The New York Giants and the Future of a Franchise

For many NFL teams, strategy for the upcoming postseason is the most important objective at this point during the regular season. For other, less successful teams, however, early draft tactics are being employed to ensure success in the upcoming years.

The New York Giants (2-9; 4th in the NFC East) is one of those teams hoping to erase this year’s performance from memory and are instead choosing to focus their energy on next year’s draft where they will have the fortune of snapping up a top three selection.
Since this is an opportunity the Giants rarely get, they are predicted to take advantage of the situation by going with UCLA junior Josh Rosen, the most technically sound passing quarterback of the 2018 draft class.

Rosen is a top tier pocket passing quarterback who, in the last 6 quarters of his collegiate career, has racked up 623 yards with five touchdowns and only one pick. He has also shown remarkable resilience throughout his tenure with the Bruins and has proved his ability to score while taking huge hits under defensive pressure. If he signs with the Giants, he’s predicted to develop into a franchise quarterback under Eli Manning thanks to his natural passing ability and arm talent that is being hailed as starter material.
However, there are two sides to every story as the Bruins are hoping the elite level quarterback will stay for one more year where he will have the opportunity to partner up with new head coach Chip Kelly and potentially bring in a national championship thanks to the latter’s incredible track record in Philadelphia, Oregon, and San Francisco as well as his fresh approach to offensive schemes.

Regardless of his choice, Rosen is looking at a bright future and one more year under the tutelage of one of the top coaches in the nation cannot hurt the quarterback’s draft stock in the upcoming years. For the Giants, however, it may be the future of the franchise that slips away should Rosen choose to stay one more year with Chip Kelly and aim for a national championship.

New York Giants Predictions for 2016 Season

The New York Giants are one of the most difficult teams in the NFL to figure out. The team always seems to be in contention to make the playoffs, but often falls just short. In other situations when they seem like they won’t make the playoffs, they barely squeak in and then make a big run in the playoffs. This includes two Super Bowl championships in the past ten years. While many publications are concerned about the Giants, one sports analysis ( thinks that the Giants will have some success this year.

The analysis believes that the Giants will benefit greatly from many of the offseason moves that they made. The Giants are starting under a new fresh coaching staff and spent over $100 million on guaranteed contracts this past offseason. The players that they signed will greatly improve their defense, offensive line, and running game. The Giants will continue to be led offensively by Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, both of which are expected to have big years.

While the Giants are not considered one of the best teams in the conference, they should have a very good chance at winning the division. The NFC East is widely considered the worst division in the NFC, if not the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys were previously considered the favorites to win the division title, but the recent injury to Tony Romo has a lot of experts concerned about the team’s ability to succeed. Both of the other divisional rivals, the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles are currently in transition with new leadership and will likely have some rough patches this year.

Overall, the publication believes that the Giants will win 9 games and lose 7, which should be good enough to win the division by a game or two. The Giants will then likely have a home game in the NFC playoffs Divisional Round, in which they would play a top Wild Card team. While they may not be favorites to go far, the Giants will have the experience and depth to make a run in the playoffs if they can get in.