Promoting Health Development in the Eyes of Brian Torchin

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is an American medical professional known for his role as a staffing specialist in the medical platform. As a registered chiropractic medical professional Brian started out by staffing his offices with a wide range of highly-experienced physician assistants, physical therapists, and chiropractic doctors.

Brian’s Accomplishments

Though Brian Torchin has various entities under his mantle, one of his biggest accomplishment has been the launch of Health Care Recruitment Counsellor (HCRC). Brian started this company in the year 2005 with the sole aim being to offer counseling services to physicians, physical therapists, and the general public in the health industry.

Under his watch, HCRC has grown from a mere company to one of the leading staffing agencies not only in the USA, but also in Australia, Europe, Canada, and Asia. As the president of HCRC, Brian has helped many medical professionals adapt to the sector, get jobs, and hire workers.

Advantages of Utilizing His Services

By using the HCRC organization, there is a high possibility that the medical practitioner would be in a position to get the right working personnel. Apart from this, Brian Torchin is a qualified medical practitioner who has the required skills and knowledge to offer to his clients with the best information.

Media Outlets That Have Featured Brian

Thanks to his wide array of experience in the medical platform, Brian has been featured in some of the leading publications in the country. For instance, Brian was interviewed on CNN where he was regarded as the true veteran of the healthcare system.

Apart from CNN, Brian has also been featured on Digital Journal and where he has been praised for revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Social Media Activities

Brian is an avid social media user who uses his power, wisdom, and educational background to help his fellow physicians as well as his wide range of social media followers. He is active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Brian uses both of these sites to update his followers about the various ventures that have been taken to promote the healthcare system.

Apart from this, he also uses the site to post jobs and new opening across the country. In the long run, jobless youths have been in a position to get jobs and lead a comfortable life.