The motivating successful career of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo


Having been born in 1975, Porfirio started his studies at a very young age. He was born in Cruz Manca in Mexico City. After his successful early studies, he was admitted to the Instituto Technologico School where he studied Mathematics as his major degree. After his first degree, he joined the Stanford University to pursue his executive education. Alongside his general studies, Sanchez equally took several other courses that are linked to Media, business, and technology. These training equipped him for the career that he always desired.

The early career

At 25, Sanchez became the Chief of Staff in the Mexico’s ministry of Finance. In this position, Porfirio was one of the most influential people. The challenges which he met in this faculty gave him the necessary experience for the future employment. After holding the position for six years, he got appointed as a member of a group of professional physicians who help the less fortunate to get quality medication. Having held several management positions, Porfirio became one of the administrators who helped in the successful running of the organization. He provided professional support on how resources can be managed effectively to reach a larger population.

Porfirio’s way to success

In the current world, getting to the top position in an organization is not an easy task. Several requirements have to be met before the title of Chief Executive Officer is achieved. Sanchez has worked extra hard to get the positions that he has held. His diligence and dedication to his duties earned him a good working record that is easy to market.

His role as the CEO of Grupo Televisa

After years of gaining experience, Porfio Sanchez finally became the Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Televisa. In this position, he has registered a lot of positivity and good work. The company can currently make up to $10 billion in revenues. In the history of the company, such revenue has never been achieved before. On leadership, he has created different segments where employees can operate. His leadership style has brought a balance between his employees and the management and this has led to the success of the media house.