New York Will Start Labeling State-Grown Food

New York will soon be getting its own label for healthy foods that are grown in-state. This is the first program of its kind in America and is known as “New York State Grown & Certified.” The program was lauded recently by Governor Cuomo while he stood in a sea of state-grown fruit and gourds. The governor boasts that the program will make farm products grown in New York “the safest food on the globe.”

According to the state of New York, farmers who are interested in participating in the program will have their farms inspected by agriculture and health officials. The farms that meet food safety standards. Those who meet regulations will be able to label their fruits and vegetables with the “New York grown” stamp.

Food safety has become a prominent issue in the food industry in many parts of the country, and the Cuomo administration would like to be known for its work to make food more acceptable for human consumption. It’s clear that the state of New York will go down in history of its efforts to ensure that produce grown in the state is as safe and healthy as possible. Cuomo even went as far to say that people who are not “shopping at greenmarkets” are behind the times.

The governor also says that another benefit of labeling products in New York is that the state’s citizens won’t be duped into eating foods from other countries that are falsely labeled “organic.” Cuomo states that there isn’t a proven method to ensure that the fruits and vegetables from around the world were grown organically during an even at the Hunts Point Cooperative Market in the Bronx. He states that the FDA inspects only one percent of the products that come in from other countries, and when citizens go to the grocery store, they are looking at a “United Nations” of produce. This does not guarantee that the products are safe and will provide the best nutritional value.