How Clay Siegall made Seattle Genetics highly successful

Going to your office every day to save someone’s life is just the most rewarding job. This is what it feels to work at Seattle Genetics. The Bothell-based company focuses on producing cancer treatments and cures for cancer. The company has produced cancer treatment products for Hodgkin Lymphoma cells. Many patients have found the drug highly beneficial. Approximately 26,000 patients have been treated with Adcetris products since it was first introduced and approved by the FDA in 2011. The Adcetris drug functions consistently while other drugs have failed to produce optimum results.

The impact Adcetris drug has had has energized people that work at Seattle Genetics located at the Canyon Creek Park. You sense the kind of passion people dedicate to their work once you enter the company. People that work there know that they work for a greater good of the community at large. Apart from developing the Adcetris drug, Seattle Genetics plans to expand and have several other drugs included in its products.

The company plans to hire an additional 100 employees to work in the United States. An additional 20 employee base is going to be in Switzerland. The company plans to add an office in Switzerland to make their products readily available to the EU. Employees here are going to work at the operations department. Since it was started, Seattle Genetics has grown to increase its workforce by 100 every year.

Most of the accomplishments made by the company all go to Clay Siegall. He serves today as the chairperson and the CEO of the company. Siegall has worked in other pharmaceutical and research companies and has the experience in cancer research. His educational experience speaks for itself about his knowledge. He today holds a Ph. D. in Genetic achieved in the University of Maryland and a B.S in Zoology achieved in the George Washington University.
Clay Siegall co-founded the company in 1998 where he worked as the director. He quickly rose to become the company’s CEO, President and Chief Executive Officer. Through his leadership, Seattle Genetics has risen to build diver-antibody-based cancer treatments such as Adcetris. Dr. Siegall has also guided the company in multiple fundraising activities.