Dr. Mark McKenna: Aesthetic Maverick and visionary.

Dr. Mark achieved his medical degree at Tulane Medical School. He completed his degree in 1999. During his session in the school, he discovered that by just being a doctor he would not make a fortune. He instead started a business in New Orleans that deals with real estate business. After Hurricane Katrina of 2005, he liquidated his company. He later started a company called ShapeMed in Atlanta. It specialized in and treated cosmetic problems. He then sold the company to Lifetime Fitness.

Before Dr. Mark McKenna started his first business, he worked for his father for five years. During his time in the university, he offered services at prisons for $50 per hour.

Presently Dr. Mark is venturing into a new business which will be launched next year. His business OVME will entail a group of medical clinics. The patients will acquire the clinics’ services using an OVME application. This app will link the clinic to the patient and a self-employed practitioner registered in the clinic will head to the patient as required. This ShapeMed is a pay-for-service medical business. It does not need any form of insurance.

Dr. Mark used Google AdWords to make his company be at the top of the search results once somebody searched for anything related to what services the company provides. OVME is expressed as “of me.” This means attention to the patient. Its mission is to undertake medical procedures that are not abrasive but enhance self-worth and confidence of the patient.

Dr. Mark McKenna is ecstatic to bring his practice to Buckhead, Atlanta. OVME will entail four states of the art treatment rooms with an office. The four rooms will be private, and the office will act as the consultation room. He focuses on merging medical cosmetics with the top of the line technology. This union will produce perfect results and also improve the health care.

All patients who have passed through Dr. Mark McKenna have confidence in what he is doing and have fully trusted OVME. This is due to his non-abrasive procedures and his advocacy towards his patients’ health.

Dr. Mark McKenna through OVME collaborated with a non-profit organization, Make-a-Wish Foundation. He opened OVME on the 1st of March, 2018.


Aloha Construction and Other Companies to Benefit from $1 Trillion from Trump’s Government

Many construction companies in the US are currently experiencing growth. Although the growth is slow, many companies in the industry such as Aloha Construction are grateful for the growth as the construction industry experienced a downturn caused by economic uncertainties of change in leadership.

The economic uncertainties affected many sectors of the economy. The booming construction sector courtesy of the residential segment of the industry generated 6,000 jobs in July. 12,000 less than the number of jobs it created each month before the presidential poll. Aloha Construction, a Lake Zurich based company, is delighted by the prospect of normalcy returning. Aloha Construction offers roofing, siding and guttering services. The family-owned business has become a renowned roofing contractor in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Also, the company has interests in the siding business. Dave Farbaky, the founder of Aloha Construction, states that many contractors usually ignore siding, but it forms an important aspect of construction. The company provides vinyl, wood, Hardee board, and aluminum siding.

The growth experienced in the construction industry is a relief to many sectors of the economy. When the construction sector was almost at a standstill, other areas of the economy such as banking, manufacturing, and transport among other sectors witnessed a rough period in business. Apparently, the sectors of the economy depend on each other. Loans from financial institutions are used by companies such as Aloha Construction to purchase construction materials and to finance other projects. Consumers of products produced by Aloha Construction and other companies in the construction industry borrow funds from a financial institution to finance their home buying needs. The dependence of different sectors of the economy on the construction sector is mind-boggling.

As the growth continues picking the pace, the government is set to inject $1 trillion into the construction industry. Aloha Construction and other companies are set to benefit from the funds as they create employment opportunities for the youth.

An Overview of the Life and Career of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco commenced her career in the real estate industry as a secretary in a firm within the industry called The Edwards Realty Company. At The Edwards Realty company, she worked alongside nine agents who were working under the supervision of Mike Zelnik, a full of life commercial realtor. She then spent seven years in the condominium management area at the Scotland Yard Condominiums. During her stint in condominium management, Tammy earned her real estate agent license in 1995 after Ken Cook’s suggestion. Mr. Cook, a dealer, owned Cook Realty and held the position of general manager at Scotland Yard, played a significant role in nurturing Tammy’s career.

T&R Properties to Present Day

After her time at Scotland Yard, she got a job with the T&R Properties. Tammy assumed the position of a multi-site property supervisor in charge of an office storehouse complex and two apartment buildings. In 1998, Tammy Mazzocco started working for a top producer called Joe Armeni from RE/MAX in Columbus. She worked as the producer’s personal assistant, a position that allowed her to experience firsthand the life of a vastly triumphant real estate developer and agent. This experience served as an eye-opener and Tammy decided to make real estate her permanent career back in 1999. After RE/MAX, Tammy changed her employer in 2000 by moving to the firm of Judy Gang & Associates based in Pickerington, Ohio. Tammy and Judy Gang became good friends and she (Judy Gang) remains her mentor and source of inspiration from then. Currently, Tammy is involved in the sale of residential real estate properties in the areas of Delaware, Licking, Franklin as well as Fairfield counties based in Central Ohio.

What is Tammy’s Secret to Success?

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Tammy revealed that she brings her ideas to life through research, brainstorming and coming up with a business plan to check the viability of an idea. Tammy believes in setting goals for herself and breaks them down further into action steps in order to remain productive in her career. She plans well ahead of all the tasks that ought to be done by the end of each day, week and month to drive her closer to achieving the set goals. She relies on lead generating corporations like Realtor.com and Zillow for purposes of cultivating and growing her business. Tammy reveals that customer service however, remains her primary strategy to getting more business. She further revealed that 85% of her business is made up by referrals and repeat business. More details can be found on Yelp.

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tammy-mazzocco-17897113a/


Todd Lubar is one of the investors who have done very well in the real estate industry. He decided to venture into the competitive industry in the year 1995. The capital he used to start his career was acquired from an institution known as Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While managing the funds from this organization, he learned the basic skills needed in the use and conservation of a mortgage loan. The successful entrepreneur also managed to build healthy relationships with prominent individuals in the industry such as insurance agents, financial planners, and real estate agents.

Several years later, Todd Lubar was lucky to get a position with the Legacy Financial Group. This was an excellent idea, and it enabled him to access larger amounts of money that enabled him to lend other investors as well. Mr. Lubar was also lucky to advance in his career, reaching different heights. He was able to launch his own company, popularly known as Legendary Properties. The residential development company was officially introduced into the market in the year 2002.

Lubar had acquired a lot of experience over the years while working for the different organizations, and this enabled his company to do very well in a short duration of time. His business managed to profit easily completing more than two hundred transactions in less than five years. The institution completed twenty family homes, beautiful single family bungalows, and many other projects.

Working as the chief executive officer at Legendary Properties exposed the successful businessman to prominent people in the real estate industry. He developed beneficial relationships with individuals in the industry who had expertise in the construction industry, enabling him to prosper in a short duration.

Todd Lubar has done well, despite the harsh and ever-changing economic climate. He has started several other ventures to supplement his income. When he is not working, the entrepreneur who lives in Bethesda loves bonding with his little gals. He also looks for special ways to improve his personal life and make a difference in the lives of the people who are close to him. He also uses some of his time for charitable causes in the society.