Jason Halpern’s Profile and his Contribution at JMH Development

Jason is a renowned real estate developer and chief controller of JMH Development since 2010. He has lived for more than four decades, and done significant things so far. At JMH, so far they have invested in projects worth more than $500million in New York. Halpern and JMH are devoted to ensure commitment to development of modern buildings in the New York State. Their market mainly targets people in need of residential and commercial buildings. Admirably, Jason is also a director at Parametric Dining, LLC, where he contributes greatly considering that he has attained adequate experience in the business world.

Jason Halpern, Thomas Hanson
Jason Halpern, Thomas Hanson

Jason’s Social Media Appearance

Going by the passion he has for his work, he is seen updating the world on what’s coming up with JMH.Much of the information on twitter is highly related to their hotels and the services they offer. For instance, he will direct you to the best hotels in the New York where you can visit for delicacies and events such as pies, wedding extravaganzas and the like.


Momentous Milestones Registered by JMH

Worth noting is that the company endeavors in structuringtop class property. In Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach, they have saturated the markets with luxurious and unique properties which they actually pioneer. The great success can only be attributed to the committed staff members. Jason, having such deep knowledge of the market is applauded for his tireless efforts as the principal.


Aloft South Beach hotel is one of the magnificent structures recently done by JMH.On September 22, 2016, the hotel was sold to a real estate company based in Boston, and it changed its name to ‘The Gates Hotel South Beach.’As Mr. Halpern puts it, the hotel was sold at close to $447,000 per room. The total amount summed up to $105 million.


As well, JMH joined hands with Mitchell Hochberg and they set off for pursuit of a hotel. Mitchell is equally a developer, and specializes in hotels, which made it even better for the team to raise the historic motel with an eight-story tower. Jason recalls that Americas Lodging Investment Summit recognized the aloft and awarded it. For Jason, there is only more strength left to exploit the innovative projects they intend to come up with. There are opportunities to continue taking advantage of across the nation.



Jason is an amazing leader with remarkable traits. His focus in the real estate brings out his nature as an embodiment of hard work and charisma. No doubt he is an icon with a legacy. From the look of things, he is still in the verge of lengthening his resume and adding to the list of his achievements. His desire is that he will lead the team in building high quality, unique and successful properties across the entire nation.


The Dynamic New York Real Estate Scene.

According to the New York Times, the real estate scene in New York keeps on growing, and its prospects have been on the rise since it became a viable business venture. During the last financial year, the industry was at its all time high despite the financial crunch that had gripped the world a few years prior.

Pent houses often hit the nine digit mark with the real estate agents averaging five deals a month. This was especially so in the areas that surround Central Park and across the Manhattan area. In these places, there was a high rate of sales and these deals often involved extravagant prices or condos and pent houses as well as townhouses.

Brooklyn is another upcoming market often seen as a desirable address for many middle-class people. In the same financial year, it had the most expensive sale in the region when a single residence was sold in Cobble Hill.

Those in the know on real estate news say that the records were just an indicator of what was to come. They believe that the future holds more promising prospects and more deals than the past. Experts such as Shaun Osher believe that billionaire bunkers are going to crop up all over New York, and someone has to sell them. There will undoubtedly be a change of scenery and the New York skyline when these billionaire bunkers crop up in areas like the 220 Central Park South, 520 park, 432 park as well as 56 Leonard streets.

A little over 120 apartments are already on contract in the park area since the beginning of this year with each of these units averaging $ 50 million and above. The brokers believe that it is only a matter of time before these contracts are signed and the apartments are sold.

Sites like Town Residential have proven useful in showing potential clients the available units without having to leave the comforts of their homes or offices. The user just has to enter a preferred address and the listings available will be generated for him to make a choice.

Town Residential offers pictures, neighbourhood maps, developments and information about the closest social amenities such as healthcare facilities, schools, shopping malls and transport infrastructure. It also shows houses that are on sale, those that are available for leasing as well as the apartments that are rentable including the address and dates for the open house tours.