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Lifestyle blogging is popular right now. Many people want to take their looks and overall beauty to the next level. Kim Dao has created a great niche in this industry. She does well financially by producing quality content in videos on the subject. In the coming years, she wants to continue producing content to help listeners. Learn more:



Starting Out


Kim Dao is not always someone who has had a big audience. She spent many years creating free content for customers. Over time, she was able to build up a loyal following and audience by helping people as much as possible.


One of the great things about building a large audience online is that it is easy to monetize. Kim Dao sells a lot of great products that her customers love. She always makes money from companies that want to advertise on her site. This is a great way for her to make money doing something that she loves.



Future Plans


In the future, Kim Dao wants to continue helping people get to a new level in their beauty. With all of the products available today, Kim Dao is excited about the options in the market. Learn more:


Kim Dao knows that there is a huge need for her products and services today. This is one of the reasons why she is willing to invest a lot of time and money into this area. She loves working with people who are able to take their looks to a new level.


How Malini Saba worked hard to create a Business Empire.

Malini Saba is a businessperson who started from a humble background. She has currently become successful and is considered as a role model for entrepreneurs across the world. She was born in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and her family later relocated to Australia to seek for a better life. Living in Australia was not easy due to the white policy at that time. Malini then decided to move to the United States with her spouse who was going to attend the Stanford University. She was also admitted to the institution and was allowed to study for free since her husband was a student. When she entered the United States, Saba was 19 years old, and she only had $200. She, however, managed to acquire investment and finance knowledge from the Stanford University and has been using it to better her life.


Saba then decided to start investing in sectors such as real estate, commodities, and technology using the knowledge that she had acquired and the savings that she had. Since the 1990s, she has been investing in various startups, and the first enterprise that she ventured into is the Silicon Valley. Saba also bought shares in PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore. She then established Saban, which she currently chairs. The investment company is mainly involved in the United States’ technology sector, energy in China, and real estate in India and Australia.


Besides the business accomplishments of Ms. Saba, she is also a renowned philanthropist. She is the proprietor of the Stree: Global Investments in Women, which was established in 2001 and was launched by Queen Noor of Jordan as well as the former U.S President, Bill Clinton. The non-profit organization’s primary role is to transform the living conditions of children and women who come from poor regions. It has been devoted to making them feel that they are important to the society.


Stree: Global Investments in Women has been offering legal empowerment, proper healthcare, and an opportunity for local programs to develop in Central America, Eastern Europe, India, and Africa. The organization also helps children in the third world by providing healthcare, education, and decent homes. It has been donating towards orphanages in Lao and Siri Lanka to better the lives of children. The charity also gave $373,000 to the earthquake victims in Ecuador, 1,000 tents to help the New York City’s homeless, and $5,000 for scholarships in Ghana.


Malini Saba is the World’s Leading Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist

Saba is a terrific investor, dedicated philanthropist, and Board Chairperson at Saban Group. She was born in Malaysia, but she grew up in Australia. She made a tough decision of moving to the United States with only $200 in her pocket. Saba lived with her husband close to the Stanford University Campus, and together they attended lectures. Saba reminisces how life was tough when she was starting out as an investor. She recalls how their apartment located close to the railway track used to shake each time a train passed.

Laying foundations

It is during the hard times that Saba was able to lay the foundation for her bigger dreams. The main area of interests was business and investment. Her story is distinct from other successful entrepreneurs. Saba gatecrashed an invite-only event that was attended by investment bankers. She initiated talk with several of them and learned some practical aspects of succeeding as an investor. She slowly began to invest in industries such as commodities, telecom, and real estate.


Currently, Malini Saba is indisputably one of the most accomplished philanthropists and investors internationally. She is the owner and Chairperson of Saban, a firm that has invested and continues to invest in various countries such as China, Australia, the U.S., and India. In the philanthropy world, Saba is the founder of Stree: Global Investment, a charitable organization with a goal of giving roles that are more serious to economically disadvantaged women and needy kids worldwide. Retired president of US, Bill Clinton and Queen Noor of Jordan, supports the nonprofit organization. It avails an easy way for women to access legal empowerment, education, and health care.

In 2004, she visited Tsunami damaged areas in Sri Lanka and India and promised $10 million to the survivors of the tragedy. In June 2005, Saba supported the establishment of a new Heart Research Center at the California-based El Camino Hospital and donated $1 million toward the same.

Venture capitalism

Saba began her venture capitalism career in the Silicon Valley back in the 1990s. She has an unparalleled professional expertise of investing in over 20 technology firms such as PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. Oil and gas industry, which happens to generate higher returns for Saban, is the Saba’s favorite sector. Currently, she is striving to establish a successful business empire in India. Her primary goal is to avail opportunities to investors to invest in the real estate industry.

Fashion Pioneer: The Work of Doe Deere

Fashion is many things. Fashion is often just something people choose to wear each day. But people have also realized that fashion can be an amazing way to express themselves and allow them to demonstrate their unique take on the world to others. Those who choose to use fashion in this way often find that it is helpful to look to others who know a great deal about fashion to help them make important choices about what to wear each day and what may work in any particular given day or any specific situation they have in mind at the time.

In a recent article for Bustle Magazine fashion expert Doe Deere talks about the kind of rules that have governed fashion for many years and how such rules can be broken well. Many people adhere to rules such as not wearing socks with open toes shoes or sticking to occasion specific dressing. They may decide to wear casual clothing for driving to the grocery store and then choose to save a specific outfit such as a lovely dress to wear only for a party. They may also decide that it is impossible to pair socks with a pair of dressy shoes.

Deere tells us we can break such rules and still look really good. As she reminds us, fashion is about many things. One of the most important of all such things is a sense of true confidence. Those who are confident in picking out fashion for themselves are those who be able to find fashion that is truly ideal for their needs.

Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a site devoted to providing high quality cosmetics that are ideal for the needs of any woman. Her cosmetics are based on the use of whimsical shades that are not often seen on other sites. The pictures posted on the site show her customers the best way to use such colors to their advantage. Many people have purchased items from her site that allow them to be able to let out their own inner sense of overall style and fashion awareness while still looking really good at the same time.

Her work continues to be all about personal style and the amazing use of glorious color. She wants us all to know fashion rules and to be able to break them with great confidence and happiness. She also wants us to use our own sense of what works for us rather than a rule that has been handed down from a previous generation and may be quite archaic and not even applicable to the needs of today’s fashionista. It is this devotion to the world of fashion and the ideal of pushing it forward that has made her very popular.