US Money Reserve Elimination Of The Penny

Us money Reserve is a renowned distributor of gold coins, bullion bars, platinum and silver. The distribution platforms are normally online. The company is run by its president named Philip Diehl who has made a very interesting decision to eliminate the penny out of the market as it appears that many do not use it, and it has lost its worth. Diehl has observed that for the past 25 years many people have turned from using cash to using electronic methods of payment. About 25% using cash mode of payment while the rest which is 75% are using the electronic procedures.

The US Money Reserve has been operational since 2001, and it has been the largest distributor of gold coins, silver and platinum is widely known to keep its assets in the form of these precious types of metals. Situated in Austin, Texas the US money Reserve has ensured that it’s the main supplier of these metals with the help of the chosen few individuals who are trained professionals in matters relating to distinguishing all kinds of precious metals from the fake ones. It has ensured customer satisfaction and gives its clients the best of all metals.

The current decision to eliminate the penny from the market has received a lot of complaints that it will destabilize the market. In response to this, the US Money Reserve president appeared to discuss the issue to avoid people getting misleading ideas. He argues that it is not easy to find people collecting pennies from the ground unless you are surviving and living in less than the minimum wage. Removal of the penny will not make any change to the market at all for few people use it. The expenses of the penny are in this era outweighing the use by many people.

There are all types of assets including jewelry, apartments and businesses. However, there are metallic assets like gold, silver and platinum which one can buy and watch them grow more value as they stay long. US money reserves advice more people to buy their metals and keep them as assets for their own financial security. To understand more about the US money reserve check up on and you will get more advice on the value of having gold, silver and platinum assets as your securities. Many rich folks confess to owning a safe of precious metals with them for future holdings. You are lucky to have us money reserve to choose the best for you. There’s nothing more precious than owning such pieces for they are there to stay and neither will they depreciate.