Brian Bonar Emerges as a Leading Star in the Finance World

One of the most known investors from San Diego today is Brian Bonar. His main areas of specializations include; private equity, business planning, process improvement, acquisitions and mergers, management consulting and sales. Mr. Bonar is currently serving at the Dalrada Financial Corporation holding both the Company’s Chairmanship and CEO’s position. Mr. Bonar has a unique and undying passion in the process of design and detail attention.

Bonar has worked for several decades in various business entities. He has undertaken various leading responsibilities to great corporations that resulted in great employees’ benefits and aftermarket products. Some of the Corporations he has served in the top Executive positions include; Imaging Technologies Corporation, Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Bezier Systems, Inc, and the Smart-Tek Automated Services. His leadership skills can also be seen from his services in the various Company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Bonar, through his extensive experience and discipline, has proved to be a valuable business asset everyone needs. He is one of the few teammates you should never overlook in your projects as well as in the establishment of your client relationships.

Mr. Bonar has earned several honors and awards from his achievements, leadership qualities, and his overall outstanding skills. The Cambridge University, for example, has in the recent past recognized him as the Executive of the year in the Finance category.

Mr. Bonar led the Dalrada Financial Corporation to acquire a worldwide legacy in the finance field. It is during his management when the Company registered significant success in their operations. Many clients were able to protect their assets and manage their finances.

At the Trucept Incorporated, Mr. Bonar proved his exceptional abilities by combining his architect creative power and the technical engineer’s genius in solving the Company’s problems. He successfully led the Company in making sound business plans and managing its work environment since appointment as the Company’s CEO in 2011.

Bonar’s education and technical background have also played a critical role in his success. He attained his college education from James Watt Technical College. Later, he joined the Stafford University to further his education from where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

The outstanding knowledge and expertise skills of Mr. Brian Bonar about his related topics and field is not disputable. He is a role model to several business people. His repute is well established by his substantial efforts as a leader in helping his team members, partners in various projects and his clients reach their goals.Away from business, Mr. Brian Bonar is a family man and a star in boating and golfing.