Nine9 Role in Transforming the Entertainment Industry in the United States

Making a breakthrough in modeling is becoming difficult in an age where competition is becoming stiff. However, there is an institution in America that is changing the industry, and it’s called Nine9. According to the company’s website, its main mission is to help models and actors to succeed in the highly competitive entertainment industry. The company was established in the year 2003 and majored in giving the prospective models with tools and resources required in the industry. Click Here to read more.

The company has a huge presence in the major US cities of Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Francisco and Washington DC. Major benefits that models get to experience with this institution include a commission free environment, a chance to access auditions and castings from all over America and opportunities to interact with leading artists and models through the workshops organized by the institution. Other major benefits include 24/7 alerts that connect you to a casting that suits you and being part of their talent benefit program. Nine9 Reviews .

Cali C is an aspiring model who joined Nine9 less than one year ago. Since then, she has recorded significant growth in her model career as she has managed to meet awesome people through the Nine9 interaction program. She acknowledges the work of Greg Daniels as she has had a photo shoot with him. She can now see responses to the casting applications she had made unlike before when she didn’t. Cali C says that she is excited about her involvement with Nine9 and she is looking forward to seeing where her career takes her. See Photos Here .

Lorena C is another model currently involved with Nine9, and she is already involved with Rock Fashion and Daniel Robert. She says that she is excited working with this institution and she can’t stop learning because of the many opportunities presented to her. Lorena C says that she sees her dreams turning into reality soon.

Semetra R had been a member of Nine9 for one month when she received an opportunity to work with the Bronner Brothers for their hair show. Semetra says that she regrets taking a time to join Nine9.She says she is grateful for the opportunities presented to her by the institution. for more.