Talos Energy Company Wins a bid to Drill the Mexican Gulf Oil

Based in Houston with Private Status, Talos Energy is a gas and crude oil Company. It’s now a wholly owned company; this comes possibly by completing its acquisition of energy Resource Technology at $620 million. Talos Energy Company will now retain a maximum interest in specific explorations and Wang Discovery.

Talos Energy Company has reached a vital milestone in closing the Energy Resource Technology Company transaction. Additionally, it’s encouraged by the results of discovering Wang. By bringing together high cash flowing, oil-weighted assets with a professional and talented team of professionals will leave the Company at a position of building an appealing Energy and Production all over the Mexican Gulf, and it’s lower Coast than other Companies.

Taking a more inside depth, Talos Energy Company being a private upstream gas and oil Company focuses on the exploitation of gas and oil properties mainly targeting the Mexican gulf and it’s Coast. Besides, Talos Energy Company is backed and supported by its shares and investment capital with its affiliates; Apollo Management is global Company with offices in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, London and Hong KOng, Riverstone Holdings which is an energy and majorly focus on power production and finally Talos Management. You can check more information about Talos Company on its website.

Additionally, Talos Energy Company is going to take part in the drilling of oil in Zama-1 well located in Tabasco State. The crude oil is estimated to be approximately 100 to 500 million barrels. The drilling process is expected to take up to 90 days for its completion at a cost approximated to be 416 million. Talos Energy Company, Apolo, and Riverstone Holdings Companies won the quotation and rights of drilling after Mexico had opened the oil industry to private and individual investment.

The drilling project by Talos Energy Company has a high level of geological chance of success, since it’s one of the most amusing exploration wells to be drilled. Talos Energy Company is the operator of the well, and it holds the most significant stake. Therefore, it outstands others. Apparently, it owns more than 35% stake in the drilling venture. Talos Energy Company is the way to go!

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Bob Reina: The Man With The Golden Heart

Bob Reina is the man with the golden heart and most likely, even just hearing that makes him uncomfortable. He is not one for praise or one for the spotlight. He likes to do nice things because it is in his makeup as a human being. It is how he was raised and it is how he operates daily. As a matter of fact, chances are if someone asked him about what he is doing, he would say he is doing what anyone with great power should do. Bob Reina is the perfect example of someone using their power and their status for something positive and something good. He is not using it to get more money, buy more boats, or go on crazy trips.


Bob Reina used it to donate over one million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. As an animal lover, this is something that means a great deal to him and truly matters. In his house, there are tons of animals all over the place. It is how Bob Reina likes it. He knows the kind of love that animals give, which is unconditional, and he wants to make sure as many of them are alive and happy as possible. If he could take in even more animals, he would. Knowing Bob Reina, he probably will sneak in a few more along the way.


When Bob Reina is not donating money to The Tampa Bay Humane Society, he is running Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a company he built in 2007, and now they are what people are using for video emails and video chats to name a few. Some people use it for business and others for pleasure. Bob Reina has also stated that his work is not done, and he is on the lookout for the next big thing with his company and the product. He is always thriving to make it better and more advanced along the way.


He wants the best for the company and he wants the best for his clients that use it to enrich their lives and make them better. He is proud of every single one of them. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/07/14/talk-fusions-bob-reina-releases-article-about-top-marketing-trends-of-2017/


Bon Reina Shares His Business Story On CEOCFO Magazine

Bob Reina created a marketing and communications company back in 2004 after wanting to share videos with his family via email. The former police officer described his business journey and philanthropy on CEOCFO Magazine. Below are some of the highlights of the interview of Bob Reina with Lynn Fosse, who was the interviewer.


The first question asked of Bob Reina when he was interviewed was what was the vision of Talk Fusion when it was created and what is it goal right now. Reina said that right of that bat, the company was focused on revolutionizing the way people communicate and advertise. Being able to market via video directly in email was a game changer recalls Bob Reina. It allowed people to go from regular advertising to highly interactive and effective advertising of their products, services and charities. His discovery also allowed him to help others in the direct selling industry which he was involved with at the time.


CEOCFO Magazine inquired how Bob Reina’s previous employment as a police officer affected his business. Bob Reina said that police officers are taught to always be on their guard and on the lookout. This awareness was something he brought to his business. He is always on the lookout for the next big thing in his field. Mr. Reina also remains highly competitive and innovative. These are traits instilled in him as a police officer that he believes has helped him succeed in his business. Looking ahead and thinking ahead is also something he has learned while as a police officer that he regularly applies in his new work.


Bob Reina was asked about giving back via Talk Fusion and its importance at the company. CEOCFO Magazine specifically inquired why giving back is so important to Bob Reina and at Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina said that he loves people and that is why he worked as a police officer. He says that he believes it is his duty to help others succeed by giving them an opportunity of a better life and a higher income through the opportunities offered at Talk Fusion. Reina believes he has been blessed with success and engages in what he calls servant leadership at his company.



What Can Offline Media Do for You? Making Money outside the Internet

What kind of news often make it to the offline reading category? In truth, we all have our preferences when it comes to newsfeeds. Then again there are those juicy headlines that are hard to pass up even for the nerd who swears by all things tech.

Focusing on marketing yourself online just isn’t enough. Interestingly, technology has a way of borrowing from the past to improve the future. Prior to the internet, the only offline media we knew about were the daily newspapers, monthly mails, and maybe flyers. Today’s offline media is all about tailoring your web content to be available even when your audience logs out.

Catchy headlines generate more clicks and also offline saves. A headline like “How to steal a phone number and everything linked to it” no doubts raises curiosity. If you were skimming through your newsfeeds on the go and stumbled on such a topic, how likely are you to save it for later reading? 100% likely, because your curiosity was successfully raised by the blog owner.

Online readers are also likely to save offline content if there is perceived value. We all have those saved articles we go back to once a while when referencing something or gathering tips. Or those topics we follow because they contained links to a sequel of future discount sales. For instance, if you keep up with the royal family, maybe you will always want to go back to that article that says what inspires their dress code. Or if you keep up with the celebrity gossip, you may always want to refer to your offline sources to check your facts.

Offline media has to be tailored in a certain way to generate bookmarks from your readers. Not only should your content be witty but also full of value which your readers can refer to any time.

Talk Fusion Creator Contributes to HuffPost Relaunch

Innovators tend to start on the cutting edge and continue right along with that trend. And it’s important to remember that this often transcends subjects or projects. For example, Bob Reina is an example of someone who innovates in almost every area of his life. He’s best known for changing the face of telecommunications with Talk Fusion. But he’s also creating an audience on the newly rebranded HuffPost.


Reina has already earned a name for himself with readers thanks to some extraordinary material in The Huffington Post. In fact, he’s been sharing his insight into entrepreneurship and technology since August of 2016. But the recent rebranding offers up a chance for Reina to showcase just what makes him such a valuable voice in the literary landscape. Just as the magazine is working on forging an innovative identity, so is Reina. However it’s quite clear that Reina has already more than succeeded in that quest. And he’s ready to offer up his wide range of experience to readers.


In fact, the new mission statement of HuffPost is quite in line with his own. HuffPost is aiming to give voice to the voiceless. They want to broaden the conversation and include people who might have been left out. Meanwhile, Reina has taken on a mission of helping people to succeed no matter where they’re starting out from. It’s quite clear that he has quite a bit of valuable wisdom to lend to readers.


Of course as the creator of Talk Fusion he’s already had his own success with helping to enlarge the conversation. Talk Fusion has been working hard since 2007 to integrate various methods of communication. At the time it was becoming increasingly difficult to talk to people over various platforms. Talk Fusion aimed to do just what the name suggests. It offered up a chance to fuse various methods of speech and communication into a singular whole. Instead of platform lock-in, people would be able to talk to each other whether they were using landlines, smartphones or computers.


As the technology advanced so did Talk Fusion. It would expand to encompass video based email and marketing. A full suite of telecommunications solutions would soon follow. And Reina would even use it as a way to help out charities who needed to find a voice of their own. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial


How Bob Reina Went From Being A Cop To Selling Online Video Products

As the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has found great success coming up with a new way for businesses to market their products and services to consumers. The flagship product his company offers is Video Email where companies can send an email to customers that plays a video within it. A video is the most attractive way to market things to consumers as it is the most captivating way to get a consumers attention.

Bob Reina started out his professional career as a police officer. He wanted to come up with a way to make more money and have a more satisfying career. He began to look for opportunities in the direct selling industry where he could open a successful company. He became a top producer for a number of companies in this industry such as Alliance USA and Travel Reaction. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with one of these positions that would work over the long haul. This included his company Cash Card Worldwide and serving on the advisory board of other companies.

It was in 2004 that the idea of Video Email first germinated. Bob Reina wanted to email a 10-second long email to some friends of his. His provider, America Online, said that this wasn’t something that could be done. He thought otherwise and after contacting another friend who was in IT together they came up with what would in 2007 be Talk Fusion’s first product.

One of the things about the direct selling industry that Bob Reina never liked was that it takes awhile at these types of companies to get your compensation. To address this he created the industry’s first Instant Pay Plan. Under this plan the people who he pays commissions to for selling Talk Fusion products receive their pay immediately.

Over the years Bob Reina has given back in a number of ways. His favorite issues are related to animals. He was responsible for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida getting a new dog in its K-9 unit. He also donates quite a bit to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate

The Source of Success of Securus Technology-Rick Smith

One of the greatest assets of a company is its CEO. The chief executive of a company is like a driver of a vehicle. If the driver does not have the knowledge required, the car is likely to crash. Also in times of danger, the vehicle may have to break the rules and use his experience and innovation to avoid the car crash. The driver needs to be accurate on the timing of his decisions for everything to work out well.

It is the same responsibility that the CEO of the company has. The CEO needs to be wise and creative. The Securus Technologies identified these qualities in Rick Smith and crowned him the CEO. This ceremonious event took place on the ninth month of 2008.

Regarding experience, Rick Smith has worked in some companies before joining Securus Technology. Not only was he a competent employee concerning cooperation and efficiency but he also contributed significantly to the growth of the companies. Take Eschelon-Telkom for example, where he worked as a CEO for nine years. He helped the company raise a revenue of $350 million from their usual $30 million. Rick Smith also assisted EBITBDA to raise $80 million.
Rick Smith is also an educated elite.The CEO has an MBA, masters in mathematics not to forget a degree in BSc Engineering.

This combination of skills makes Smith a perfect choice for the company. The Securus technologies have confidence in him.

Rick Smith is, therefore, a productive asset in the Securus Company. Since his announcement as the CEO, the company has taken a positive turn. It is named as one of the leading correctional technologies providers. Over a million inmates depend on the Company’s gadgets in so many ways. The government and other companies also rely on the Securus technologies for security.
The Securus Company protects the public as well as the inmates. The Securus technology has come up with gadgets that assist the inmates in keeping in touch with the world. This has reduced the boredom and level of seclusion that the inmates used to have.
Through an email address that inmates sign up, they can see the changes in the world. This development is vital especially for the detainees who are jailed for decades. Lack of this system would confuse the inmate after being released. This is because the current world changes every day. This is as a result of high competition that has left entrepreneurs with no choice apart from being creative.

Rick Smith is an educative fellow, who has experience in the leadership world. Smith has been successful as a CEO before. The Securus technology is therefore lucky to have him run their company. All they can accept is success and development.

When it Comes to Locomotive Manufacturing, National Steel Car is the Answer

A Canada based company named, National Steel Car is considered as one of the biggest train cars manufacturers in the country. The headquarters of the company is located in Hamilton Ontario. The company has been one of the top 3 locomotive manufacturers since the very beginning.


The company, National Steel Car started back in the year 1912, and it still is going strong. The main man behind this huge domination and success of this company is a man named, Gregory James Aziz. He is most commonly known as Greg Aziz. Mr. Gregory is currently serving as the CEO and the chairman of the company.


The giant company, National Steel Car has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years. It got famous very quickly as it impressed everyone in the locomotive industry. A lot of investors were impressed by the performance of the company in its early years. The demand in rolling stocks production got very high after the company was established. The company received the highest amount of order in the year 1913.


The Canadian Northern Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway were considered the largest clients of the company. These clients ordered the production of rolling stocks that were needed in the construction of the Trans Canadian Railway project. The company was going very good regarding business, but then it saw a decline after the Great Depression. The number of orders started to decline. The company was forced into manufacturing other products and not the rolling stocks.


The company started to get back in the business during the World War II days, and after that, they never went out of business. National Steel Car was acquired by a Canada based company named Dofasco in the year 1962. But they had to part ways when they came to know about the company’s decline in business.


Mr. Gregory Aziz took over National Steel Car in the year 1994. He was determined to take this company to the success heights once again. And this is exactly what Mr. Gregory did. He had a very positive influence on the company, and it started to perform efficiently again.


The company gave jobs to more than 2000 people. The production rate of the company was increasing every day. They were able to manufacture more than 12,000 train cars every year. Before, their production capacity was only 3,500 train cars per year.


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The Story of Gregory James Aziz, an Investor and a Philanthropist

Gregory James Aziz, or simply known as Greg, holds the position of the Chief Executive Officer of National Industries, Inc. he is also the President and the Chairman of National Steel Car Limited, which is among the leading railroad freight car manufacturing companies in the world. The National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz is a native of London, Ontario, where he was born on April 30, 1949. He went to Ridley College before proceeding to University of Western Ontario from where he majored in economics.


James Aziz first ventured into business in 1971 when he joined Affiliated Foods, a wholesale family business dealing in foods. In a period of 16 years, this company grew so that it became a major fresh foods importer from all over the world mainly from Central and South America and Europe. It also managed to conquer a wider market over the 16-year period where it became a major distributor of fresh foods to various wholesale markets in different parts of the United States and Eastern Canada.


Spending most of his time in New York from late 1980s to early 1990s, Greg Aziz worked on various investment banking opportunities. In 1994, he successfully negotiated and purchased the National Steel Car formerly owned by Dofasco. After purchasing it, he set out to transform this great Canadian company into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in the whole of North America. Go to This Page.


The company managed to expand its manufacturing capability to 12,000 cars from 3,500 cars between 1994 and 1999. The growth was made possible by the emphasis on team-building, the company’s strong engineering capabilities and substantial human and capital investment. In less than a decade from when National Steel Car was purchased by Gregory J Aziz, employment grew five-fold from about 600 to nearly 3,000.


National Steel Car and Greg are involved in a myriad of charitable activities. The company is committed to helping the members of Hamilton community where it sponsors the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way just to name a few. The employees of this company, both the past and the present, are always treated to a Christmas Party yearly and they also take part in the major food drive for the local food banks which is organized by the National Steel Car. Together with his wife Irene Greg Aziz sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the most popular agricultural fair in Canada.


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Rick Smith Is Promoting Innovation At Securus

Rick Smith is well aware that the only way in which any company can grow today is by keeping its technology updated. This would mean investing in those technologies that appear promising or display innovation.Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. Besides, he is a highly talented businessman too. He is able to take on all kinds of challenges here. This is why he has managed to lead his company to much better success. Hence Securus Technologies is the first name that comes to the mind when people talk about jail and prison security.The company is based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 2004. It was in 2008 that Rick Smith became its CEO. Since then, Securus has added hundreds of innovative products as well as services to its catalog. This is because Rick Smith ensures that the company is always in touch with its clients. It always knows what the customer wants. Hence they provide accordingly. They have selected their sales team carefully. These are qualified professionals who top in the field of telecommunications.

Rick Smith is already having a reputation in the telecom industry. In addition, he is a strong leader who likes to invest in technology and in advancing it. This is why Securus Technologies has established itself as the telecommunications company providing exemplary services to jail inmates as well as law enforcement agencies.This is a company that is dedicated to its customers. It is always working hard in order to provide excellent support to them. Besides, it offers top quality on all its calls. This is because these calls are also recorded and played back later. This has helped the jail authorities a lot. It has helped them to solve many cases. In order to facilitate this, the company provided excellent backup facilities.

This means that the calls do not get distorted no matter how many times they are replayed. This is where Rick Smith has made use of the latest technologies so that the best services are provided to the clients.These calls have also helped to make the incarceration facilities safer. The authorities are able to detect if any drugs are being delivered to the facility, or if they are already being used. They also get information about any arms or cellular devices being smuggled inside. Hence they are able to stop crimes before they happen. In this way, Securus Technologies have made jails and prisons safe for all. The crimes have reduced a lot.Rick Smith has introduced video calling too within the jails. Now families can even see their loved ones who are in prison. In order to do so, Rick Smith had directed Securus to install video cameras inside prisons. Visit his LinkedIn account : https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-smith-11a77814/