Andy Wirth: Gondola and more


Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is one of the top tourist destinations in the world for people who enjoy skiing. Wirth also contributes to environmental and community organizations in and around Lake Tahoe. He is always looking for ways to better his community as well as his ski resort, since the community relies so much on tourists to his ski resort.
After nearly being killed in a skydiving accident, Andy Wirth co-founded the Wounded Warrior Support. The organization recognizes the Navy SEALS and contributes to the Navy SEALS foundation. The organization supports special operations team members and their families after they return home from duty.
It was recently announced by Squaw Valley that it would be connecting to another top ski resort, Alpine Meadows. Both of the resorts are two of the top skiing destinations in the world and now they will be connected by a gondola. The gondola will operate in three parts. It will start at the bottom of Squaw Valley than go up and over the ridge between the two mountains, than finally down to Alpine Meadows. The fantasy of many snowboarders and skiers is that these two resorts would somehow be connected one day, and now it has become a reality.
There has been a rumor of the two resorts connecting since the two resorts merged into one. There was a little bit of land between the two mountains that was owned by Troy Caldwell that stopped the connection temporarily. Andy Wirth and Caldwell got the deal done to make the gondola a reality for tourists.