Don’t Hold Your Breath for ATMs In NYC Courthouses

of New York City. If you are looking for them now, you will have a lot of trouble finding them and if you do find at the Bronx Staton Island or Queens courthouses you will have only limited access to them.

Elizabeth Glazer a director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, admits that the placement of ATMs at the courthouses could have been better. The office actually believed that the ATMs had been places. In reality, they had not been placed and that they need to correct it.

The New York City Justice and Incarceration Reform believes that 33 percent of prisoners at Rykers Isalnd are detained for 4 days because they are not able to get cash at the courthouses due to having no ATM.

The bail for most people is set at an arraignment. A friend or a family-related person could step in and pay the bail. If they are unable to get cash quickly, the defendants will be sent to prison. An ATM would keep somebody from having to go to jail.

There was an ATM delivered to the Bronx criminal court last June. Unfortunately, the ATM was too big for its planned space. They then moved it to second floor of the Bronx County Hall Of Justice. The arraignments for prisoners at this courthouse don’t stop until 1 am, but the Hall closes is closed 7 hours earlier and on the weekends, despite the fact that arraignments are still going on Saturday and Sunday.

Even when this Bronx courthouse ATM is open, you have to go through the long lines at the Hall of Justice and then when you get back to the criminal court, you have to go through long lines. It is most likely people don’t know how to get to it as there is no sign that gives directions to its location.

Glazer also admits that having no ATM at the criminal courthouse in Staten Island was a screw-up and will be rectified in a timely manner. The closest ATM is opposite the courthouse.

The Queens courthouse has an ATM on its first floor, but it is closed after 5 pm.
Rory Laneman, a councilman for Queens on the Council justice system commission, thinks that the government can do complicated things like reducing homelessness or tackling the opioid crisis, but putting ATM in courthouses is just too simple.

The mayor does seem to want to have ATMs in the courthouses, but it is something that the government is going to do in a timely way.