Visual Search Technology is Set to Change the Way We Use the Internet

An article titled “AI Advances Make It Possible to Search, Shop with Images” recently appeared on The MIT Technology Review website and it shed some light on the fascinating visual search technology that is being used in retail and in social media. The author remarked how there has been little change to basic internet search functions that have been in existence just as long as the internet itself. The fairly recent innovation of visual search is changing the way we look as searching on the internet.

It was reported that retailers like and the driving forces behind the popular social media platform Pinterest have recently started experimenting with visual search technology. The goal is to determine if visual search technology is something that can be easily integrated into their operations.

Visual search works in conjunction with Google’s Deep Learning software that matches information with an infinite number of photos extracted from all over the web. Pinterest’s Head of Visual Search, Kevin Jing, thinks this integration will make visual search much more user friendly and stated “Image representation coming from deep learning is much, much more accurate.” While Pinterest is testing visual search capabilities on its website, is experimenting with using visual search to link customers in retail stores with the online experience.

Slyce has developed a search technology called Slyce Link that allows users to snap a photo then instantly get information gathered from the web to assist them in finding that item. This type of search technology not only makes it easier for consumers to find products, it also assists retailers by giving their customers multiple options on how and where they can purchase an item. If an item is out of stock on one website, visual search can assist consumers in finding the same item on another site.

Slyce is working hard to develop and support visual search technology and has already expanded its capabilities to include mobile coupon technology called Scout and their developers are constantly looking for new ways to improve this technology. Using outdated search boxes may soon be a thing of the past in the world of retail and Slyce is at the forefront of this exciting technology.