Jeff Aronin: Weizmann Leadership Award Recipient

At a time when matters of healthcare and disease seem to be consistently in the public zeitgeist, it can appear as though there is a lot being talked about, but not a lot being done. We need innovators and creators to treat disease and ease suffering. Fortunately, there are people in the world like Jeff Aronin who are willing to push forward and make advancements toward humanity’s well-being. Despite the challenges and obstacles, Aronin has become one of the pioneering innovators the field so desperately needs.


Jeff Aronin, the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award recipient and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, has two decades of experience in developing companies specializing in healthcare innovation. The combination of his entrepreneurial instinct and his knowledge in the areas of drug development, rare disease, and complex science have allowed him to achieve a remarkable amount of success in the bioscience sector. He facilitates the cooperation and teamwork of scientists and business executives to create and discover new drugs and therapies that will ease suffering and enhance the lives of often neglected patients. He and his teams have successfully obtained 13 Novel Drug Approvals through the FDA, and he serves as a mentor for up-and-coming entrepreneurs (Chicago.BlueSkyInnovation).


Along with being an experienced and accomplished innovation and business expert, Jeff Aronin is known for his connections and focus on people ( He has been described by colleagues and associates as being “enthusiastic” about developing solutions and “passionate” about patient care. He has a deep-rooted commitment to making people’s lives healthier and happier. Patients are not just patients to him, they are whole human beings with lives and loved ones. It is this kind of compassionate approach to research and innovation that keeps the work Aronin does focus on the people he serves. He has a “big heart”, and it is apparent to everyone around him.


Greg Secker Takes Advantage of an Exciting Trend

Greg Secker notices that there is a very exciting trend happening in the market. This trend involves technology. For one thing, technological advancement such as internet and mobile devices are taking the power away from television. This is one thing that is scaring a lot of the big corporations. They are noticing that the internet is bringing different things to light and customers are figuring out that they do not want to support companies that are bringing problems to any part of the world. Therefore, this is requiring a lot of companies to step up their efforts to present respectable images.

One of the reasons that Greg Secker is very excited about technological advancements is that it is bringing forth freedom of thought. For one thing, people are able to learn about all of the many different perspectives. This enriches their minds and encourages them to form their own conclusion. They are less likely to have to worry about peer pressure. One of the best things about the internet and technological advancements is that it allows people to have a stronger mind. Even in cases where the majority of people are going to stand against someone, he will be able to find someone who actually agrees with this person.

Another thing that is very exciting about technology is that it makes it easier for people to make money. One of the reasons that it is so easy to make money because of technology is that many companies are outsourcing work online. Therefore, it is very possible to find some kind of work to get done. Greg Secker has used technology to make investments and trades. The Forex market is one of the markets that have seen the advantages of the technological advancements that have been made for the consumer to enjoy.