Important Information about Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre International has its base in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag as a non-profit organization that provides courses on matters of the Zonar and Kabbalistic understandings. The director of Kabbalah, Philip Berg, developed the platform presentation that is interwoven with multi-ethnic international staff.

Madonna became interested in Kabbalah, and much non-Jewish followed her steps. She decided to study deeply in the ancient tradition of the Jewish after getting much interest in the Jewish mysticism and opened up many times the Kabbalah centre. Other Hollywood stars such as Paris Hilton, the late Sammy Davis, and the late Elizabeth Taylor followed her steps and showed much support to the Madonna.

The move by many Hollywood stars to tag along in that line created a lot of stir. This is because most of them were not born Jewish, and they became fascinated to the point of observing Jewish mysticism. One of the Hollywood stars claimed that 80 percent of the chaos in his life eliminated through the Kabbalah, the explanation that was concurred by many of them. Sandra Bernhard, one of those who defected, kept going to the Kabbalah on purpose after splitting with Nick Carter to cope with the situation.

Sandra Bernhard believed that the decision helped him to deal with a lot of challenges in his life. The primary goal of the Kabbalah Center was to be viewed as ancient wisdom tool that brings joy that lasts to the members. The system was observed to completely change the direction of the members and their look in the world. The culture that was imparted to the observers encompasses a comprehensive structure that defines the universe and captured the thorough understanding of it to learn more: click here.

However, some of the members like late Sammy Davis did not join Kabbalah to deal with their problems. They wanted to play a part in the 5,000-year-old history. Additionally, through the strength that the Jewish demonstrated over many years of oppression attracted many memberships. Some felt they were tied much with Judaism and it was the right opportunity to them to quash the stun based on their traceable background.

As a matter of fact, many Hollywood stars viewed the Kabbalah Centre as a refuge point that will bring solutions to their problem.

Kabbalah Centres Study the Ancient Wisdom and its Principles

Kabbalah is the oldest spiritual belief on Earth, so for that reason, is it not a religion. It is a spiritual wisdom that uses spiritual principles to develop the joy that is in every person. Until the 1900s, Kabbalah was studied only in small groups or as a personal quest, but in 1922, Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel. Kabbalah identifies with the traditional Jewish faith but is not a part of the Jewish religion.

The Kabbalah Centre provides a place for followers to meet and study this spiritual wisdom. Instructors were raised up under Rav Ashlag and eventually they formed Centres countries.

Rav and Karen Berg were two students from the U.S. who studied in the first Kabbalah Centre and opened a Centre in NYC. They translated ancient Kabbalah documents into many languages around the world and held classes for American students. Today, Kabbalah Centres were established in San Francisco, Utah, Arizona and Los Angeles.

All of the Centres offer interested people information of Kabbalah, study classes, dinners for fellowship and other events such as conventions and volunteer projects. The instructors Centres are individuals who have been studying Kabbalah for years, and they lead students in the Kabbalah principles and how they can be used to improve their lives. There are now Kabbalah Centres in 40 cities worldwide.

The largest Kabbalah Centre is online, and it is based in the Los Angeles Centre. The Internet is able to reach millions, and students of Kabbalah no longer have to live in proximity to a physical Centre. They can simply go online to Kabbalah University and participate in classes often taught by the Bergs. There are daily meditations and readings are posted, and anyone who’s interested can log in and find the latest updates for events in their area.

The study of Kabbalah is unlike most spiritual studies. The instructors use practical principles to convey Kabbalah principles such as sharing, volunteering, the belief that we are all God’s children and we are one. Most importantly, the student is moving towards the Light, to find joy and a better life.

Kabbalah Centres are the Hub of this Ancient Wisdom

In 2016, over 40 cities around the globe have one or more Kabbalah Centres open, but the first was started in 1922 when Rav Ashtag founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel. Up until that time, Kabbalah has been a spiritual wisdom that was only passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

The name Kabbalah received teachings or traditions, and though it is not a religion, Kabbalah has its roots in Judaism, This spiritual wisdom dates back to the foundation of the Jewish culture with Moses, and the study of Kabbalah was traditionally only available to the upper segment of priests and prophets.

When the first Kabbalah Centre was formed, it broke all the traditions of this belief because now anyone who was interested in learning about Kabbalism could come to the Centre.

Rav and Karen Berg came to the Kabbalah Centre in Israel and studied under Rav Ashtag for almost a decade. Then, they returned to America and started a Kabbalah Centre in NYC in 1985. This was the first Kabbalah Centre in the U.S. and the Bergs taught classes on the principles of Kabbalah and translated ancient Kabbalah documents into English.

By the year 2016, Kabbalah Centre offer much more than instruction. They have developed and become central meeting places. Besides instruction in the principles of this ancient wisdom elder Kabbalists, the members hold dinners monthly to share their ideas and the Centre has volunteering events so the members can reach out into the community to help those in need. Anyone who is interested is welcome to the classes and more.

Today, there are five Kabbalah Centres in the U.S.: NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona and Utah, but the Internet has also opened up the world to Kabbalah. Streaming out of the LA Centre, the Kabbalah University is available 24 hours a day, In the past century, Kabbalism has grown from only being studied by a small group of people to letting the entire world learn about ancient wisdom and its teachings. If there is no Centre in your city, go to for more information.