Mayor De Blasio Requests Federal Reimbursement For Cost To Protect Trump

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is looking to the federal government to reimburse his city for costs associated with protecting President-elect Donald Trump. Currently, the President-elect is staying at his home and business headquarters, Trump Tower, located in the heart of the city. Trump is also conducting pre-presidential business from these headquarters, having meetings with numerous high ranking business people as well as government officials. The cost to provide high levels of security for this location is quite high and Bill de Blasio is requesting $35 million to pay for the police consistently stationed outside Trump Tower. De Blasio sent the request in a letter addressed to President Barack Obama on Monday, as well as a second letter sent to congress. That amount of money would cover the protection costs from Election Day all the way through Trump’s inauguration.

Trump’s residence sits in the heart of a commercial district of the city creating issues when dealing with Presidential-level security. The area is high-density and difficult for the NYPD to establish a secure perimeter. Trump, like any other President-elect, receives Secret Service protection. This has been something nominees and President-elects always receive since the late 1960’s. More details on that can be found here.

President-elect Trump and his family receive Secret Service protection, but the New York City Police Department are assisting and it is currently estimated to cost taxpayers as much as $1 million per day. The Secret Service provides what can only be described as an unparalleled lever of security, but the NYPD is there to not only assist but to provide security for the thousands of Trump Tower visitors, employees, residents, and those who are in the general Midtown area at any given time throughout the day.

De Blasio is requesting meetings with both members of congress as well as the Obama administration to discuss the matter in more detail. Furthermore, the issue won’t end on Inauguration Day. While Trump will be heading to the White House for at least the next four years, his Wife Melania and his son Barron will be in New York until the school year ends in order to allow Barron to finish the year in his school. Trump has also made it very clear that he plans to frequently return to Trump Tower even after moving to the White House.

De Blasio, in his right, is concerned for the safety and comfort of his fellow New Yorkers. He has already met with Trump at Trump Towers just one week after the election in a meeting that he described as cordial. Though he opposed Trump’s candidacy, he stressed to Turmp how important it was that he send a message of unity.