Betsy DeVos And Her Options To Add Quality In Education

Betsy DeVos, current United States Secretary of Education is a promising choice to regain the quality of education. There are some people with apprehensions with her appointment thinking whether her policies can bring the desired results or not. To them, I have a different picture to tell what her each policy meant, and how is it going to benefit the entire education system of the country. I admire her as she has more than 30 years of experience in campaigns with many of them are education focused and proved very beneficial with the results it given wherever it implemented. Look at her School of Choice, there are at least 250,000 students in 17 states using the option through 33 programs following publically funded private choice programs and found delivering highly satisfying results. Now, the option is being spread to more states and reaching more students.

Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos started working for the school of choice option from the early 90s with the tax credit and school vouchers options. Charter schools are her another option to add quality to the education sector. Many times I have found that public schools are working in a conventional way and greater autonomy can change the total structure of them and can add accountability which is very much required for quality education drive. Both Betsy and Dick worked tirelessly to pass the first charter school legislation in Michigan in 1993. In the coming years, the charter school system with greater autonomy expanded in the state; I remember people were demanding to expand it nationally even during the initial days of the conception. I appreciate her way of treating quality education for all irrespective of sex, race, religion, ZIP code, etc. She is promised to work on giving as much freedom as possible in education with a specific regard to technology, though she considers it in an infancy stage. Check her website for more info at

Betsy and Dick are very active in dedicating a significant share of their time and income for philanthropic activities. In 2015, they contributed $11.6 million to various charitable organizations, and their lifetime contributions stand at $139 million. To ensure efficient contribution system, they set up a foundation called Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and it focuses on giving in education, leadership, community, justice, and arts. Education gets the largest share of the contributions considering their deep involvement in education reform.

Betsy Devos completed her graduation from Calvin College located nearby Grand Rapids. She is the former Chairwomen of The Windquest Group. It is a DeVos family held investment management firm focuses on manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. She was the chair of The Philanthropy Roundtable and American Federation for Children. She is also been part of the board of American Enterprise Institute, ArtPrize and Foundation for Excellence in Education.

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