High NYC Flier Escorted Off JFK Flight After Trying to Open Door Midair

This is a nightmare that you hope never happens as you sit during your flight in midair.

According to Alaska Airlines officials, a 28-year-old barber from New York City attempted to pry open one of the jet’s rear emergency exit doors during a flight from New York City to Seattle.

Authorities claim that Jordan Fragiacomo was high on drugs when he allegedly went beserk, arose from his seat and began talking incoherently, even trying to grab a kiss from two flight attendants.

“If you continue to restrain me, there’s going to be problems,” he had said to the attendants. That wasn’t all; Fragiacomo was disturbing other passengers by reaching for their drinks and headphones.

It took two off-duty pilots on-board and several flight attendants to restrain the fit Fragiacomo and his blonde Mohawk.

The Boeing 737 made an emergency landing at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, after an announcement that the plane would be “dropping off one of our passengers early,” and someone at the gate would “greet this customer, [who was] having a difficult time working and playing well with others.”

Airport police were there waiting to escort Fragiacomo off the plane and take him to an area hospital for evaluation. The flight then continued on to Seattle without further problems. His Alaska Airlines seat-mate, Shoshana Godwin, had claimed she saw him acting weirdly before the flight took off, allegedly going into his bag and then taking a pill out of the bag. She believes he was under the influence of something. He had dozed off during the flight, only to awaken when the flight attendants brought the beverage cart around. That’s when he announced that he wanted to cancel his flight and get off.

Fragiacomo’s Facebook profile has since been removed, but the page said he was a self-employed barber and former go-go dancer. Some of his selfies show a shirtless Fragiacomo with a black Batman logo tattoo on his left chest.

The latest development on the midair scare says that Fragiacomo has since admitted he took GHB, cocaine and Xanax, according to a police report obtained by the NY Post newspaper.

By the way, it’s impossible to open a jet door while the plane is pressurized and in flight.

Panic Sweeps JFK Airport When 911 Call Reports Shots Fired

Just a few short days ago panic shook New York as rumors ran rampant of an active shooter at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Fire Department of New York received a phone call Sunday evening about 9:30pm that claimed there was a shooting at the airport and the New York Police Department immediately responded with a very massive presence that included the Hercules Strike teams, Critical Response Command, Strategic Response Group, Emergency Service Unit, and patrol cops. Social media immediately lit up and went crazy as people posted and the rumors began to spread like wildfire.
Late Sunday evening, Port Authority released a statement informing the public that they were unable to actually confirm that any shots were ever fired. There were no reported injuries or arrests, and the NYPD later confirmed that they believe there were no shots fired in the airport.
Due to the chaos that spread so quickly, numerous flights were grounded. Terminals 8 and 1 were also closed as a precaution along with sections of a major highway that runs near the airport. The airport quickly swirled into a scene of utter chaos as travelers were confined to security areas or asked to leave terminals. The airport resumed normal operations around midnight that night.
After a thorough investigation and search of the entire airport both Port Authority and the New York Police Department were unable to find an active shooter, victims of a shooting, or anyone who actually saw or heard any gunshots within the airport. No one is sure how this actually started, or if it was a mistake or a complete hoax. At this time Port Authority and the New York Police Department are still looking into the incident and trying to decide what happened. The current speculation is that a hoax call was placed to 911 and social media spread the rumors and escalated the situation like wildfire.
More information on this as well as any updates can be found at the Huffington Post.

Two Gunned Down in Queens

The New York Times reports that New York Imam, Alauddin Akonjee, and his assistant, Thara Miah were gunned down right outside their mosque in Queens. Oscar Morel of Brooklyn has been charged with second-degree murder of the two men. The investigating police officers arrested Morel after the murder weapon and clothes matching the description of eyewitnesses were found in his home. The murder weapon was a gun that Morel had hidden in the wall. His family and friends are all stunned at the arrest of someone they love and thought they knew well.

His eldest son, Fayez Uddin Akonjeet, who lives in Bangladesh has expressed gratitude and relief that the police have discovered and arrested his father’s murderer. New York has a large Muslim community, of which many like the two deceased individuals are immigrants from Bangladesh. Part of the ongoing investigation involves city officials assuring this sizeable community that the man strongly believed to have committed the crime has been arrested and will be tried. This has not vanquished the newfound fear in this neighborhood which is actively imploring the police to beef up security with more patrols and more security cameras near mosques.

Many are insisting that the tragedy was a hate crime, but the police as yet remain unsure. It is not even clear whether or not the man had any connection to the two victims whatsoever. What the police do know is that the two men were followed to the end of the street where they were both shot in the back of the head. Street surveillance footage also shows the perpetrator get into a black GMC and speeding away. Upon tracking down the car, they discovered it was also involved in a nearby hit and run incident. In haste to leave the scene of his dastardly crime, the drive had rammed a police car.

Hundreds attended the funeral prayers for the two victims. Most of those in attendance were the faithful congregants of the Mosque who meet for worship there five times a day. His wife and two his children will take his body home to Bangladesh. His loss is huge for both his family and for the entire New York Muslim community. Although murders are rare in the area, they are not unheard of. In July 2014 a Bangledeshi activity was beaten to death and in August 2002 a Bangledeshi reporter was also beaten to death.