An Exclusive Interview With Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO Andy Wirth Reveals An Ambitious Blueprint To Build A Gondola to Link Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Ski Resorts

An ambitious plan to link Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley resorts has been drawn up by Andy Wirth, the present CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a firm that manages Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Ski Resorts situated in Olympic Valley, CA. Andy Wirth was born on July 25 July 1963 and is the grandson of former coveted Us National Park service Director Conrad Wirth.

According to SquwalPine, Andy Wirth has a distinguished career in the hospitality industry spanning over 25 years. His hospitality career began in 1986 with Steamboat Springs Resort. He held different leadership and marketing positions in the course of his career at Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation and its affiliate companies.

In 2007 he became the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Intrawest, which acquired Steamboat the same year. His career highlight came in 2010 where he became the CEO of Squaw Valley taking over from his predecessor Nancy Cushing.

The plan was revealed by senior correspondent Mike Rogge in an exclusive interview with Squaw Alpine CEO Andy Wirth who said that linking Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley is an aspect snowboarders and skiers both locally and internationally have long wished for.

The connection is to be achieved by building a base-to-base Gondola which is envisaged to operate in 3 parts beginning at the extreme bottom of Squaw Valley right over and above the ridge in between the 2 mountains and eventually down to the extreme bottom of the Alpine Meadows.

The announcement brought to light the duration of wait Andy Wirth and Caldwell had to endure to come to an agreement and were happy that the project had finally seen the light of the day. The news published by the Powder Magazine outlined that the projected Gondola would snake through the Us Forest Service land.

In the interview, Andy Wirth said that the ambitious plan stemmed with Wayne Poulsen, the founder of Squaw Valley and the vision had been burning in him for the last decade. Andy Wirth went on to address the bottlenecks of the project including the snowpack’s effect on the operation of the Gondola and the presence of a dead tree in the loading and unloading area. He assured clients that the snowpacks would not affect the operation of the Gondola whatsoever and that the unloading and loading area is to be situated near Skunk Rock.

Andy Wirth was also keen to address the land encroachment factor and the concern that the project would affect the Granite Chief Wilderness Area and Five Lakes. He pointed out that in his younger years he used to be a wilderness ranger, and he was involved in the crafting of the Wilderness Act of 1963, and so he understood the terrain and legislation very well. He reiterated that the construction would occur on strictly private land, that is Troy’s land and their land.

Andy Wirth also addressed the benefit of the Gondola against transportation via a bus. Andy Wirth said that traffic on Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley roads would be massively reduced, and they would be able to map out where clients are skiing exactly.

Overall, he said the project would bring immeasurable benefits to the local and international tourists in the area while protecting, managing, and honoring the feeling, heritage, and history each mountain.

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