Where to Find New York’s Best Fondue

Few things are more satisfying than sharing creamy, salty fondue with friends–especially if you’re a cheese lover. Of course, there is also a dessert version of fondue that is made of chocolate and is delicious when paired with pieces of pound cake or fresh fruit. If you’ll be visiting NYC soon or live in the area and want to find the best fondue the city has to offer, this list will definitely come in handy.


The Winter Garden at The Standard East Village


This place stands out because it’s the only place in the five boroughs where you can enjoy fondue in a private, heated yurt (a traditional Central Asian tent). Groups of four to twelve can rent out a yurt with a minimum food and drink charge of $200 to $500. The fondue also happens to be some of the best in town, and is made of Gruyere and Emmental cheeses seasoned with nutmeg and white wine. Dipping fixings for the fondue include smoked sausage, steamed fingerling potatoes, rosemary filone and Brussels sprouts.




When you walk into Taureau, you’ll be led to La Sirene, which is a spinoff of the restaurant where the fondue is served–and it’s the only thing on the menu. The tables have built-in electric stove tops and the fondue is served in two or three prix fixe courses. Fondue choices include Swiss with nutmeg, garlic and Chablis, smoked Gouda and cheddar with beer. The fondue is served with bread and the meal comes with a salad. Fruit and vegetable options are available as well.


Murray’s Cheese Bar


You can buy cheese to make your own fondue at Murray’s Cheese, or you can go three doors down to the Murray’s restaurant and enjoy fondue made from Gruyere. There are crisp green apples for dipping, as well as toasted brioche or a country-style loaf, and you can also enjoy fingerling potatoes dressed with olive oil.


These are just a few of the impressive fondue restaurants that New York has to offer. You’ll likely find a gem or two during your visit as well.