New York’s Unique Way Of Healing

The news has highlighted all the protests and riots following Donald Trumps victory Tuesday night, but one place in New York City offers a unique and special way for those who feel lost and emotional to find support and like minds. A special subway tunnel between two Manhattan stations has become what is known as Subway Therapy. Check out a video here.

The tunnel connects 14th Street stations at Avenue of the Americas and Seventh Avenue and is covered in pastel covered notes full of flowing emotion. Strangers have lined the walls with words of support, love, fear, hope, and even anger. One stranger to another, impersonal in an anonymous way, but personal in feelings.

There are no rules, anyone is allowed to post. The project is the brain child of an artist known as Levee. He felt people needed a place to let out their thoughts and feelings, to vent and be heard after the surprising loss by Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. More than 80% of New York voters backed Clinton, and they were surprised and shaken when Trump took the election night in an overwhelming sweep of electoral votes. Levee arrived at the subway tunnel Wednesday morning with an open mind, some pens, and some sticky notes. He simply wrote “Express yourself” on the wall and by the end of the day thousands of people had done just that.

Some find it therapeutic to find like-minded people in their world, while others push for hope in the future. Messages like “keep your head high” and “it’s an honor to be in this struggle with you” show the city pulling together in the wake of a loss. Along with a majority of messages that show the heart-broken emotions of people, Levee did find some messages that support Trump. He has decided to leave all the messages on the wall, even some he considers negative and hateful. Some people requested he remove one that had Trump’s campaign slogan, but again, Levee declined.

The wall isn’t about a one-sided or filtered view. It’s simply about people saying how they feel. It has to be respected in order to further the message that everyone should be allowed to speak and express their feelings without repercussion.

Most messages convey a positive tone of working together and moving forward.