Michel Terpin Leads while Others Follow

Michel Terpins currently leads the Brazilian cross-country rally championship. His first debut into the world of rally competitions was in 2002 when he joined in the motorcycle category. He then joined his brother in the car series – the name of his brother Rodrigo Terpin. He has been part of the T-Rex as part of the Mem Team in the last four years. He His co-driver Justo has been in the rally business for quite some time with this being his 11th participation. He had had seven truck editions already when he made a move to the fourth position in the car category. He carries with him four titles in both categories. Michel and Justo have been partners for two years now.

The coming race is by far the most significant race for the pair with 438.86km to be covered. In the fifth stage, the drivers will have to cover a six hundred and sixty-six-kilometer distance with the road being far from smooth. The race for this year takes place in the Midwest state of Goias with the unprecedented arrival happening in bonito on the 26th.

This year makes Michel Terpin’s 10th year of participation. This experience coupled with the other driver’s safety skills accumulated from the vast experience in the roads serves as a great start for the team. The two drivers are glad to be working the cross-country rally together as this gives them a head start. Their combined experiences will go a long way in ensuring that they scoop the win in his most challenging race.

Michel and his brother formed the Bull Sertoes rally team after they discovered that theirs was a passion for speed and the exciting off roads. This inspired their decision to mentor other interested rally drivers especially considering that the two brothers have been four season racing drivers with the T-Rex, which is a development of MEM motorsport. They are not only skilled but also experienced in rally driving which means that they have a lot to offer. They also participate in the Brazilian cross-country championship with major accelerations into the Mitsubishi cup.