Brian Torchin: Helping Companies Hire the Best Professionals

Brian Torchin helps medical facilities to find the right staff. He has a staffing firm called Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). The company has a website, where the majority of its operations take place. Potential employees submit their applications through the site for Brian and his team to review. HCRC’s main objective is to find employment for medical practitioners. Also, it offers consultation to both employers and employees.

Brian aims at ensuring that hospitals and clinics hire the best professionals. He has a twitter page as well as a Facebook account, where he writes about his company’s services.

He also advertises job vacancies for physicians and nurses. Mr. Torchin can find employment easily because he’s well connected. He knows professionals from various reputable institutions, including non-profits and government healthcare facilities.

Brian revealed in one of his interviews that he started HCRC because he realized that some medical practitioners took long to find employment. He began to put together a list of firms that offer excellent services and treat their workers properly. Additionally, Brian set up a website that enabled him to reach people who needed jobs.

Throughout his staffing career, he has worked with different organizations and offered them great talent. Brian Torchin’s leadership has helped HCRC to become a leading staffing and advisory company in the healthcare sector. He prioritizes on his clients to ensure they get satisfactory services.

Aside from recruiting medical staff, Brian Torchin also carries out recruitment for law firms. He helps paralegals and attorneys to find companies to work for. His ability to work with the legal sector has placed him ahead of his competitors.

He has built a great reputation that allows him to work with some of the most trusted firms and corporations in the United States. According to Behance, many businesses view Brian Torchin as an asset because he delivers the best results.

Brian attended the University of Delaware, where he studied Exercise Science. He has spent several years studying job market trends, professional practices and interviewing process.

This has enabled him to carry out background checks on candidates who are seeking employment through his agency. His passion for medicine helps him understand what health care industry needs.

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