Judge Throws Right of Way Law Out in New York City

New York City streets are considered some of the most dangerous in the world for pedestrians, because of the thousands killed or injured each year. Although these pedestrians were following street signs and crosswalks, which gives them the right of way, they were still struck by drivers on busy New York City streets. The vast majority of these drivers, less than 1% of them, did not receive penalties for their accidents. This spurred Mayor Bill de Blasio to sign a Right of Way law into effect in the summer of 2015, according to a December article. Just one year later, a Queens, New York judge has overturned this law and declared it unconstitutional.
As explained in a an online New York City publication, Judge Gia Morris ruled that because the law does not consider intent or criminality of each accident, it was against the due process of a defendant to charge him or her with the Right of Way law. Due process is a right afforded to all Americans by the Constitution. Because many of these drivers are not intoxicated or breaking laws that would deem there driving reckless, which would result in different charges, the law is completely unconstitutional. Many people, including those responsible in part for drafting the law, are angry over the overturned Right of Way law and vow to recharge the law to protect the innocent people, who travel sidewalks or cross the street in New York City, from needless accidents.