NCAA basketball is the best sport to learn for new bettors

If you’re new to sports betting, the first thing you may want to know is which sport is the best in which to begin building expertise. There’s a strong argument to be made that the answer to that is NCAA basketball. With 347 Division I teams, NCAA basketball has multiple games running nearly every single day of its season. This by itself would serve as a strong argument that it’s the best sport for a new bettor to learn. But there are many other, more subtle reasons a new bettor may also have the highest chances of success by choosing college basketball odds to launch their sports betting career.

It’s all about finding the edge

All professional gamblers, whether blackjack card counters, poker players or sports bettors, seek to gain an edge on every bet they make. This means that for each dollar they bet, they expect to get that dollar back plus an additional profit on top of it. In simple investment terms, they seek a positive rate of return.

Sports bettors get their edge from outsmarting the betting market. They do this by finding lines, odds and spreads which have been improperly set. The main cause of incorrect odds in sports betting is lots of uninformed bettors making dumb, illogical bets. NCAA basketball is uniquely able to generate a lot of action from dumb money for a number of reasons.

NCAA bettors are mostly degenerate gambling junkies, and that’s a good thing

One great feature of NCAA basketball is the obsessive mania of its fans. The same who people bong a six pack then go out and hurl burning couches into the street and overturn police cars amid a deluge of screaming, unprintable profanities when their team loses an inconsequential, mid-season game are the one’s you’ll frequently encounter placing bets in the sports book. These are not sober, rational bettors and their money can distort lines far from their proper equilibrium. To read more about how betting lines work, please visit

Another great feature of NCAA basketball is the degree of mismatches that frequently occur. Final scores of 120-33 are unheard of in the NBA but can readily occur in college basketball. These mismatches can provide lucrative opportunities for sharp bettors. has you covered on sports is the final word on sports analysis. Its highly experienced and skilled staff members have hundreds of man-years between them. You won’t find better insights or more original reporting anywhere else online. For top-flight research and current odds, visit them at