Flying On Solar Power

What better way to fly through the air than on a solar plane. A group of developers created a solar plane with a goal in mind of going around the world. The plane recently landed in New York City. IT circled the Statue of Liberty before landing. While the team is thankful and proud that the plane has been able to make it as far as it has, one of the downfalls of being in a solar plane is that it can only be in the air during the day unless there is a battery source. The plane only has one seat and is an experimental design.

The pilot was completing the 14th leg of the journey when it landed in New York. The pilots who fly the plane have to take meditation courses so that they can stay awake while in the air as there is a limited amount of time to fly. The trip started on April 24in Hawaii. It took about three days to get from Hawaii to California. At this rate, it might take a good bit of time before the plane can get around the world, but if the plane is as successful as it has been, then it’s promising. If larger planes could be built in this fashion, then it could save a large amount of money for airlines.