New York City Chef To CoFound Seed Business

New York award winning chef, Dan Barber has been talking about WalMart, which is about as far away as you can get from the farm to table cooking Dan does. But WalMart is the end result that Mr. Barber is talking about in regards to the seed business that he co founded with Michael Mazourek, a Cornell professor that specializes in plant breeding and genetics and Matthew Goldfarb, who is an organic seed grower from the Fingerlakes region in New York. Row 7 Seed Co. is the end result from this collaboration and I, for one, will be eagerly looking for the seeds when they hit the market.

What is different about the Row 7 Seed Co.? These three men are creating seed blends that first of all are quality produce seeds and secondly are loaded with guaranteed flavor. For example: the founders produced the Habanada pepper, which has all the taste components of a Habanaro pepper with none of the heat that goes with it. Or the Upstate Abundance Potatoes these potatoes have a lovely buttery taste. My favorite is the Badger Flame beet. It is very beautiful when you cut into it (it looks just like flames) and is a milder, sweeter beet that is meant to be eaten raw.

I like that the founders see the formation of the company not just as a way to create seeds for their personal use or other professional chefs to use on some higher level, i like that they are creating these seeds to bring some quality to the consumer. They are seeing this vision of unique, fresh food that is available to all. There is something very beautiful in that mission. This is where the WalMart talk comes in. The seeds would be on the inexpensive end. For example, Badger Flame seeds come in a 100 pack for about $3.50. Here is hoping that this is the start of a beautiful thing and will be waiting eagerly with my trowel to plant some seeds. To read the original accounting for yourself, please click here.