Brooklyn Postal Worker Found In Possession Of 17,000 Undelivered Pieces Of Mail

A postal worker in the Brooklyn borough of New York City was recently arrested when more than 17,000 pieces of mail he had not delivered were found in his home and vehicle.

Aleksey Germash was employed as a carrier for the United States Postal Service for over 16 years and was found to be in possession of undelivered parcels that had been in his possession since 2005. Germash told officials investigating the case that he had become overwhelmed with the volume of mail that he was obligated to deliver and that he always made sure to deliver “the important” mail.

Investigators found approximately 10,000 undelivered mail pieces in his car, a thousand more in his locker at work, and 6,000 more pieces at his place of residence.

Authorities began an investigation of Germash when they received reports of entire bags of mail being inside his personal vehicle. Employees for USPS found 20 bags of mail inside the car on April 18 and Germash was placed under arrest the following day.

Germash was charged by prosecutors in Brooklyn for intentionally keeping mail from rightful owners. The offense carries up to a five-year prison sentence. The embattled mail carrier secured his release from jail on $25,000 bond Thursday. Neither Germash or his attorney made themselves available for comments pertaining to the matter.

This is not the first case in New York City involving the arrest of a postal worker for not delivering mail. A mail carrier in Long Island was arrested earlier in the month of April after dozens of mail bags filled with letters were found behind his home.

Another postal worker, also working in Brooklyn, went even further and accused of taking gift cards from mail parcels and swiping them to attain various merchandise. The postal worker confessed to her felonious behaviors in a federal court and said that one $100 American Express gift card she stole was used to purchase a sex toy.

Another mail carrier from Brooklyn was placed under arrest a year ago for throwing away nearly 3000 pieces of mail over a two year period that began in June 205 and ended in April 2017. The mail carrier in this case, Vincent Holder Jr., says that he failed to deliver the mail for “various reasons” throughout the two-year period.