Technological Advancements in the Wedding Industry

Wedding is an age old ceremony which is found in almost all the cultures in the world. In part 2 of the Huffington post article series the past, present and future of wedding the wedding industry, the writer looks at;

  1. Wedding Registries
  • Past – a registry gun was used to scan the items you needed. The system did not work very well as the scanners were slow and duplicate items were created on the list. If the item was not available on the list, you had to leave it out.
  • Present – Technology has brought many changes to wedding registries. This includes the ability synchronize registries from different stores. This is aided by sites like TheKnot.
  • Future – Online or in-store registry limits couples. A couple could build their registry throughout the day online, watching on television or even an item spotted in their friends’ house.
  1. Wedding Attire
  • Past – The bride spent a lot of time with friends looking for a wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Obviously this was cumbersome as it took so much time to find the desired dresses. The disadvantage was that the dresses were expensive. The groom also had to be through a lot to acquire his and the groomsmen’s tuxedos.
  • Present – Dresses can be rent out from Magnolia moreover, ladies who own a bridal gown can sell or rent it out on the site. Companies like Men’s Warehouse have the Apps and software to handle the groom and his crew.
  • Future – More brides and bridesmaids will be able to rent out their dresses for other weddings. The prices are also expected to go down and with advancement in the textile industry the couples will be able to customize their attire within a short period of time.
  1. Wedding Websites
  • Past – Many hours were used fixing layout for the websites and visitors to the sites were few. The information given was not alluring.
  • Present – We have many wedding sites that have photo galleries, registries, and you can easily communicate with the guests.
  • Future – Mobile phones will be used more to create wedding websites. Apps will be available for this purpose. For more information check

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