The Benefits of Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

Securus Technologies is a firm that has been on the lead in the application of the technology to bring transformation in correctional facilities. The main area that the company has ventured much in is addressing the issue that is related to the communication of the inmates with their families and parole tracking. The decision of the firm has provided the extra support to the government through the provision of the needed sensitive information. The company has proved itself to be dedicated to its duties after widening its scope as the service provider to more than 2600 correctional centers across the United States. The Present CEO of the Securus Technologies is Rick Smith. He has pragmatic skills in the field of technology which is traced back to its excellent educational background. There are many ideas that Smith has implemented in the firm that has placed the company in a better position to handle the arising challenges with ease. Furthermore, he has integrated into the system of Securus Technologies, a team of experts that are specialized in the different field of coordinates that matters that are deemed necessary by the organization.

Securus Technologies is currently providing its services in 45 states. Many bodies have benefitted a lot in the efforts that Securus Technologies technology are putting to amend the broad issues in the correctional facilities. For instance, the law enforcement authorities which marks the data that are collected by the Securus Technologies and sourcing the information that is needed for combating the ill of drugs in the society.

The amenities that are available in the Securus Technologies are worth $600 are they are all patent. The push that the company is making at the moment is to ensure the utilization of the contraband cell phones is entirely done within the society. The invention of the Wireless Containment Solution by the firm has led to the excellent management of the contraband cell phones. Wireless Containment Solution has been made available, and there are expertizes in the company that is running it well. The firm has also increased its services to the sector of investigation and management of the information. The move has made it easier for the law enforcing bodies to collect the data from the company. The prisoners that have been held in jail for a long time have now access the new platform, and they can communicate with their relative or send the messages via the email. The information that is related to the public is well protected by the firm. The primary aim of doing so is to ensure that there is safety for all residents.

Securus Technologies has set in place all the measures to improve the lives of the prisoners. For instance, there is an LBS software that is crucial for tracking all the stolen properties and firearms.


Why Securus Technologies Has Become Key to Jail Safety

My work week as a corrections officer is unlike any other job in that it appears to be getting more dangerous as time passes. Despite my team being trained to anticipate and deal with violence, we have several factors working against us each week. More and more violent gang members are being placed in our facility, more drugs are finding their way into the jail, and overcrowded conditions makes it harder to maintain any order. Our limited size has us outnumbered and desperate to find a way to keep order.


Securus Technologies is a company based in Texas that makes jail phone monitoring systems. The call systems make use of software that can monitor inmate calls and detect certain words that could represent a problem in the jail. In the past, we would need a team of officers manning those calls around the clock, listening carefully for conversations that needed to be addressed. The monitoring system frees up those officers and allows us to get back in the general population keeping things safe for all.


Inmates like to brag to everyone about the ease in which they can access drugs inside the prison. These drugs pose a huge issue for the safety of guests, officers, and inmates, and it is our top priority. What we now have the ability to do is to be on the grounds watching how things unfold while the software is listening for things that could open the doors for rampant drug use.


If the software detects an inmate talking about drugs, we move in and investigate immediately. If the inmates are talking about having friends smuggle drugs to the jail at the visitor center, we intercept that meeting. When inmates are talking about gang issues, we can now maintain order by eliminating the threats or actions they wanted to take.


Securus Technologies Makes Life For Inmates Cheaper

Truth be told, life in prison can be more expensive than life outside of prison. It is estimated that prison costs go up every 60 days. This is mainly because of the overpopulated prisons and states not having enough money to properly house everyone. States must make more money however they can get it.


Securus Technologies, however, is making life in prison a lot cheaper for inmates. They are mainly doing this by their new commissary program. Majority of prison in the United States are participating in the Securus Technologies commissary program. This program allows inmates to receive money in their commissary account quickly and for basically no cost at all. No other organization has a well-established program like this.


Individuals interested in this program would need to create a free account with Securus Technologies. Once this is accomplished, they will have the liberty to put money in an inmate’s commissary account from the comfort of their own home. The fee for doing this comes out to pennies, and it is taken out of the inmate’s commissary account. Once the transaction is complete, the funds are available immediately. Securus Technologies also has a wonderful web team, so no one has to worry about their personal information being stolen or given out.


Prisons participating in this program have several monitors within the prison. Inmates can check their balance on these monitors, and they can also order items, too. Many prisons are now even offering online shopping for inmates. This program is expected to intensify over the next few months.


Inmates from all over the United States have been leaving positive reviews of the main Securus website. These reviews state that inmates are saving money, and they are able to put the money they are saving towards books and towards furthering their education.


Securus Technologies Introduces New Technology in Prisons

Securus Technologies is a private American company that provides technology and communication solutions to the correctional and public agencies. The profit making company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and it has introduced very many services and products to make the lives of inmates better.


Securus Technologies was established in the year 1986, and its regional offices are found in Georgia, Texas, Carrollton, Allen, Georgia, and Atlanta. At the moment, the private company offers employment opportunities to approximately one thousand individuals. A recent survey indicates that the firm has contracted more than two thousand, six hundred correctional centers in Northern America. Over two thousand, two hundred correctional agencies in Canada and other parts of the globe depend on the institution for communication and technology products.


In July last year, Securus Technologies announced to its clients that they were going to invest a huge amount of its capital in technologies, acquisitions, and patents in a period of three years. True to its world, the company had introduced several applications that use the latest technology to make the lives of the inmates better.


In December last year, Rick Smith, the president and chief executive officer of the organization announced that the inmates were going to enjoy the Christmas holiday just like everyone else. The company offered the prisoners a video visitation application service where they could watch and spent some time with family members who were at home. Children were not left behind in the holiday. Their parents witnessed as the kids opened their presents during Christmas day, something that had not happened before.


Many clients say that the private company has transformed their lives for the better. Some of the applications from the organization have helped many criminals to be put behind bars. Crime prevention has also been made possible by the company. Individuals working in prisons can now accomplish a lot in a short time thanks to the apps offered by Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies Announces Multi-State Campaign to Promote Awareness and Benefits of Video Visitation

Securus Technologies Company highlights that there are over 2 million personal highlights made in prisons annually in the United States.


Securus Technologies Company is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice solutions in technology to foster investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. The company has announced the launch if its new campaign to promote the numerous benefits brought about by the Remote Video Visitation Application. This is one of the most innovative applications developed by Secures Technologies Company this year. Securus Technologies Company wants to develop a new system that allows inmates to talk to their loved ones from the comfort of their cells. For those who are at home and want to connect with our inmate brothers and sisters safely, this application offers the best solutions.


For more than 30 days to come, Secures Technologies Company is launching this new application to increase contact between the inmates and the people at home. For the company, they have realized the need for a constant connection between inmates and their family members. For a correction facility to deliver a reformed person back to the society, they need to feel the constant lover of the family. For this reason, this application comes to us as a new way to talk to the inmates unlimitedly.


Securus Technologies Company’s main aim for this application is not to do away with the personal visits to the prisons. However, they are acting as an alternative way to connect people. For the company, nothing gives them more honor than to connect a poor soul to someone who cares. For this Christmas, the company wants all inmates to be united with their families at home through the Remote Video Visitations. For those who value this achievement made by the company, you are required to vote for change. Connect a soul to love once again.