Uber Spars With New York City To Protect Customers Privacy

Uber, the app that allows citizens to find drivers to take them where they want to go similar to a taxi but through other app users, has been asked by New York City to share their data. Uber is pretty simple. Weather you are looking for a ride or to make some money on the side being a taxi driver, the app can work for you. Information can be found on them at their website here.

The city of New York has requested that Uber share all it’s data, information like where they took their passengers, with them. The New York City Taxi & Limo Commission, often referred to as simply TLC, is responsible for collecting information on all the taxi trips made in the city, this information often includes pick-up and drop-off dates, times, locations, distances, itemized fares, payment types, and number of passengers. They then turn around to use this information to audit the taxi drivers working hours, hours which are regimented to a certain amount of hours per day and week to prevent drivers from become fatigued and cause accidents.

Up until now, app services like Uber have not been required to provide that data because they operate differently than a traditional taxi service, but Uber has recently been established as part of New York’s transit, so the city wants all their information. At the moment, Uber only provides their pick-up locations and times. Currently, the court hearing between Uber and the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is ongoing.

Uber originally replied by saying that since this was simply about drivers hours, they would provide the city with detailed logs about the drivers hours, but TLC quickly turned down the offer claiming that they must have all the information about passenger drop-offs for other reasons citing traffic planning and analysis and identifying drivers who committed driving infractions.

Uber is standing their ground, wanting simply to protect the privacy of their users. Uber was determined to stand their ground and sent riders a scary email letting them know that the government is requesting where they are headed for every single ride.