Improving Through Feedback at White Shark Media

Companies operate in an environment that laden with expectations. Companies must deliver on the things they promise to provide. According to Glassdoor, at White Shark Media, feedback is essential. It tells the company what they need to improve on and what they ought to maintain.

At White Shark Media complaints are seen as positive things because they help the company map the future. Recently, after a careful and elaborate effort to improve service delivery, the company came up with a structured way of dealing with the primary challenges.

Enhancing communication

It is a digital age, and customers want information symmetry to be the pillar of every company’s service charter. Customers at WSM wanted to be informed. They wanted regular updates on their campaigns from how the campaign is organized, how it is planned, and how it is launched.


They also wanted a regular update of the performance of their campaigns. This might sound an awful lot of things, but that is what the customer wants, the customer is king, they say, so the company has set out a master plan for how to respond to these and other needs.  Read more: Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta Shopify

First, the company will assign every customer a contact manager. The contact manager is responsible for all communication formal and privileged about the client’s campaigns. Second, the customer will be assigned specific status calls where the manager can discuss all the technical aspects of the campaigns. These calls will be done in a teleconferenced meeting.

Campaigns were failing

Customers expressed concerns that the new campaigns were not bringing in the results the company promised. The company found this complaint disturbing since it cast doubt on the overall competency of the team.

The company purposed to keep old campaigns active while the new ones are developed to rectify this problem. The new campaigns were to be fully optimized. To make sure that these campaigns were top notch, a Search Engine Marketing consultant will handle the campaigns.

In some cases, they promised that a team of experts would dedicate their efforts to making every campaign a success. The new campaigns will also be done in the client’s account to facilitate transfers of services.

Tracking of keywords and campaign’s performance

Customers had problems tracking keywords and overall performance of the campaign. White Shark team have organized several ways to track keyword and campaigns.

There is an active partnership with phone tracking company. There is also an activate Google analytics tools available for all customers. Customers can use this tools to track or wait for stats calls which will feature discussions on all campaign metrics.