Mayor De Blasio Requests Federal Reimbursement For Cost To Protect Trump

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is looking to the federal government to reimburse his city for costs associated with protecting President-elect Donald Trump. Currently, the President-elect is staying at his home and business headquarters, Trump Tower, located in the heart of the city. Trump is also conducting pre-presidential business from these headquarters, having meetings with numerous high ranking business people as well as government officials. The cost to provide high levels of security for this location is quite high and Bill de Blasio is requesting $35 million to pay for the police consistently stationed outside Trump Tower. De Blasio sent the request in a letter addressed to President Barack Obama on Monday, as well as a second letter sent to congress. That amount of money would cover the protection costs from Election Day all the way through Trump’s inauguration.

Trump’s residence sits in the heart of a commercial district of the city creating issues when dealing with Presidential-level security. The area is high-density and difficult for the NYPD to establish a secure perimeter. Trump, like any other President-elect, receives Secret Service protection. This has been something nominees and President-elects always receive since the late 1960’s. More details on that can be found here.

President-elect Trump and his family receive Secret Service protection, but the New York City Police Department are assisting and it is currently estimated to cost taxpayers as much as $1 million per day. The Secret Service provides what can only be described as an unparalleled lever of security, but the NYPD is there to not only assist but to provide security for the thousands of Trump Tower visitors, employees, residents, and those who are in the general Midtown area at any given time throughout the day.

De Blasio is requesting meetings with both members of congress as well as the Obama administration to discuss the matter in more detail. Furthermore, the issue won’t end on Inauguration Day. While Trump will be heading to the White House for at least the next four years, his Wife Melania and his son Barron will be in New York until the school year ends in order to allow Barron to finish the year in his school. Trump has also made it very clear that he plans to frequently return to Trump Tower even after moving to the White House.

De Blasio, in his right, is concerned for the safety and comfort of his fellow New Yorkers. He has already met with Trump at Trump Towers just one week after the election in a meeting that he described as cordial. Though he opposed Trump’s candidacy, he stressed to Turmp how important it was that he send a message of unity.


New York City College President Quits Over Personal Expenses

A New York college has parted ways with its president after questions were raised about her personal expenses. The college, which was recently in the limelight when Michele Obama gave a commencement speech on its grounds, is now struggling to come to terms with the new development. Its president, Lisa Coico, had to resign unexpectedly amidst calls for state investigations on her.


Her decision to resign from her post was provoked by a recent article published in New York Times that questioned how she managed her documented $150,000 expenses. Her departure was treated as her consent, and nobody in the institution was willing to give concrete reasons why she resigned.


New York Times had shed some light on the credibility of Coico’s expenses. They were suspicious of a deal in 2011 that saw Coico benefit from a non-profit organization that raised funds for the college. The foundation paid Coico thousands of dollars as expenses. The expenses included food, furniture and housekeeping. When the news broke out, the Eastern District of New York attorney issued a subpoena to Coico to get more information on the matter.


Coico’s resignation was treated with a lot of privacy with the College University of New York chancellor James Milliken refusing to go into details about her resignation. The chancellor only named an interim president as they await the official appointment in October. He lauded the excellent track record of City College and said that the institution would continue to train students for the real world.


The college have been on the forefront in training millions of Americans since it was started in 1847. The college has produced students in different fields. It has ten alumni who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. The school was chosen by the first lady Michele Obama as the venue for her last commencement speech as the first lady of the United States. When asked why she settled for the school, Michele said that she was impressed by the way the school is diverse. A thorough checking of facts reaffirmed her statement. The college has students from over 150 countries, and they speak more than 100 languages. People are waiting to see whether the recent scandal in the college can affect its good reputation.


Eating Out in NYC

New York is known for a lot of things. In fact, it is the top city that people mention when they talk about just about anything. It is the entertainment mecca. It is also a hot job hub, but there may not be anything in the city that gets more accolades than the food. There is a reason for this. There are a lot of chefs that come from different parts of the world to serve the finest cuisine that New York has to offer. It is also easy to see that there are tons of restaurants so it is only natural for everyone that is a NYC native to have a favorite spot and a favorite food.


New York is a cultural melting pot. This is what makes the city so great. This is also the thing that has made people stop and look at the authenticity of the meals. That is where people find their pleasure in eating at places in Central Park or Tribeca. They know that they are getting some authentic meals that are being prepared by some of the best chefs in the world when they dine in certain places.


For many people that have lived in NYC for a long time, it became a bit difficult to pick just one thing when they are talking about their favorite foods. That is why some people may be interested in the delectable pancakes from Friends of a Farmer that come in different flavors like apple or pumpkin. This is delicious fall food, but it is not the only thing gets the taste buds percolating . There are other sweet treats like the apple cider doughnuts at the Union Green Market that are also favorites for locals.


The thing that people outside of New York will discover is that there foods that have been flipped and altered in every way that one could imagine. Taste buds go crazy in New York City. There is no such thing as a plain hot dog or a simple glazed doughnut. In New York City people are accustomed to things like chocolate croissants and ultra creamy New York cheesecake. Visitors want the New York styled pizza and the Lobster Newberg. These are all New York City staples.

NYC Homelessness Increases

Sometimes there are things that just don’t make a lot of sense. It seems like a contradiction in some ways when people consider the rate of homeless people in a big city like New York. People come from different countries all the time and settle in New York because they feel like the job opportunities are abundant. This is where all the entertainers come. This is where people get to visit the top restaurants and see the Broadway plays. For someone to be homeless in a city that presents this much opportunity seems highly unlikely, yet there is a lot of truth in this.


In NYC there are more than 60,000 people that are living in shelters. This is an insane amount of homeless people in one city, but the government has said that the rates could be even higher. It is unimaginable that there would be so many homeless people in the city, but there is a certain amount of logic that stands out and provides some explanations for these types of numbers.


One reason may be the fact that there are a lot of people with big dreams that come here. Everyone that comes to New York doesn’t make it big the way that they would assume. When this happens these people may have to take some different jobs. At times they may just find themselves in a place where they are not making enough to afford a place to stay. Things can go from bad to worse and these people can end up in shelters.


There is a lot of unrest in a city that caters to millions of residents. There are kids that have parents that lose their lives. There are even some people that have never found their way after the misfortune of 9/11. This accounts for another group of people that may have to find refuge in a homeless shelter. The government has stated that these numbers could have risen even higher because of the economic condition of the United States right now. It is hard to find affordable housing, and that is why there are so many people in New York that are facing the harsh realities of homeless in a city filled with opportunity.

Food cart licenses in NYC set to double

The New York City Council is considering drastically increasing the number of food cart licenses that they generally issue each year which will increase the number of food carts that are on the streets. The City council is expected to increase the number by almost twice what they previously issued.


There are currently estimated to be anywhere from ten to twelve thousand street food vendors that are currently operating in New York City. There are only about 4,200 street food licenses that are issued which means that there are up to 8,000 food vendors who are operating illegally and often incurring significant fines to do so. The number of street food licenses has remained static since the 1980’s despite increases in the population and economic activity in the city.


The plan that the city council has will currently double the licenses over a seven year period with about 400 licenses being issued each year in the initial period. The first set of licenses will be issued to those who are currently on the waiting list for food vendor licenses which is about 2,500 deep. Once this list has been depleted new registrants will begin to obtain license to provide street food legally.


There currently exists a black market for these street food licenses and the rate that these licenses go for is about $25,000 for a two year license. When this is compared to the price for a legal license the difference is drastic. Legal licenses for street food vendors cost about $200 per year. Those who buy street food licenses have a large hill to climb over in order to begin to support their operations and often will trim their costs by providing sub-standard food products to customers. In addition, many are stuck serving foods that they know will sell, such as hot dogs, as opposed to their native cuisines which limits the options that are available in the city to customers.


As such, improving on the number of street food licenses in NYC will improve on the cultural landscape of options available to customers as well as to reduce a thriving black market for illegally obtained licenses, all while improving on the quality and safety of street food. In this context, expanding the number of street food licenses seems like an overwhelming win for all around.



Zoltar of Donald Trump Shows Up At Trump Towers

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee for President of the United States. New York has often been a hub of political activity, and both candidates frequent this area. Imagine the look on people’s faces this morning, when they saw a giant Zoltar of Donald in a box. Yes, people in the NYC area are seeing quite a bit of this fortune telling machine. Unlike the real person, the fake Zoltar tells people the truth. It says things like “I was never going to build a wall anyway. Do you people know how much that would cost?”


The box idea came from the movie “Big.” The billionaire’s numerous unhinged views are the laughing stock of many, and this is why the humorous aspects seems to be taken so well. Locals have no clue where the box will show up next. But rest assured, wherever the Zoltar of Donald is located, there is always a crowd gathered around.


The box has been spotted all over Brooklyn and Manhattan, and alas, yesterday it was spotted in front of Trump Towers. It’s all in good fun, or is it? No one knows who is behind this giant machine with the life-size Donald in it. Additionally, no one knows when and where it will show up next. It is certain that people think it is funny, but the message is quite clear. On the front of the box, it says “America’s Future Is…..” That’s the problem, this presidential race has become the laughing stock of the world. No matter which candidate a person votes for, there are some scandals and controversy that must be overlooked. However, when it comes to Trump, his promise to make American great again may be too little too late.


Gothamist reported that the box doesn’t seem to have an owner, or at least no one is claiming it just yet. However, without fail, it continues to move around campaigning against Donald Trump. Another thing that Zoltar talks freely about are deporting all the illegal immigrants. In an area where diversity is ramped, talking about sending people packing doesn’t sit well with many. It’s less than 30 days till the election, and the American people are ready for all the antics to be over, including the roaming Zoltar.

And You Thought You Had Seen It All

While those living in Florida and other southern states are already familiar with flying cockroaches, New Yorkers are in the midst of a heat wave and a somewhat unnerving revelation about these common pests. Although they can fly, roaches typically opt not to. In extreme heat and humidity, however, the insects seem to prefer flying to walking. As a result, many in New York and other northern states rarely see see a cockroach take flight and are shocked when they do.

Technically, American cockroaches glide rather than fly due to their large size. The difference is moot in the eyes of some who have witnessed airborne roaches, however. Entomologists believe that roaches use their wings during warm weather simply because they are better able to. Heat and humidity relax the muscles, allowing roaches to use more of them, including the ones required to take flight. Like other insects, roaches are cold-blooded and rely on external heat to warm themselves.

It is also thought that roaches usually fail to fly in New York because they simply don’t need to. The city offers an abundance of trash cans, litter and other food sources, creating a buffet for a hungry roach. They need not travel far to find food, water or mates, making walking an adequate means of getting where they’re going.

With the heat wave in full swing, those living in New York may find roaches invading their homes as well as flying. Just like humans, roaches may opt to seek out the cooler, more comfortable temperatures of indoor spaces rather than staying in the sewers and subway tunnels they typically call home.

It is of note that while a flying cockroach may startle even the most seasoned city dweller, the insects are harmless and are not on the attack. Due to their size, American cockroaches lack the control and grace of butterflies and other flying creatures. The result can sometimes be an unfortunate crash into an unsuspecting human. Once your heart stops racing, however, an encounter with a flying roach will leave you with no ill effects and may provide a funny story to tell your friends and coworkers.

JIL Speaks on the Full Moon Festival

JIL And New York’s Full Moon Festival

Festivals and New York City are something that go hand-in-hand more often than not. The art scene in the city is nothing if not fantastic and full of the expressions of all groups of people.

The Full Moon Fest is one of the many celebrations occurring in New York and brings a new type of excitement to the city, with the festival happening at Governor’s Island on August 20th through the 21st. The festival will have several artists performing, including Santigold and Black Coffee, so naturally people all across the world will flock over in all of their excitement to attend this summer festival.

Among other artists performing at the festivals is JIL, a band of three men who will be at the show that Saturday. The band members generally hide their faces and when interviewed about their upcoming appearance, they spoke about their recording process and what it means to them personally to be making their festival debut. The first thing they said was that they are mysterious and their band consists of an urban cowboy, a young neuroscientists and a “skating gator.”

The group was also asked about the song “All Your Words,” and so they members spoke about the creation behind it, saying that they spent long nights recording new parts for the song while also removing some other parts. They added that they went to various locations across New York City to make the song, something they have done for many of their songs, and found it easier to write lyrics once they found the perfect tune for the song.

JIL was also asked about their influences in the music world, and they stated that different eras and genres of music were influential to them, including classical music and modern hip hop. Artists such as Marvin Gaye, Radiohead and J Dilla were mentioned as some of their favorites of all time. As far as doing any collaborations in the future, they said they would love to work with Flying Lotus, Mike Dean, Frank Ocean or even Kanye West, as doing so would be considered an honor to them.

JIL described their LP, which debuts in September, as a modern space odyssey into the soul.

The Historic World Trade Center Mall Re-Opens in NYC

The Westfield World Trade Center mall officially opened on August 16th in New York City. This mall opens in the very same space where the older emporium was destroyed 15 years ago in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Some of the major stores people can find in this mall include Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Apple, and Under Armour. For now, only about 60 of the 113 stores will be open to the public. Other stores are set to gradually open as it gets closer to the Christmas season. The total space of this mall is 365,000 square feet.

People visiting this mall, however, will not just see the same old shops and restaurants they would expect from their suburban Westfield malls. Westfield has included some 50 shops in the World Trade Center mall that are completely unique to this locale. For example, one interesting shop set to open here is the FordHub, a dealership that features the latest car designs from Ford.

The centerpiece of this mall’s design is called the “Oculus.” The World Trade Center mall is actually within this Oculus terminal, which was designed by Santiago Calatrava. The design of the Oculus is meant to resemble a dove flying out of a child’s hand. Its imposing 160-foot height and 18-inch thick glass panels are sure to stun every visitor.

The Westfield Corporation was behind the development and reopening of this mall. They invested an estimated $1.4 billion in this project, and they began construction all the way back in 2014. All in all, this mall is expected to generate $1 billion in sales each year.

Since this mall connects with the Trans-Hudson trains from New Jersey, plenty of commuters will pass by these shops and restaurants every day. Also, with its prime location by the 9/11 Memorial and 1 World Trade Center, this mall is expected to see a lot of traveler traffic throughout the year. In total, Westfield officials hope that 15 million tourists will visit this mall annually.

Panic Sweeps JFK Airport When 911 Call Reports Shots Fired

Just a few short days ago panic shook New York as rumors ran rampant of an active shooter at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Fire Department of New York received a phone call Sunday evening about 9:30pm that claimed there was a shooting at the airport and the New York Police Department immediately responded with a very massive presence that included the Hercules Strike teams, Critical Response Command, Strategic Response Group, Emergency Service Unit, and patrol cops. Social media immediately lit up and went crazy as people posted and the rumors began to spread like wildfire.
Late Sunday evening, Port Authority released a statement informing the public that they were unable to actually confirm that any shots were ever fired. There were no reported injuries or arrests, and the NYPD later confirmed that they believe there were no shots fired in the airport.
Due to the chaos that spread so quickly, numerous flights were grounded. Terminals 8 and 1 were also closed as a precaution along with sections of a major highway that runs near the airport. The airport quickly swirled into a scene of utter chaos as travelers were confined to security areas or asked to leave terminals. The airport resumed normal operations around midnight that night.
After a thorough investigation and search of the entire airport both Port Authority and the New York Police Department were unable to find an active shooter, victims of a shooting, or anyone who actually saw or heard any gunshots within the airport. No one is sure how this actually started, or if it was a mistake or a complete hoax. At this time Port Authority and the New York Police Department are still looking into the incident and trying to decide what happened. The current speculation is that a hoax call was placed to 911 and social media spread the rumors and escalated the situation like wildfire.
More information on this as well as any updates can be found at the Huffington Post.