Rick Smith Is Promoting Innovation At Securus

Rick Smith is well aware that the only way in which any company can grow today is by keeping its technology updated. This would mean investing in those technologies that appear promising or display innovation.Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. Besides, he is a highly talented businessman too. He is able to take on all kinds of challenges here. This is why he has managed to lead his company to much better success. Hence Securus Technologies is the first name that comes to the mind when people talk about jail and prison security.The company is based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 2004. It was in 2008 that Rick Smith became its CEO. Since then, Securus has added hundreds of innovative products as well as services to its catalog. This is because Rick Smith ensures that the company is always in touch with its clients. It always knows what the customer wants. Hence they provide accordingly. They have selected their sales team carefully. These are qualified professionals who top in the field of telecommunications.

Rick Smith is already having a reputation in the telecom industry. In addition, he is a strong leader who likes to invest in technology and in advancing it. This is why Securus Technologies has established itself as the telecommunications company providing exemplary services to jail inmates as well as law enforcement agencies.This is a company that is dedicated to its customers. It is always working hard in order to provide excellent support to them. Besides, it offers top quality on all its calls. This is because these calls are also recorded and played back later. This has helped the jail authorities a lot. It has helped them to solve many cases. In order to facilitate this, the company provided excellent backup facilities.

This means that the calls do not get distorted no matter how many times they are replayed. This is where Rick Smith has made use of the latest technologies so that the best services are provided to the clients.These calls have also helped to make the incarceration facilities safer. The authorities are able to detect if any drugs are being delivered to the facility, or if they are already being used. They also get information about any arms or cellular devices being smuggled inside. Hence they are able to stop crimes before they happen. In this way, Securus Technologies have made jails and prisons safe for all. The crimes have reduced a lot.Rick Smith has introduced video calling too within the jails. Now families can even see their loved ones who are in prison. In order to do so, Rick Smith had directed Securus to install video cameras inside prisons. Visit his LinkedIn account : https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-smith-11a77814/

E Governe Is The Way Forward For Government Bodies

The e-governe program of ICI has found a significant number of takers in government organizations. The latest example is the contract signed between the municipality of Osasco in Greater Sao Paulo and the Institute for the implementation of the e-governe school management system that is expected to give a fillip to government supported e-education. Under the agreement, ICI is required to provide computer equipment and install a logical, electrical network, as also a call center for the Municipal Education Department of Sao Paulo city.

E-government education has big advantages regarding ensuring not just the integrity or correctness of information, but also its unique nature and security. At the same time, the e-governe program enables management reports to be generated in real time. By providing access to the Internet and making shared reports available one does away with the whole nuisance of making many copies of the same report.


As a matter of fact, there is a large number of companies that help propagate e-goverene. Take the case of the thirty-year-old company Consult for example. Their cutting edge systems have long set benchmarks in many sectors of public administration.Then there is Minauro who have been around for decades and are known to be past masters at the improvement of the quality of services to its customers.


It is companies like these that help in the implementation of e governe that for example assists in the efficient dissemination of healthcare by the government by enabling the effective management of the municipal and state health secretariats. This is managed by the integration of the various healthcare units, as well as the health sectors and the appointments charts of healthcare practitioners.


This eliminates things like queues and considerably enhances the quality of service that the people can obtain. E governe can also help with ambulance, hospital and bed control as also the management of financial resources. When integrated with e-government materials, this provides tremendous leverage.


Among the major advantages that accrue from egoverne a few are given here. E governe allows organizations to follow a regionalized system of attendance with all its attendant benefits. Moreover, there can be proper monitoring and regulation of patients coming over from other municipalities. That apart, it helps one exercise control over the agreements entered into by Municipalities between themselves or between states and municipalities. Above all the financial transfers are now far better managed.


The work process becomes far more efficient with the flow of patients between different units getting rationalized. The ultimate result of all of this is that the programs of health get structured around constant attention to health. Thus we see that egoverne well and truly is helping myriad local government bodies introduce efficiencies into their processes.


There is no other way apart from e-governe to bring about such radical changes across generally moribund government department. What makes this critically important is the fact that it is these units alone that are responsible for reaching benefits to those sections of the society that need it the most.

Illustrious Career of Don Ressler


Entrepreneur.wiki thoroughly shows that Don Ressler is a successful investor in who has been able to bring his businesses to greater heights. Over the years, he has managed to acquire several business startups and turned them to strong businesses. He is the man behind the management and creation of various online –based businesses that have recorded impressive returns. To test his prowess, Mr. Ressler started with the launching of FitnessHeaven which performed very well. He later on resolved to sell the business to Intermix Media with an aim to raise enough funds that he required for his next big idea. It was at this moment that Don met Adam Goldenberg, who was working as the chief operating officer in Intermix Media. They then agreed to work together to found their very own firm.



His Companies



With their great ideas, the two partners established Alena Media, a firm that ran an active advertising division. Within a short period of time, Alena Media managed to generate millions in revenue, an amazing and impressive score that the two partners celebrated before selling the firm to News Corp. Having knowledge and special skills in online advertising motivated Adam and Ressler to start bigger businesses that could operate in large markets and serve different people. To begin, the duo met to brainstorm ideas focusing on businesses that could excel in their field, and the final result of the convention was Intelligent Beauty. This company managed a wide array of brands including DERMSTONE, a well-known cosmetic retail that provides online subscription services.



His Contribution to JustFab


Within a period of two years, the business grew to a successful venture and so Don and Adam resolved to spice up their company by adding SENSA, a weight loss brand. With great returns from the two brands, the duo were motivated and decided to found JustFab, a company that offers retail outlet services. JustFab was established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2010, as per LATimes.com. It offers fashion products, cosmetic and also runs an active subscription system. This company has heavily invested in increasing its presence in the market and marketing its services. Currently, JustFab has a branch called Fabletics which offers evening wear, swimwear and athletic apparel.  Don Ressler’s career history can be sought on CrunchBase, and you can read more about his fundraising successes with JustFab on Forbes.


Meet the Arizona Icon, Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a renowned American entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist who hail from Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope has a passion for technology as well as giving back to his community. He grew up in Tempe and earned a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and later an MBA from ASU’s WP Carey School of Business. On top of his philanthropic and entrepreneurial initiatives, Jason has an interest in politics.


Jason Hope is usually compelled to contribute to the courses of others people and believe his assets put him in the best position to accomplish it. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Jason Hope is passionate about giving back to his community by donating to local organizations. His major goal is to see Arizona communities thrive and hence he also support the humanitarian organizations that work to improve the future of Arizona. He continues to look for organizations as well as projects that he can further support with his time, resources and influence.

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His thoughts and articles in technology concentrates on a variety of routes in research and development. The focus includes developing mobile applications, desktop software, gaming software together with devices that embrace connectivity. He believes that the power of technology improves the human condition and brings some ease and enjoyment to their daily life.

The futurist Jason Hope writes that he is always looks for new ways to utilize technology to the people’s advantage while carefully studying technology infrastructure for any potential trends. As a futurist, he works with businesses as well as individuals to point them in the best direction as they draft and develop progressive technical advancements.

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Starting a business, launching a new product or launching a new idea is hardly a simple process. It begins with a superb idea. However, that is just the beginning because finding the means to implement your idea is the hardest part. Hope’s business acumen is something he knows others can benefit from and hence he works with individuals and young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to reality.

Jason Hope supports and cultivates the next generation as they venture into the sector of technology. Often, young businesspeople have great ideas, but they normally lack insight and finances to bring the ideas to reality. Hope offers grants to seniors in high schools and college students to assist them to boost their ideas while waiting to become technological breakthroughs. If you have an exceptional idea but need some support to get it running, Hope provides the support needed to make it flourish.

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