What Can Offline Media Do for You? Making Money outside the Internet

What kind of news often make it to the offline reading category? In truth, we all have our preferences when it comes to newsfeeds. Then again there are those juicy headlines that are hard to pass up even for the nerd who swears by all things tech.

Focusing on marketing yourself online just isn’t enough. Interestingly, technology has a way of borrowing from the past to improve the future. Prior to the internet, the only offline media we knew about were the daily newspapers, monthly mails, and maybe flyers. Today’s offline media is all about tailoring your web content to be available even when your audience logs out.

Catchy headlines generate more clicks and also offline saves. A headline like “How to steal a phone number and everything linked to it” no doubts raises curiosity. If you were skimming through your newsfeeds on the go and stumbled on such a topic, how likely are you to save it for later reading? 100% likely, because your curiosity was successfully raised by the blog owner.

Online readers are also likely to save offline content if there is perceived value. We all have those saved articles we go back to once a while when referencing something or gathering tips. Or those topics we follow because they contained links to a sequel of future discount sales. For instance, if you keep up with the royal family, maybe you will always want to go back to that article that says what inspires their dress code. Or if you keep up with the celebrity gossip, you may always want to refer to your offline sources to check your facts.

Offline media has to be tailored in a certain way to generate bookmarks from your readers. Not only should your content be witty but also full of value which your readers can refer to any time.