The Rise and Rise of George Soros

George Soros, the politically inclined philanthropist who spent a whopping $27 million to support Democratic candidates in 2004, has resurfaced. Soros had taken a low profile since 2004 as he cut back on donations for the Democratic candidate in the US elections.

The billionaire investor is back with a bang. He has donated more than $25 million towards Clinton and other Democratic candidates for campaigns. They are hopeful that Soros, the man who amassed a mind-boggling $24.9 billion via risky currency businesses, to provide even more financial support as the D-day for the US election approaches.

On the back of his 25-year long relationship, the 85-year-old New Yorker who traces his roots to Hungary planned to attend the Democratic Convention that would have him watch Clinton give an acceptance speech for the presidential nomination. However, according to a close associate, George Soros had to cancel the trip to attend to more pressing matters relating to the European economic situation.

There is no love lost between George and the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, whom he regards with suspicion, as does most Americans. He has led the way for other affluent benefactors who are already dreaming about a possible Clinton presidency. The result has been a massive financial mobilization for the Democrats, which has helped them, put together a well-oiled campaign machine.

The New York-based philanthropist is keen on a Clinton victory. Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) reports indicate that Soros has contributed $3 million towards a project called Immigrant Voters Win which aims to bring on board many Hispanic voters to help Clinton clinch victory in swing states. He has also pumped $5 million into a nonprofit group, the Voting Rights Trust, to fight conservative tendencies of restrictive voting.

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According to Vachon, a close associate of Soros, a further 2 million has been channeled to America Votes, a campaign mobilization groups that keep its benefactors secret. George, the political philanthropist, has also given out another $1 million to several state-based groups that are not required by law to publish details of their sponsors.

George Soros has not only been directing his charity activities towards politics alone. Soros has made immense contributions on the international front, donating more than $13 billion to nonprofit organizations that look into the state of human rights and democratic process in the whole of Eastern Europe. He has also made philanthropic inroads into the health and education sector in the US and throughout the world.

Not even his son, Jonathan Soros, can explain his father’s sudden surge in political spending. However, George Soros’ recent writing about Trump may shed some light on the issue. The philanthropist suggests that to effectively fight terrorism, voters would do well to avoid the Republican presidential nominee whose approach to the problem was less than satisfactory.

There is a consensus that George Soros has a soft spot for Hillary Clinton, something he may not have felt for the outgoing president. This could explain his long absence from the political front. However, not that Clinton is running for the presidency on the Democratic ticket, it is his time to flex his financial muscles.

George Soros Contribute $6 million in support of Clinton’s presidential bid

George Soros, whose name for big money giving has curl upwards than his actual check book, in most up-to-date election cycles, he contributed $6 million in support of Clinton’s presidential bid. Also creating giant contributions to the committee were media mogul Haim Saban and along his Cheryl, they donated a $5 million, altruist Laure Woods, contributed $2.3 million, and capitalist Donald Sussman also gave $2.5 million. In the last six months, the super-PAC raised about $25.3 million that means that Soros’s donation accounts for nearly a quarter of the total amount.


The contribution signifies a comeback of Soros, in 2004, he gave about $18.5 million to teams seeking to elect Democrats candidate and defeat President George W. Bush. This makes Mr. Soros an indisputable powerful figure in liberal politics., George&_r=0


Donation of George Soros toward Clinton backing standout, due to not only the amount but Soros is perceived as a symphonic conductor among wealthy Democrats. He is one among the few liberals who has ascertained a temperament to drop eight-figures in an election cycle, having given about $20 million in 2004 to teams that attempted to dethrone then-President George. W. Bush.


In addition, Soros has assented to place $5 million in the legal proceeding effort, that Democrats hope can erode voters’ restrictions access. They assert that this may prove decisive in closing election. The lawsuits are led by an attorney whose clients envisage Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. They are fighting various issues including early voting time, which they assert may build it tough to cast ballots the weekend before the polling day. Voter registration that Democrats consider arduous, and rules that might nullify ballots cast in the wrong area.


Soros is the founder and chairman of Open Society, a network of foundations, that operate in more than a hundred countries. Soros commitment to the thought of open society, where everybody rights are revered, governments are held responsible, and that nobody has the monopoly on the truth, makes the society contrast in efforts to the other non-public philanthropic in history.


Soros philanthropic work dated back 1979, where he was giving scholarships to black South Africans under the apartheid regime. Within the Eighties, he helped undermine Communism within the eastern bloc alinement by providing Xerox machines that copied prohibited texts, while supporting cultural exchanges with the West.


After the autumn of the Berlin Wall, Soros created Central European University to push for vital thinking. Besides, he distended his philanthropic gift to Africa, and Asia. Through his Open Society Foundations, he has supported lawyers and paralegals to represent thousands of people who were unlawfully for years and without legal representation. Further, He underwrote conjunctive and the most important effort in history by bringing the Roma people into the time spirit. The Foundations provided university fees for thousands of benignant students, as well as young Roma, refugees from armed conflicts, and other different marginalized groups.