Nychos’ Captivating Street Art

Nychos Shows Off His Impressive Street Art

Austrian street artist and illustrator Nychos has been making a huge impression all across New York City. This last month has been incredibly eye-opening and hectic for the artist.

Nychos has been held in place by a show called IKON, an art show that opened last weekend and was full of canvasses and illustrations at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. He also lent his assistance at a sculptural event with the Vienna Tourist Board yet for him this wasn’t enough and wanted to press forward.

In the weeks before and after each of those events, Nychos managed to show off a lot of his artwork on several walls at Coney Island, Bushwick and Jersey City and even added a box truck for good measure. He also made a sculpture of Sigmund Freud looming over a couch right at the bottom of the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, suggesting that if Freud were alive today then he’d want to speak to Nychos on his couch personally.

There is a lot to wonder about this artist whose artistic style ranges from cutting open animals and strange creatures to recreating cultural and pop culture icons in a way reminiscent of a science experiment. For one, he’s quite athletic and kinetic, almost in a dance-like way because to him, he’s in his own zone when working. When asked about it, Nychos said he considers himself an artist first but all people from psychologists to scientists have the same motivations.