicated bike lanes and pedestrian crossings onto many of the area’s bridges in an effort to better serve the community. By connecting communities in northern Manhattan and the Bronx, officials hope to make the area more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians. Because New York is a city of islands, coming up with inventive ways to cross the numerous bodies of water is a continuous challenge for transportation officials.

The initiative plans to install dedicated bike lanes on six of the crossings over the Harlem River: Madison Avenue, Washington, Broadway, 145th Street, Macombs Dam, University Heights bridges. The plan will also re-engineer the Third Avenue Bridge into a pedestrian-only crossing, still allowing cars, but not bicyclists. To further encourage walking and cycling, the plan includes a myriad of safety improvements to the roads leading to and from all of the area’s bridges by adding more bike lanes and crosswalks and widening walkways.

As the city experiences an upswing in bicycling, officials recognize the need for these capital improvements. Previous efforts to make the Brooklyn Bridge more pedestrian and cycling friendly led to a significant increase in foot traffic in that area, lessening traffic issues. That bridge alone now sees an average of over 13,000 pedestrian and 3,000 cyclists using the crossing each weekday. The city has also rolled out a new fleet of Citi Bikes in an effort to encourage cycling as a legitimate means of transportation, and not just a recreational opportunity.

The initiative will come with a price tag of more than $90 million. Travelers can expect to see the bike lanes on the Broadway and 145th Street bridges by the year 2021, with additional lane construction to follow. Proponents of the expansion of biking lanes point to the savings in commuting costs as well as the positive effect to the environment as reasons to encourage the plan.

Don’t Hold Your Breath for ATMs In NYC Courthouses

of New York City. If you are looking for them now, you will have a lot of trouble finding them and if you do find at the Bronx Staton Island or Queens courthouses you will have only limited access to them.

Elizabeth Glazer a director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, admits that the placement of ATMs at the courthouses could have been better. The office actually believed that the ATMs had been places. In reality, they had not been placed and that they need to correct it.

The New York City Justice and Incarceration Reform believes that 33 percent of prisoners at Rykers Isalnd are detained for 4 days because they are not able to get cash at the courthouses due to having no ATM.

The bail for most people is set at an arraignment. A friend or a family-related person could step in and pay the bail. If they are unable to get cash quickly, the defendants will be sent to prison. An ATM would keep somebody from having to go to jail.

There was an ATM delivered to the Bronx criminal court last June. Unfortunately, the ATM was too big for its planned space. They then moved it to second floor of the Bronx County Hall Of Justice. The arraignments for prisoners at this courthouse don’t stop until 1 am, but the Hall closes is closed 7 hours earlier and on the weekends, despite the fact that arraignments are still going on Saturday and Sunday.

Even when this Bronx courthouse ATM is open, you have to go through the long lines at the Hall of Justice and then when you get back to the criminal court, you have to go through long lines. It is most likely people don’t know how to get to it as there is no sign that gives directions to its location.

Glazer also admits that having no ATM at the criminal courthouse in Staten Island was a screw-up and will be rectified in a timely manner. The closest ATM is opposite the courthouse.

The Queens courthouse has an ATM on its first floor, but it is closed after 5 pm.
Rory Laneman, a councilman for Queens on the Council justice system commission, thinks that the government can do complicated things like reducing homelessness or tackling the opioid crisis, but putting ATM in courthouses is just too simple.

The mayor does seem to want to have ATMs in the courthouses, but it is something that the government is going to do in a timely way.

Annual May Day Protests In New York City

On May 1, 2018 hundreds of took to the streets of New York City’s Manhattan Borough. The day marked International Workers’ Day, an annual reminder for many of the silent grievances among the country’s working class. The annual day got its start all the way back in 1886, as industrial workers all across the country staged a “walkout” to protest long hours and unsafe working conditions. The result was a victory for American workers as an 8-hour work day soon became standard for many jurisdictions in the United States.

This year it was not just working class workers but immigrants that took to the street in protest. Immigrant rights and socialist groups staged a protest march that started in Union Square and ended in Washington Square Park. For many, the march was just another reason to protest the current United States Presidential Administration, which they say is trying to mute their voices.

All types of groups joined into the protests which were organized by the Workers World Party, which seeks to return political power to the working class. Immigrant rights groups marched side by side with the worker’s rights groups and a celebrity-turned-politician marched with them. Actress Cynthia Nixon of Sex And The City fame marched with protesters from Battery Park to Wall Street to voice concern over the power of financial institutions. Nixon announced earlier this year that she would be running for Governor of New York in the next election. This protest accused Donald Trump’s administration of causing mass incarceration in the immigrant community in an attempt to break down families. Investments in private correctional facilities by the big banks are said to be a conflict of interest.

This annual march does not seem to have caused any arrests which is a surprise considering 32 people were arrested in protest just one year ago. That was not the case in other parts of the world as over 200 people were arrested in Paris during that city’s May Day protests.

A Dedicated Music Producer, Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson has always been fascinated by music ever since he was a child. He worked extremely hard and dedicated much of his time to music, so that when he grew up he was able to turn his passion for it into a career. He has worked alongside numerous well known artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Garbage, and P!nk. Because of all that he has accomplished, Hutson has been able to make his name memorable in the music industry.


Hutson has his own company, and he was able to form it thanks to his high knowledge and experience of producing tours and being around live entertainment. With every different position he had during his years in the industry, he was able to learn so much and perfect his skills to be a part of the live entertainment. He never thought about starting his own company during his tenure with the company he was with, but once the recession hit and the company was struggling, Hutson saw it as an opportunity to leave and form his own.


Right now Hutson is the stage manager at the shows he is working on are for Kid Rock. He starts his day at six-thirty in the morning so that he can arrive at the venue before the other crew members. He will check everything on the schedule and make sure that his crew is given specific directions on what they need to do. Hutson believes it is important to be productive along with his crew, and that way he can keep an eye out to make sure that everything is going smoothly as he planned. He also makes sure that everything goes well so that way he knows how things will be after the show when it comes to cleaning up and taking everything down. It is important to Hutson to be a part of the crew so that everyone knows what they will be doing as well after the show.


Hutson earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree when he studied at Central Michigan University. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. He has been the production manager at Getagrip Touring and for Prince, Jennifer Nettles, and was Kanye West’s stage manager. Now Hutson dedicates himself to producing, designing, and managing several live tours that mainly include rock and roll. Learn more: