Dr. David Samadi – Article Recap

Dr. David Samadi Contributions on Treating Prostate Cancer

Dr. David Samadi is a New York oncologist who is currently the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also a contributor to Fox News Health, Fox New and a Consultant at Fox New Medical. He was the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center from 2011 to 2013. From July 2002 to May 2007 he was the Director of Laparoscopic Surgery at the Columbia Presbyterian in New York. In 2013 he published a paper about racial disparities in prostate cancer. In 2015 Dr. Samadi went to the Mediterranean hospital to teach the doctors on how to perform robotic surgeries. He is also a member of the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association.

His experience enabled him to invent the Samadi Advance Robotic System (SMART). It was designed to carry out surgery using the da Vinci surgical system. It was intended to replace open prostate surgeries. The equipment has been used to treat 6,000+ prostate patients, and at the least, 90% of those patients are cancer-free up to date. His focus is helping prostate cancer patients go through a procedure that will guarantee the quality of life. He encourages men to go for regular tests so that cancer can be treated early rather than later.

In the past, prostate cancer was thought to be an illness for the old in society, but that is not the case these days. Even young men can be victims going for tests regular will make a big difference. In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates that 164,690 men will have cases of prostate cancer. A simple blood test will be carried out by the doctors to determine if there are any signs. His invention-SMART is a modern technology device that helps doctors carries out invasive surgeries. That means minimizing risks such as infections, pain, damaging sexual and bladder functions.

Although someone may opt for radiation rather than surgery, there are pros and cons of using either of the two. If the cancer is only on the prostate, then the best option would be surgery according to Dr. Samadi. Radiation has more risks than cancer; it is possible to develop another form of cancer due to the effects of radiations, and if it doesn’t work it would be a challenge to carry out surgery. Another critical factor for patients to consider is the experience of the doctor in comparison with the successful treatment of prostate cancer. To know more about him click here.

Born in 1964 in Iran, Dr. Samadi and his brothers were forced to leave Iran at the age of 15 during the Iranian Revolution in 1979. David, in particular, wanted to become a doctor and when he had a chance to pursue medicine in 1984 in the United States. In 996 he finished his postgraduate at Montefiore Medical Center and five years later completed his oncology fellowship majoring in proctology. Dr. David Samadi is married to Sahar Danielpour, and they have been blessed with two children. They live together in Old Westbury, New York.