The Fearless Girl of Wall Street May Be Moving to Another Part of NYC

Right now, there are two statues called The Fearless Girl and The Charging Bull near Wall Street, In the future, these two statues may no longer be there as a new report says that they can move to another part of the New York City area.

The Charging Bull has been at the beginning of Wall Street since 1989. The Fearless Girl is a bronze statue of a girl that joined the bull statue just last year.

The Fearless Girl was only supposed to be there temporarily, but the statue attracted many tourists so the city decided that it should stay. The city is also deciding now that it may move the statues to a more permanent place in. another part of the city. This is according to a report in the magazine called Adweek.

In the report, Adweek talked to unidentified sources who believe that the pair of statues could be going to a location that is more friendly to pedestrians than the current location on Broadway near Wall Street.

Natalie Grybanskas, a spokeswoman for Mayor r Bill De Blasio, said that city officials have been discussing various ways that the statue could stay permanently in NYC. She feels that people are attracted to the Fearless Girl because of its message. Visitors and New Yorkers are very enthusiastic about the statue and city officials want it to become part of New York life.

An asset management company called State Street Advisors had put the statue in March of 2017. The statue expresses this company’s desire to have more women on the boards of companies.

Critics feel that this company is being hypocritical because this company has only 5 women on a leadership council that has 28 people. Last September, this firm had settled a class action discrimination suit for $28 million from about 300 female employees.

The current permit for the girl statue will be running out at the end of February. This is why they need to find a permanent location for the Fearless Girl