Cancer Treatment Centers of America Is OK With Homeopathic Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recommends taking the typical routes for cancer treatment, like chemotherapy, in order to effectively treat your disease. Those who are adverse to non-natural treatments can still homeopathic treatment to reduce the growth of cancer.

A Change In Diet
It is known by many medical professionals and naturopathic gurus that eating a poor diet can trigger cancer. What is mysterious to most is what an anti-cancer diet actually entails. Many believe that a diet rich in anti-oxidants and low in animal products create the perfect environment in the body to prevent cancer. Animal protein creates an acidic environment in the blood as well as feeding cancer cells with certain amino acids.

Meat, dairy products, and junk food are acid-forming foods that cause damage to the body. Your body in this weakened state will not be able for fight off cancer cells accumulating in the body. A huge abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sparsely whole grains is ideal.

Mega Dose Of Vitamin C
Another theory is that vitamin C can cleanse the body and eradicate cancer cells. It also fights off inflammation and oxidation in the body that creates an ideal environment for cancer growth. A homemade solution would be to buy vitamin C supplements from the internet and take it orally. Many experts believe that this is not effective and the vitamin solution needs to be administered into the veins by a professional.

In the case of vitamin C injections, it has a hyper-oxidative effect that kisses tumor cells. Although it can be harmful to the body during its short term treatment sessions, it can have a lasting antioxidant effect. In the end, it is always recommended to consume vitamin C rich foods (like broccoli or oranges) in order to fight most types of diseases.

Increasing Vitamin D3 Production
Although excessive sunlight can promote the growth of skin cancer, getting too little will weaken your body against cancer. Placebo studies have been conducted in the past and the majority of results have shown a positive effect in those that had taken the supplement. Calcium in combination with vitamin D3 is also exceedingly effective rather than taking D3 alone. With over 1,000 IU of the vitamin, cancer rates had been reduced by 77% on average. Since the majority of people live indoor lifestyles, many people should be taking a supplement.

Lingerie Retailer Honey Birdette Set To Expand its U.S and U.K Operations

Leading Australian lingerie retailer Honey Birdette has launched a dedicated e-commerce site for its U.S customers. It has also unveiled its plans to increase its United Kingdom retail outlets from the current number of three to 40 before the end of 2018. The company also has plans to open retail stores in the United States as well. Last year, the company opened a store at Covent Garden in London – its first location outside Australia – and quickly followed it up by opening two more stores in Westfield White city and Victoria Gate in Leeds.

Increased US Business behind the Opening of Its New Site
Honey Birdette, which was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan and a friend in Brisbane, decided to launch the United States e-commerce website after enjoying an increase of 374% in the U.S sales in the last one year. According to Monaghan, the company’s new platform will enhance consumers’ shopping experience by enabling faster deliveries, and extensive product range and simpler returns. The company now says that it plans to open ten more stores at strategic locations in the U.K, including Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Westfield Stratford. The target is to hit a total of 40 stores before the end of next year. In Australia, the company has a total of 55 stores, and it is sizing up some premium locations all over Europe.

About The Company
Honey Birdette is a seller of upmarket bedroom accessories and lingerie and was the brainchild of Monaghan and her friend Janelle Barboza, who has since left the company. The idea to launch the company was born when the two were visiting an adult store and found a hen-party in progress. They felt that women needed a better environment where they can purchase their lingerie instead of stores that were full of men purchasing hardcore adult material.

The Honey Birdette Experience
Honey Birdette provides its customers with boutiques, which are sensual, flirty and playful, designed in lush décor and with champagne at hand. The Honey Birdette store workers are known as Honeys and are always on hand to chat up customers and offer help. Their pin up looks, love of showbiz and razzle-dazzle give the stores the kind of playful energy that competitors lack.

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Serving the Community James Dondero Invests In Ways That Makes a Sizable Difference

As the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, no one knows that better than James Dondero how to make substantial investments. He has been positioning investors towards equitable growth for three decades.

Highland Capital Management is the world’s leading alternative credit market firm in the country. The firm is largely-known for its pioneering of collateralized loan obligations (CLO) which is now a high-producing asset class within the industry. James helped lead the development of CLO’s along with his co-founding partner Mark Okado.

James resides in Dallas, Texas and provides many contributions to the local communities through charity involvement and donations. He goes beyond efforts necessary to improve the lives of many residents within the community. In 2016, James put forth a $1 million challenge grant on behalf of Highland Capital Management to support the completion of The Family Place, a safe haven for individuals who have been victimized and abused by family violence. The $1 million donation closed the gap of the remaining $2.8 million needed and helped to complete the $16.5 million for the legacy campaign.

Throughout his 30 year career, James has been widely-known as someone who will go far-beyond what’s expected especially when it comes to helping others. He’s a strong supporter of the Dallas-Fort Worth education system. James supports the Education is Freedom, and also Uplift Education. Both organizations seek to close the gap between students that are unable to achieve quality education due to socio-economic issues and to transform their lives through higher education.

With the support of James, and the Highland Capital Management firm, a donation of $4 million to the Southern Methodist University (SMU) helped create the Highland Capital Management Endowed Tower Scholars Program Fund. The generous donation towards assisting the education programs of SMU allowed participating students the honor of reaching beyond the status quo of their community. James stated, “Transformative education initiatives are a key focus of our philanthropy…[We] have deep respect for the role that Southern Methodist University plays in the community.”

Highland Capital Management has over $18 billion in managing assets and staffs 180 employees throughout the world including Brazil, South Korea, Singapore and New York. The firm is currently based in Dallas, Texas where it was founded.

National Steel Car’s Greg James Aziz Builds The Historic Company Into A Major Success

 Gregory James Aziz is perhaps one of the most successful business people in North America after proving himself an expert capable of transcending a single industrial sector to achieve success in many different areas of industry across a career taking in more than four decades. Greg J Aziz has reached international business success as the Chair, President, and CEO of the National Steel Car brand, but the man born in London, Ontario had already achieved much in a career that took him to some of the world’s leading financial institutions and North America’s largest fresh food importer.


The National Steel Car brand was created in 1912 as the Imperial Steel Car brand and achieved great success at the height of the expansion of the railways across North America in the early days of the 20th-century; by 2004, the National Steel Car brand was in need of assistance after it had fallen to the level of having just under 600 employees and produced only 3,000 freight cars each year. After buying the National Steel Car brand, Gregory J Aziz made sure the history of the brand was honored as he sought to develop new products and technologies that exceed government based standards in North America and ensure the customers of the company are more than happy with their new freight cars when delivered.


Among the ways Greg Aziz ensures the history of the National Steel Car brand is honored as he leads the company into one of its most profitable periods in its lifespan is by involving former members of the company in its annual events. Each year the National Steel Car Holidays Party is attended by its current roster of more than 3,000 employees currently working for the company who are joined by former employees who are honored for their work at these events.

The local community of Ontario, Canada have benefitted to a great extent from the recent success of the National Steel Car brand and Greg James Aziz who have become major sponsors of a number of community events in the region. National Steel Car invites current and former employees to take part in its annual food drives to benefit local food banks providing assistance for the less fortunate in the community.


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The Origin of Media Freedom in Mexico and the Role of Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega

     Mexico is considered a central power center of Spanish-speaking Latin America, owing to the number of newspapers, radio stations, publishers, and television networks in the country. The mainstream newspapers, televisions, radio houses and periodicals in Mexico focus on several areas ranging from sports, politics to general entertainment. The official government newspaper in Mexico is the El Nacional.

Although the government has strictly regulated the media industry in Mexico, there have been several amendments in the recent past that have seen resulted in the establishment of privately owned media houses. The country’s constitution of 1917 guarantees the freedom of the press to all media houses in Mexico. Despite there being the freedom of the press in the country, the law requires that all media houses exercise it with a lot of caution. For instance, the law restricts media houses regarding personal privacy, public health, and morality. The law also prohibits media houses from broadcasting ill statements of our national heroes.

Although the Mexican media houses are nominally independent, they are still subject to a lot of economic and political pressures. That is because Mexico is active politically all through. Besides, a significant part of the population has a lot interests in politics. That is probably why several new media houses have been established with the primary focus of keeping tabs with the political happenings in the country.

Television plays a significant role in disseminating news to the public. Televisa has been the dominant television broadcaster in Mexico for a long time. The company is part of the Mexican Telesystem, the largest communications conglomerate. Televisa’s influence in the Mexicans media industry is huge. Besides owning the vast television and radio stations, it has huge interests in the publishing, newsprint, home videos, advertising, and marketing, cinemas, sports, tourism among others.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

     Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the managing director and the executive vice president of Grupo Televisa. It is the most prominent media house in the Spanish speaking world. Before taking on his current position, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega served as the chief financial officer of Televisa in 1999-2003.

Mr. Angoita has had a successful career both as a lawyer and financial executive in some of the giant companies in the country. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is considered as the financial mastermind of the Televisa. He is also credited for propelling the company to the financial prosperity it is experiencing today.

Taking Stock in Money Market Funds with Bruce Bent II

Prior to 1971, reserve funds were unheard of as many investors were only beginning to realize the pain of not having cash on hand. The problem was that many investors wanted to secure a place where they could stash cash in the short term. Treasury bills and certificate of deposits were available but there wasn’t a viable connection between these instruments of savings and the investors. In other words investors were having a hard time getting to their cash and making it grow for them.

The solution appeared to take the form of a money market or reserve fund that would allow investors access to their money and help them grow their wealth. The very nature of money market funds is the fact that these are primarily short term funds designed to decrease risk by investing in short term securities such as Treasury bonds and CDs.

The liquidity of this type of fund provides investors with a safe haven for cash reserves in the short term. The main factor in establishing money market funds was the fact that investors could have access and gain a small rate of return on their investment. In the beginning many of the money market funds focused primarily on bank accounts that could only pay a 5.25% interest. Short term investors wanted and needed a more robust return on their investment.

Bruce Bent II’s father was one of the founders of the money market fund. This ultimately lead Bent II into the financial world. He graduated from Northeastern with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and soon after joined his father in the workforce. Bent II is currently the president and vice chairman of the board in the Double Rock Corporation.

Bent’s success in what he termed the “rules of the game” helped many investors establish their businesses in the short term. He continues to be a poweful influence in the financial sector today.

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Avaaz: United Global Citizens Into A Massive Collective Force For Good

Uniting citizens to engage in global campaigns is where Avazz excels; the civic organization tackles a broad range of causes. By using the Internet, Avazz reaches ordinary people who care about an issue, such as climate change, but who do not consider themselves activists. Online petitions, according to Avazz, do make a difference, as do email campaigns, demonstrations and media campaigns because they combine the voices of people into a collective force that politicians who are sensitive to the public’s viewpoints cannot ignore.

With a single team of activists, Avaaz champions numerous causes at the same time, with members voting on which issues should receive priority. Avaaz has supported everything from saving the Great Barrier Reef to keeping the Internet free of government censorship. In the past, the majority of citizens, between work, school and home life, only had time to support one cause. Today, Avaaz makes it easy for an individual to support any number of worthy causes; all it takes is signing an online petition, making a small donation or sharing one of Avaaz’s causes on Facebook. Avaaz’s type of activism, supported entirely by member’s donations, which depends on Internet engagement and creative advertising in traditional media, appeals to liberals and idealists who want to get involves, but lack the resources to attend a demonstration in another city or commit to weekly in-person meetings.

Avaaz mobilizes their supporters to come together and donate to countries hit by natural disasters as well. Since the organization bypasses traditional channels and sends the money, food and medical supplies directly where they are needed, more aid reaches the population affected by the disaster.

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New York Is Getting A New Grocery Store Concept

New York is an expensive place to live so anytime a New Yorker can find a deal, it makes them happy to save. Not only is rent higher in New York so are the prices in stores. Even still, those living in New York will pay the high price because they love their name brands and they love stores they can trust. A popular grocery store for shopping is Whole Foods because of it’s wide selection of healthy and organic food. It is a bit pricey but it’s worth it for those living in New York.


Recently, Whole Foods has been opening budget-minded stores. There are currently three stores opened and over twenty in development. According to Grubstreet, Whole Foods has just made a huge announcement regarding New York. Whole Foods is working hard to open their first 365 store in New York. It’s set to open in 2018 in a Brooklyn neighborhood that is welcoming new developments.


These new stores are a great idea. It’s a chance for Whole Foods to reinvent themselves in a way that appeals to more people. In this day and age, so many people are budget-conscious. Whole Foods new 365 store is appealing to that need. The New York store will be found in Fort Greene in the Ashland Place Development which will eventually house an Apple store as well. The New York location will be significantly larger than the other 365 locations that are already open. Those previous locations are open in Los Angeles and this New York location is a welcome development.


Overall, it’s a new idea and one that is sure to stick around for a long time. That’s because the stores will be located in an ideal location. They are also offering a new idea which is something that New Yorkers will love. Finally, these deals will be great. Only time will tell if more of these locations will open and New York. It will also be interesting to see if they will bump out the full priced Whole Foods stores. Right now, it seems that both will co-exist for now.


White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the leaders in digital marketing. The company provides viable solutions that are designed just for medium and small businesses. White Shark Media also has the distinction of being of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in North America. The marketing company was once a boutique agency, but is now helping thousands of companies to achieve their promotional goals by utilizing expert tools that bring about long-term positive results. The company is a Premier Google Partner and a Bing Ads Partner, and has been ranked number 724 on the Inc. 5000 List for 2015.


One of the reasons that White Shark Media is so well known in the industry is the affordable service. The search marketing campaigns created by the agency are cost effective for companies and provide a top-notch customer experience.


White Shark Media also works to track client marketing efforts. This can ensure that clients are reaching their sales goals, and indicates whether marketing plans need to be changed or amended. Tools like Google Analytics, competitive intelligence and reporting software and keyword call tracking are quite effective when it comes to determining whether clients are reaching their target audiences.



Founded in 2011, White Shark Media was started by three entrepreneurs from Denmark who each had extensive experience in offline and online marketing. The White Shark Media team sought to grow the company in Latin America and the United States by delivering quality marketing products and promotional services that couldn’t be found anywhere else. The combination of local and international marketing tools, along with a bilingual marketing team, has resulted in satisfied clients in various parts of the world.


White Shark Media has received positive reviews for its products and services, and has been applauded for its customer service and attention to detail. Customers have even stated that White Shark Media will be the only company they will use for marketing and promotions. Customers have also stated that White Shark Media’s tactics have been instrumental in consistently growing businesses. From electrical companies to medical corporations to real estate organizations, customers are praising the expert online, social media and website-based tactics that White Shark Media uses to appeal to consumers.


Josh Verne Lends His Advice For Being Successful

Josh Verne, CEO of, has over 20 years of experience in creating, growing, and selling businesses. He is the perfect person to give others advice on success. He has some key points for others to follow to lead successful, happy lives.



First, Josh Verne recommends being a leader and not a boss. Those are two distinctively different things. A boss only strives to accomplish his own goals, does what is only best for his and demands respect. A leader earns his respect by putting others before himself. A leader then uses that earned respect to accomplish goals for his team. Success cannot come from demanding respect. If you put others first, you and your team can accomplish anything.



Secondly, Josh claims that every situation needs to be a win-win. You should never agree to a deal that is in any way a losing situation. You should always work with the goal of achieving a win-win. No matter how dreary a situation may seem, you should always look for a way to create a win for everybody involved. If you stop settling for losing situations, you will force yourself to find only the best solution to every problem.



Thirdly, Verne advises that a great leader speaks less and listens more. He claims that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. If you speak less, your words have more power when they are said. When you use fewer words, they carry more authority when spoken and there is a much more likely chance that people will listen when you speak.



Fourthly, he stresses the importance of having balance within your life. If you do not focus on creating balance in all aspects of your life, your life will suffer. You can create balance not by spending the same amount of time focusing on every aspect of your life, but by making progress in every area of your life. You should try your best to improve a little bit every day.



Lastly, a successful person should find his or her passion. As Mr. Verne points out, there are many people who are passionate and unsuccessful, but few successful people who are not passionate. You should find a job or area of expertise that makes you wake up every day with a fire in your blood and gets you excited.



Josh Verne is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He is currently the CEO of FlockU, LLC. FlockU is a peer to peer exchange for college students. It is a platform created by a network of students where they can go to read, watch and share content.



Before FlockU, Josh Verne founded and sold workpays, which is a company offering employee benefits that enable people to make purchases with the flexibility to pay over time with payments. Prior to that venture, he grew his family’s business into one of the largest furniture brands in the country.

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