Organo Gold Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate Health Benefits

Working from home is what most people dream of. Home base businesses can be difficult to fully embrace and find the right niche in. A lot of people can find it difficult to market products that may seem trivial but one of the easiest items to sell from home often relate to health and wellness or food.

The coffee industry is booming. People enjoy coffee whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening. Often consumers will wait at coffee shops for long periods of time in extensive lines to obtain their favorite brew. Favorite coffee flavors include black, latte and mocha. The next most popular drinks purchased from coffee houses are tea beverages and hot chocolate. What happens when you combine something that people love consuming with a product that is also healthy and offers many health benefits? Organo Gold realized the basic caffeine addiction in America as well as the surge in desire for a healthy life style. Combining these two products has created a solution for people to cut out the coffee shop and enjoy their coffee at home. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold has combined desirable coffee with added health benefits. Ganoderma lucidum is one of the main healthy components of Organo Gold coffee. Ganoderma is a popular Asian mushroom that provides triterpenoids and amino acids. This mushroom has a rich and complex flavor that blends easily with the coffee. Some Organo Gold coffees and teas also contain ginseng which has health benefits known for their rejuvenating powers. Organo Gold coffees can help people lose one to two pounds a week when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Consumers can directly purchase these from direct market representatives or the Organo Gold website. Individuals can start up their own Organo Gold home based coffee business and make money while selling something that is consumed daily and is tasty. Organo Gold coffee comes in individual serve packets that are simply combined with hot water and stirred. These coffees can also be enjoyed iced. The Organo Gold teas and hot chocolate can also be enjoyed hot or cold and come in single service packages.