Beneful, A Complete And Balanced Dog Food

Beneful is labeled a complete and balanced nutritional dog food. What does this mean? This means that you can confidently feed your dog Beneful day in and day out and be assured that your dog is getting all the nutrients that he or she needs in order to grow up healthy and strong. Beneful is certified to meet all the daily nutritional requirements of an adult dog.

The dog food is manufactured by the Nestle Purina Pet Care company, which is one of the world’s top pet food and pet product companies in terms of volume of sales. Purina puts a lot of effort into making sure that each batch of dog food the company creates passes rigorous standards. Beneful dog food, for example goes through several strict quality control measures that begin before the first batch of Beneful dog food is even created at the factory.

Purina Pet Care employees go to farms and carefully inspect the wheat, corn and chicken that will be used in the making of Beneful. If the farms do not met criteria for sanitation, and quality ingredients that Purina has outlined, then Purina will not use those products. Even after inspecting farm’s and agreeing to a contract for a farm to be a supplier for the manufacturing of Beneful dog food, Purina still inspects every batch of corn, or meat that enters its dog food manufacturing facility. If the ingredients are not up too par, then the shipment will be rejected.

Purina’s strict inspection of the ingredients that goes into the making of Beneful dog food helps assure pet owners that their dogs will be eating a food that is only made from quality and inspected ingredients. Nutritionists and veterinarians have also developed a formula for Beneful to ensure that dogs get the proper nutrition they require to be healthy.