Talk Fusion Creating Digital Marketing Tool for the Future

Talk Fusion is among the leading digital marketing tool company that was incorporated in the year 2007 by Bob Reina. The company offers a wide range of video marketing solutions which includes products such as webinars, video newsletters, video email, live meetings and more. Even those who are not tech-savvy can easily use the app for their business. The cost of subscription covers all the different products, and one can also earn commission through direct selling.


Today, marketing is essential for any company whether small or big. It is essential for your customers to know that you exist to earn profits. It is the reason why Talk Fusion is growing in popularity. Today, customers are bombarded with emails containing a lot of texts, but they ignore most of them. Video emails on the other hand appeal to the customers and they find it enticing. It allows its users to reach a wide audience using their technology. All of their products are regularly tested for efficiency and updated timely to ensure that their customers are able to make the best use of them.


Talk Fusion is currently available in more than 200 countries around the world and has about 100 countries where they have local offices. The company had managed to secure an investment of $31 million in their latest round of funding. The company aims to reach out to more and more business owners with their basic price subscription that costs only $175 with a monthly fee of just $20. As one grows, they can buy the higher level packages that offer greater perks. The company has an interactive customer service support that solves all queries and problems that the customers might have within a matter of minutes. They understand that business does not stop for anyone and it is the reason why they are so prompt with their service. Learn more:



Talk Fusion App, Is It All Talk?

You may have heard about the new apps that Talk Fusion is putting out on the market for their useers. However, many people wonder if their latest app is all talk or if it lives up to the hype that so many people are talkign about. The company came onto the playing field in 2007 with a strong leadership presence. Their focus was to stay ahead of any and all competition by simply offering the best technology and products. This dedication to their service has won them several awards and they have continued to stay focused and upgrade the technology to stay light years agead of anyone else. Talk Fusion is a global marketing company who are leaders in the field of video and video marketing.


This all new application or App, as it is called, allows busy, on the go people to use the award winning products of Talk Fusion on the go. This app can help any company to hold their own edge and stay above their competition in the wonderful world of business. The new app works with most Apple products and Android devices with a system of 4.4.3 or newer. Video email is a great marketing tool. There is nothing like the ability to send a personal email to your clients, customers and business friends and include video. It is no secret that video is a great way to engage people you are doing business with or looking to do business with.


Bob Reina, The CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion has a strong background in leadership. Mr. Reina encourages people to lead by example and get out of the way of progress. Bob tells everyone that the products and services offered by Talk Fusion can be used to connect not just with business associates but, also with family and friends. Imagine the ability to have a video conversation with your family, friends or business associate using a highly advanced technological program. This is what happens when you use Talk Fusion.


The ability to connect from any device to any device is just an awesome possibility. Talk Fusion is the award winning, all in one video marketing program that makes it all happen. The company also allows other people to make a business from the sale of their products. This is a winning situation for so many people who want to make their lives better. If you want to use the product or offer it to others, it’s a win regardless, just like their new app. Learn more:

Talk Fusion and its Plan for the Future

Often, it has been said that creativity is the key to the invention or in other words growth. Talk Fusion is among the few firms in the marketing sector that understand the basics when it comes to being creative. Therefore, over and over again, Talk Fusion has continued to release strings of new products. Every release ensures that the company remains posted to trends hence prevailing relevance to today users.


Not long ago, the company introduced a new product dashboard to its Video Suite. The new dashboard design is one of the many improvements that the company promises to announce in the coming days. The new dashboard is simple, yet it holds all the needed menus while maintaining the beauty that users find attractive. According to Bob Reina, the company’s CEO, the new dashboard is a platform supposed to support the upcoming improvements for the sake of the future.


When it comes to business, Talk Fusion holds the key to the market. In the video communications sector, Talk Fusion has managed to lead in the game. Often, Talk Fusion has beaten off its competitors from the industry due to its consistency in releasing new products. Additionally, most of their products come at a reasonable price that wins the hearts of thousands of clients.


Frequently, Bob Reina says that his company is focused to introduce new products one after the other. In a statement released a while ago, the successful CEO made it clear that he must remove all the obstructions in communications right now hence improving human communication. Together with his team, Bob is spending sleepless nights to initiate ideas meant to improve how people connect with each other thus a better tomorrow.


Today, Talk Fusion has made it possible for an entrepreneur to send thousands of emails at a click. Also, making of videos has been made efficient as one can make videos of up to five minutes then store them on the company’s website for future use.


About Talk Fusion

Today, Talk Fusion is ranked as a top provider of Video Suite. In business, professionals often say that remaining unique is the key to achieving higher heights and Talk Fusion is one of the few who knows how to create a unique state. Talk Fusion has helped thousands of companies stand out from the competition, hence increasing income while maintaining the customer base.


Today, Talk Fusion boasts of setting foot in more than 140 countries via Independent Associates who facilitate the marketing of their innovative products. Talk Fusion was launched 11 years ago by Bob Reina who also acts as the chief operating officer. Learn more: