Why Willis Towers Watson Wanted Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is one of the most sought after financial experts. Willis, Towers, Watson wanted to bring Burwell on board, and they were successful in doing so. This advisory firm, operating on global level was seeking the expertise of someone focused like Michael Burwell to open up opportunities for them now and for the long-term. As the new Chief Financial Officer, Burwell plans to do great things working with the firm. With more than 31 years of finance experience, Burwell has much to add to the firm.


Burwell was welcomed with open arms as Roger Millay, the previous CFO of the firm retired. Having worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Burwell was the optimal choice for the firm. Serving in leadership roles, specifically in senior positions has put Burwell on the map as the ideal candidate for Willis, Towers, and Watson. This is because the firm wanted no delay in operations. With Burwell stepping into this role, it allowed for a smooth transition for the firm without interruption.


His leadership has been evident in the past as he served as the Head of Global Transformation, and the Chief Operating Officer of the United States. Additionally, he worked as the Head of Transaction Services for the United States, an impressive role to serve in over the last decade prior to moving into his new role with the new firm. With auditing experience and much advisory experience, Michael Burwell has been able to assist the firm with overcoming some challenges that they faced prior to his coming on board.


Working with pre-merger experience and aiding in the valuation of businesses, Michael Burwell has been able to help businesses that the firm advises to make better decisions and prepare ahead as they learn how to best allocate their funds. Overall, the partners of the firm were happy to have him aboard as they focus on learning more about managing and leading both the business as well people. As the partners look ahead to the firm’s performance, they are excited to see how Burwell will direct them this year. Burwell is honored to be chosen for this role, and his excitement is refreshing for the firm as they continue to advise on a global level with much success. Go To This Page to learn more.


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Willis towers Watson, which is a leading global advisory solutions company, announced Michael Burwell as its new chief financial officer. He will be replacing mar Roger Millay, who is stepping out. Burwell is a financial expert, who has over 30 years of experience in finance and professional services. He received his bachelors of arts in business administration from the Michigan state university.


Michael Burwell has worked In Pricewaterhouse Cooper as a financial advisor, he has also taken up senior leadership roles, like being the chief operating officer in the United States, heading the global transformation, being the chief financial officer in the United States, and he has also headed the transaction services. He served as the senior relationship partner on several clients during his time.

Mr. Burwell served as the transformation leader at price water house cooper LLP and as its partner, since February. He also among the global automotive shareholder value award team which awards vehicle manufacturers, Mr. Michael Burwell as also been a leader in the buy-sell companies, for large companies and smaller organizations, and has also engineered the as the chairman of M&A Institute conference.


Michael brings in over ten years of experience in auditing, and twelve years of advisory services, including advising companies over matters concerning diligence and valuation. These are some strong attributes that have helped him qualify for the position he has been elected on. Go To This Page to learn more.


Michael Burwell’s knowledge and understanding, concerning issues pertaining managing, leading and an outstanding focus on clients, will profoundly help in guiding the company and enabling it to reach its full potential, by overseeing its long-term integration efforts in Willis towers. Willis towers is a solution company that helps clients globally, into growth paths, by offering broking and advisory solutions.


It has 40000 employees who are distributed globally and working for over one hundred and fifty countries. It offers advises that help clients on how to handle risk, nature their talents, advise them on how to utilize their capital correctly and even help them in making business decisions. Michael Burwell has been entrusted with this duty, and the agency is looking up to him.


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Michael Burwell Joins Willis Towers Watson Team

The firm Willis Towers Watson has announced accepting Michael Burwell as their Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This represents a tremendous step forward for the company. Willis Towers Watsons (NASDAQ: WLTW) is a highly successful business consulting, risk management and insurance brokerage firm with offices around the world, operating in over 140 countries. The company has over 40,000 employees and was formed in 2016 from the merger of Willis Group Holdings plc and Towers Watson & Company. Their mission is to help companies manage risk, turning it into a path for growth.


Burwell has extensive experience in the fields of accounting and finance. He spent 31 years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLC (PwC), a major worldwide accounting and consulting firm. At PwC he served in many senior positions, leading that company in many areas, including as: Chief Financial Officer in the United States. Burwell has 11 years of experience in auditing and 12 years in Transaction Services. That experience included helping companies perform their due diligence valuation prior to a merger. His years as Head of Global Transformation makes him a fitting executive to help lead Willis Towers Watson.


When the company announced the appointment, Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Executive Officer, John Haley said Burwell’s experience at managing a complex company in the global marketplace, including his emphasis on serving clients, would help Willis Towers Watson through their current stage of evolution. Michael Burwell expertise in transaction, finance and company transformation would help guide Willis Towers Watson as the firm continued to integrate both parents companies and drive it toward long-term growth. Willis Towers Watson would reach its full potential with the vital assistance of Burwell.


In return, Burwell stated the opportunity to help Willis Towers Watson out was an honor. The strength of its leadership impressed him, as did its commitment to its clients and its inclusive company culture. He was looking forward to helping it achieve even greater success.


Burwell earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration at Michigan State University. He is also a Certified Public Accounting. In 2010, Michigan State University named him their alumnus of the year. Go To This Page to learn more.


He maintains his high productivity by rising at 5 AM every morning, and getting on his Peloton bicycle. As he rides, he thinks about and plans what he needs to do that day. He also sets his weekly and monthly goals and action steps. He recognizes great ideas from people in his organization.


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Michael Burwell Starts Working As CFO To Willis Towers

Willis Towers recently had a transition of management, in which Michael Burwell was granted the position of CFO of the company. The announcement was made in October last year and was one of the most anticipated statements of the company in the year. Burwell will be taking over the position of CFO from Roger Millay, who previously served as the CFO of the company. Burwell will now have to perform all the actions of managing the company and overseeing all the operations that take place. He was allowed to start playing his role as soon as the announcement was made.


Michael Burwell is a CPA who proudly graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. After graduating, Michael went on to work for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.


Michael Burwell has led a brilliant career in the financial sector, spanning over many years. He has worked with several companies and clients, offering them top-tier financial services. His experience and drive in the field have caused him to reach some of the most notable positions in the field. Burwell is considered to be a highly respected name and is looked up to by those who want to enter into the financial sector and become a prominent name in the industry. The road to the top for Burwell was not as easy as one might think. He had to encounter several hardships along the way, but he persevered and made it to the top by putting in an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. He has worked at several higher positions within companies like Transaction Services and Global Transformation Services.



After the appointment of Burwell as the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, several members of the company came forward to give a warm welcome to the new member of the Willis Towers Family. One of the first people who wanted to provide a hearty welcome to the new CFO to the company was the chief operating officer, John Haley. Haley wanted to personally welcome the new addition to the company and give him a rundown of how things worked and what tasks he would have at hand. Having led executive positions in the past, the company has immense faith in Burwell, and know that he will be able to perform all of his functions with relative ease. Haley is confident that the company has made the right choice in choosing a leader for the company and knows that Willis Towers will see a more prosperous and profitable future with Burwell as part of the core team of the company.  Click Here for additional information.


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Helping Willis Towers Watson Serve Its Clients: Michael Burwell’s Role

Every great leader has a wealth of experience to fall back on. Most companies do not even consider hiring candidates for leadership positions unless they have proved themselves capable of the responsibilities it entails, not to mention having a deep knowledge of the job they are applying for. That is why companies stock their Boards and Executive Committees with former CEOs, CFOs, partners, and other high-ranking executives. This is the same strategy that Willis Towers Watson went through in early 2017 when they were determining who to pick for their new Chief Financial Officer.


Willis Towers Watson is a global risk, advisory, and business solutions company that has offices and employees scattered in 140 countries around the world. The main goal of the company is to help its clients find business solutions that work for the various milestones they are going through in the corporate life cycle. For the most part, Willis Towers Watson helps with benefits, large transactions, mergers, and acquisitions, so it needs an executive leadership that knows a lot about these areas. That is why it chose Michael Burwell as its new CFO.


Michael Burwell comes from 31 years of experience at the public accounting firm, PwC. Burwell joined the firm right out of college, where he graduated with his BA in business administration and went to work. He spent 11 of his years in the audit field, and another 12 in transaction services. The remaining years were spent in several different leadership roles in the company. Find More Information Here.


During his time there, Burwell was able to climb quickly up the company ladder. He was able to build a client base and gain experiences in several different industries. During his time as a younger staff, he was able to see several different companies and explore how they made decisions and how they determined the targets for acquisitions and mergers. He went from working as a staff all the way to the US CFO and COO roles. He also had several other leadership roles during his tenure at Pricewaterhouse Copper, including Head of Global Transformation, Midwestern Leader of Transaction Services, and Head of Transaction Services.


Now Michael Burwell is ready to start the next chapter of his career at Willis Towers Watson. He will be able to use all of the experience that he gained at PwC and working with large and small companies to help Willis towers Watson continue to serve its clients.


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Michael Burwell: Bringing Change To The Workplace

In the world of finance, those who lead major companies must bring with them a variety of skills and abilities. Along with having the specialized financial knowledge, they need to possess insight into how to deal with a wide variety of employees and clients, as well as how to bring a sense of change to an organization when necessary. This perfectly describes Michael Burwell, who as the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson has been credited not only for leading the company to unprecedented success, but also for helping change the company’s culture along the way.


Having spent well over three decades at the prestigious financial firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Michael Burwell spent much of his time working in the area of assurance practice and auditing. In this position, he oversaw numerous internal functions of the company, enabling him to gain the knowledge and experience he would later need when he took over Willis Towers Watson. A big believer that change is needed on a regular basis in order for a company to stay competitive in the marketplace, Michael set out to examine each and every aspect of Willis Towers Watson to determine what areas needed improvement. Using the knowledge gained throughout his highly successful financial career, Michael turned his attention to the areas of technology and global strategic planning.


As a result of his research, Michael embarked on a journey whose aim was to not only upgrade the company’s technology in numerous areas, but also take a different approach to how the company handled global strategic planning. Choosing to implement a system that involved having people from more areas of the company take an active role in devising these strategies, Michael led the company into heights of success never thought possible. By using the knowledge and experience of more people within the company, he was able to help the company bypass its competitors and gain much new business, leading to increased revenues. Read This Article for more information.


By always looking for ways to improve situations, Michael Burwell is able to take a situation that others have had little luck changing and find new levels of success. From helping people learn to devise new global planning strategies to investing in the latest technology, there is little doubt Michael Burwell knows what it takes to help a company succeed. In the years to come, he will undoubtedly continue to use his knowledge and experience to create success.


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Michael Burwell and His New Exciting Position at Willis Towers Watson

The world of business is replete with challenges, risks and tasks that may not be for every type of personality. In the case of Michael “Mike” Burwell, he is confident that no matter the business challenge, he is able to face it with grace and unsurpassed equanimity. His candor is also probably the reason why he’s right now the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW).


The CFO With Stellar Leadership


One prominent trait of Michael Burwell is the fact that he’s able to espouse the big ideas that he has into reality. The fact that Willist Towers Watson is a leading global consultancy and solutions company in finance makes it even more challenging for Mr. Burwell to accept the job. In addition, he is also replacing Roger Millay, the CFO who is now voluntarily retiring, which is a tough spot to top, but because of the 31 years of finance background that Mr. Burwell has, he sees the new position more of a challenge instead of a hurdle.


The PwC Positions


You probably remember Mr. Michael Burwell’s role in the PwC, which he has served for over his senior years, and because of such training in senior leadership, he’s able to gather the energy and confidence to make sure that he can do the same excellent performance in the new company that he’s in. It is also necessary to point out here that there are already a lot of job positions and titles under the name of Mr. Burwell. Some of them include being the Head of Global Transformation, Head of Transaction Services in the United States and as well as the Chief Operating Officer of PwC in the United States.


You must also learn that Mr. Burwell has already gained about 12 years of audit experience from working for various companies, as well as 12 years of Transaction Services and advisory experience for different clients. With his pre-merger knowledge and valuation, it is easy to expect more from him.


The Comment of CEO of Willis Towers


Many people are excited with the new position that Mike Burwell earned, but one of the most important people that should be excited about the position is John Haley, the CEO of Willis Towers. In an official statement from the Globe News Wire, Mr. John evinced his excitement by saying that he’s thrilled by Mike to have joined the team and to have been part of the company’s evolution.  See Related Link to learn more.

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