The World Chess Championship Event at New York City in November 2016

The World Chess Championship Match begins on the 11th to 30th November 2016. The event involving 12 games will take place at the South Street Seaport in the New York City. The hundreds of millions of fans all over the world will enjoy a full-time period of watching and analyzing the match through the various broadcasting methods available. The event arena will also feature Spectator and VIP lounges, retail space, café, and TV Studios. The match comes after a very long break on global chess championships and it is the first one in the era of smartphones.


Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Championship holder from Norway, will take on the challenger Sergey Karjakin from Russia. Carlsen has been the World Championship holder since 2013 with a rating of 2853. On the other hand, Karjakin qualified for the championship after winning the 2016 Candidates Tournament in Moscow. Additionally, the World Chess Federation (FIDE) ranked him on the ninth position worldwide with a rating of 2772. The Agon Limited has invested highly in the technology to help run the international chess tournament. They will be using the state of the art virtual reality technology to broadcast the event to chess fans worldwide.


FIDE and Agon will broadcast the World Chess Championship to their fans in different ways. One of the ways is through the Video 360. The broadcasting method gives all the viewers a panoramic view of the player’s area using a Smartphone, tablet, or PC. Their virtual reality involves watching the playing arena in a stereoscopic video using the Google Cardboard or any VR device. The multi-camera view allows the players to switch between different cameras in the event area to get an all-sided view of the match. They also give live commentaries on the progress of the game from the grand masters and the guest celebrities present in the match.


The event organizers expect this to be the most watched championship in the history of chess. They will realize this goal using various technological advancements in the game. The upgrades also give access to anyone from every corner of the earth. The event will be hosted in New York City, which is one of the leading media hubs in the world. The location is strategic since the organizers want the event to get a global promotion.