New York City’s First Carl’s Jr. Restaurant Will Be Opening Soon In Coney Island

Although hungry diners regularly patronize Carl’s Jr. restaurants in other parts of the U.S., fans of fast food in New York City have not yet had the opportunity to partake of the chain’s tasty offerings. That is about to change soon, however.


A recent Grub Street article explains how the California-based Carl’s Jr. chain is planning to open its first New York store in Coney Island in the near future. The storefront and signage for the restaurant are already in place, and one of the paper-covered windows features a sign stating that the restaurant will be opening soon.


Known for its charbroiled burgers, shakes, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, Carl’s Jr. was founded in 1941 and operates more than 1,100 restaurants. The corporation that actually owns Carl’s Jr. restaurants also owns the Hardee’s restaurant chain.


According to the Grub Street article, an IHOP restaurant is situated across the street from the Coney Island Carl’s Jr. store on Surf Avenue, and an Applebee’s eatery is located nearby. Burger-lovers can rejoice in the fact that between the three chains a broad spectrum of burger variations will soon be available.


A special menu feature at Carl’s Jr. restaurants is the $5 All-Star Meal option. With this popular option, customers can choose from several different combo meals. Double-cheeseburgers, spicy chicken sandwiches, natural-cut fries, onion rings, hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies and 20-ounce sodas are among the combo choices that are available.


Located near Luna Park, the neighborhood where the new Carl’s Jr. restaurant will be opening was also home to a Wahlburgers restaurant. Co-owned by actor Mark Wahlberg, that burger spot recently closed its doors for “restructuring.”


Soon, residents and visitors at Coney Island will have the opportunity to eat items such as the Western bacon cheeseburger and the charbroiled chicken salad. Also, a nice breakfast menu, wonderful milkshakes, and an assortment of Mexican dishes will be available at the upcoming Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Coney Island.

New Restaurant In New York From Famous Chef Anne Burrell

New Restaurant In New York From Famous Chef Anne Burrell

New Yorkers love to eat. From pizza to Chinese food to Indian takeout, they know food and they love those who adore it as much as they do. So it comes as no surprise that this city has continued to attract world class chefs determined to make their mark here. Now, another chef has decided to make this city her own. Anne Burrell is known for many things. As one of Food Network’s rising stars, she’s been involved in many food battles online. She’s also hosted her own Food iNetwork show where she took some America’s worst cooks and taught them how to create gourmet meals. Her other ventures include a series of well received cookbooks.


A Brooklyn Location


While all of New York is a foodie haven, in recent years a vibrant food community has developed in Brooklyn. Anne Burrell has decided to make Smith Street on Brooklyn the home of her new restaurant. Called Phil and Anne’s Good Time Lounge, the restaurant is a partnership between her and indie food voice Phil Casaceli. The two have a point of view that is very much about bringing delicious food with unique dishes to the world. She’s a creative force who likes to play around with classic Italian favorites that she grew up with and make them more about modern, cleaner tastes.


An Innovative Menu


The thirteen hundred square food space offers a lot of space to experiment and plenty of room for guests to relax and explore the entire world of food. Diners can choose from varied kinds of menu items that range from snacks to more filling dishes. Choices like roasted baby beet and carrot salad are all about keeping as healthy as possible while not letting go of flavor. For those with heartier appetites items like meatballs with ricotta and diced dill pickles or a seared cod with clams and shrimp help people fill up on a cold winter day.


Elegant Japanese Cuisine Comes To The Upper East Side

The Japanese have developed an entirely unique cuisine. With a focus on fresh fish and bright colors, people all over the world have come to love what it offers. New Yorkers are no exception. As in so many other world class cities, New Yorkers adore this varied style of preparing food. Today, diners can pick from all kinds of Japanese restaurants in New York from small sushi joints to places that serve intense and upscale plates. A style of Japanese food known as omakase has become particularly popular. From a Japanese phrase that means allowing the chef to choose the meal, this kind of Japanese dining is all about the use of quality ingredients and letting a chef use their skills to create something that entirely special. Several Japanese omakase restaurants have opened up in New York City, much to the delight of residents pleased at the chance to enjoy a style that can be hard to find outside of Japan.


The New Restaurant


Residents of the Upper East Side can head to 74th street to try omakase at Sushi Ishikawa. This new venture offers quality at a reduced price. This way, many diners can sample one of the most luxurious styles of Japanese food. There are twenty-three seats so there’s expected to be enough room for everyone who wants to be here without a wait. The chef plans to offer two menus for diners to pick from. Each diner can expect to enjoy a wide variety of fish and seafood as well as other kinds of Japanese ingredients all via the guidance of a skilled chef who cares about creating a truly memorable meal each night. A typical meal may start with mushroom soup topped with abalone and then include other, very special ingredients such as hairy crab, Japanese grunt and octopus. Special emphasis is placed on the use of accompaniments such as bonito flakes and a salt that is mixed with green tea.


New Chinese Restaurant Concept For New Yorkers Near Columbia University

New Yorkers, like everyone else, love Chinese food. Chinese food is often made from fresh ingredients and full of flavors like soy sauce, ginger and garlic that are commonly used in many cultures. Many New Yorkers are familiar with the varied elements of Chinese culture. A new restaurant concept seeks to translate their familiar flavors into the fast casual concept. Like other fast casual restaurants, this one will offer the chance to customize a meal from all kinds of specific components to creates something that is entirely unique for each diner. Junzi Kitchen is slated to open near Columbia University on June 21st. The first Junzi Kitchen began in 2015 as a way to turn around the standard Chinese restaurant in America into something that is hopefully more modern, faster and ideally easier for the average American to navigate on their lunch hour with friends.


Their First New York Location


This new restaurant will have seating for thirty-five in an eight hundred foot square space. Diners can come here from 11 in the morning to 10 at night to create their own special plate. They are allowed to pick out a base such as noodles. After that, it’s on to their choice of toppings and protein. They can pick from varied kinds of meats depending on what they want on any given day. Additional choices include vegetables that have been quickly fried and a choice of varied kinds of sauces. A diner might decide to go for wide knife noodles. Then they could add in meat options that include chicken and pork. Vegetarians can pick from mushrooms and tofu. Garnishes include scallions and bean threads while roasted sesame and sweet soy as well as tomato egg and called jaja. Each location has something special that is designed to cater to specific tastes that may be more locally common. The New York space will offer choices like shrimp salt with a tang and chive ash.


Blue Hill Offers New Cheese For New Yorkers To Taste

New Yorkers love cheese. Each year, they consume many pounds of this dairy foodstuff. One of the best things about living in New York is often the chance to try a new kind of cheese. Cheese delights the the taste buds with flavors that have many notes and lots varied texture. One restaurant understands just how much New Yorkers love cheese and wants to offer them yet another choice. That place is Blue Hill. Located just outside of New York City, Blue Hill has been popular with critics and those who appreciate fine foods that are locally sourced and turned into gourmet meals. While New Yorkers have to leave the city in order to dine at Blue Hill, they can now enjoy the cheese made here right in Manhattan. Their Bone Char Pearl cheese is being sold by an Essex Street cheese monger. Saxelby Cheese Mongers will now sell the cheese at sixteen dollars a pound for all who appreciate cheese that is made with incredible care.


A Very Special Product


Made from a combination of goat and cow’s milk, the new Bone Char is coated in a light ash that is a special technique that has been developed at Blue Hill. Then, the cheese is aged for three weeks in accordance with a method that has been used for centuries to produce a superior product. The aim of Blue Hill is not waste anything that might be useful. Each slice of this cheese has been to create something that is all about the earth and all about being in touch with it. New Yorkers can head down to Delancey Street to try this new product. No need to hope it will be on the menu when at Blue Hill. The cheese stores easily and works with a wide variety of flavors. Pair it with other kinds of cheese here or try it with a drink of wine and some local chocolates.


New Yorkers Get Chance To Try New Kind Of Ramen Noodles

Ramen noodles have become one of the hottest food items in recent years. This former dried kitchen staple has gone upscale. No longer the plain, easy to cook snack so beloved of late nigh workers everywhere, the new ramen is all about freshness and flavor. New Yorkers everywhere are about to get a taste of ramen many people have not tried before unless they’ve been to New York. In the last few years, many places have opened up where diners can slurp to their heart’s content. Those places have been content to serve up a dense style of ramen laced with pork flavor with a creamy mouth feel. While this style of ramen is highly popular both in Japan and the United States, it’s not the only kind of ramen available. For those in search of other kinds of authentic ramen that has more variety, one restaurant has an idea it knows that New Yorkers will love. The Japanese have developed many styles of ramen they want to share with this city.


E.A.K Is Opening


Downtown New York will be the site of a new restaurant called E.A.K. They specialize in a style known as Yokohama’s iekei ramen. Yokohama is one of the largest cities in Japan and one known for good eats. Their plan is to offer ramen that has thicker noodles and a broth with many flavor notes including clear broth with lots of umami. The new restaurant also plans to serve many other kinds of ramen including a variety known as the zebra with lots of butter and hints of garlic in the broth. There’s also plans to serve a ramen choice that combines ground chicken with a miso that has lots of spice. Vegetarians can find a ramen to their taste. In addition, there’s also lots of appetizers for those diners who are not content with just soup or have a crowd of people and want to share dishes.

New Portuguese Restaurant For Manhattan’s Lower East Side

The Iberian peninsula is home to both Spain and Portugal. Each country has a magnificently diverse cuisine with lots of emphasis on fresh seafood and the use of subtle and elegant spices. The unique cuisine is not only popular locally. It’s also a cuisine that exports well. New Yorkers are about to get their own taste of this part of the world right on the Lower East Side. Nialls Fallon loves the food of this region. He has teamed up with his chef and partner Nick Perkins for a new venture. They have dubbed the restaurant Cervo, a Portuguese word that means stag and symbolized their quick thinking and plans to move forward. The new restaurant is one with an innovative menu that is all about using fresh ingredients both from the land and the sea. Their emphasis is also about bringing out flavor from olive oil and seafood along with vegetables with a crisp snap.


Lots Of Flavors


Portuguese and Spanish foods often focus on ingredients that are not always familiar to many Americans like sardines and bottaga. The partners at Cervo know that sophisticated New Yorkers will appreciate their determination not to sacrifice authenticity while providing a menu with lots of modern twists. Here, diners can share items like grilled whole fish that has been cooked Portuguese style and flavored with olive oils. They can also try other kinds of dishes that also draw on Mediterranean flavors and easy access to varied seafood. Fat, thick prawns, for example, are flavored with oranges and then topped with sweet chile. Olives make an excellent appetizer when spiked with paprika oil. Main courses include dishes such as squid, mussels and octopus paired with broad beans and grilled mackerel that is topped with green salsa and then served with potatoes. Classic Portuguese wines are offered by the glass along with standard desserts such as flan that are an integral part of the area’s regional cuisine.


New Manhattan Opening For Brooklyn Pizza Favorite Emily

Since opening in 2014, Emily has become a Brooklyn favorite. This Clinton Hill based pizzeria serve a happy client base on Fulton Street. As pizza experts, the founders know what people want from this old favorite. The owners have played with existing favorites and thought about ways to create something that is entirely new and different. Those who love modern ideas about pizza have always been able to come here and explore new toppings like banana pizza and pizza with the ranch dressing that is popular in cities like Detroit. Emily and Matt Hyland serve square slices baked quickly on metal sheet pans to help make the crust even crispier. While they’ve been working in the small spaces of their Clinton Hill location, the two are excited to expand into a new space in Manhattan that promises to give them even more time to create pizzas that are full of flavor.


A West Village Location


Their new location is the West Village. Here, foodies from the local area as well many of the millions of people who visit New York City each day can come and try their take on pizza. The new menu draws on items they have been serving in their current location as well as another location in Williamsburg. Guests can try the Buffalo chicken pizza with a hot sauce that the Hylands have been working on for many years. The pizza, with it’s smoked chicken, is a huge favorite of their customers in Brooklyn. They also have other menu items that they know their guests will enjoy as much their take on pizza.


All Kinds of Menu Items


At the new location, called Emily, it’s also possible to order burgers and onion rings. Large burgers are available made with meat like lamb that is topped with innovative items like green papaya. There’s also the highly popular Emily Burger, a huge burger that is ideal for people looking for something hearty.


NYC Has a New Breakfast Gem

New NYC restaurant Atla has offerings that are sure to make breakfast the most important meal of the day for those who love Mexican food first thing in the morning. The restaurant serves dishes like chilaquiles, which is a fried tortilla dish that includes eggs, salsa and crema. The dish is often offered by chefs Enrique Olvera and Daniela Soto-Innes at their restaurant Cosme as a late-night dish, but is now a staple at Atla for those who enjoy chilaquiles for breakfast.


Atla is also among the new restaurants in New York that are offering splendid breakfast dishes. Previously, breakfast one the meal that was overlooked by NYC restaurants, since most people preferred quick and easy dishes from eateries that didn’t necessarily offer sit-down service.


Atla will open at 9am daily, and in addition to chilaquiles, meals like molletes with goat cheese and guacamole and a Mexican version of bruschetta will served. For those who prefer a sweet breakfast, coconut yogurt with blueberries or Mexican sweet breads like orejas and conchas are offered. Patrons who are in the mood for a great cup of coffee can also get a fresh cup of brew from Atla. Cafe con leche and espresso are available, as well as cafe de olla, which is a coffee sweetened with cane sugar and Mexican cinnamon.


At noon, Atla will start serving lunch, and the dishes are sure to excite. There are traditional Mexican favorites on the menu like chile relleno, along with innovative dishes like hummus made from white ayocote beans. There is also an extensive cocktail selection, including the finest mezcal and tequila choices so that patrons can customize their beverages. Atla promises to be one of the standout restaurants in NYC and will likely be known for its delicious fare for years to come.


The restaurant is located at 372 Lafayette St, near E. 3rd St.

NYC’s Biannual Restaurant Week Opens Reservations

The New York City Restaurant Week of Winter 2017 is fast approaching. Just Monday the complete list of participating restaurants was released to the public, and the 378 restaurants included are spread across the city. NYC & Company, the team that organizes the biannual food celebration, announced the list for the week of Jan. 23 – Feb. 10 of this year.


If the total number of participating restaurants isn’t enough, here are some fun Restaurant Week facts:



  • 32 different cuisines will be offered throughout the city
  • Some of the cuisines offered include Indian, Latin American and Asian Fusion
  • Prices range from $29-$42



Restaurant Week is a great time for residents and tourists in New York City to try out new or higher-class food types and restaurants at affordable prices. Entrees and multiple-course meals that might normally cost hundreds are available at significant discounts. Lunch plates are only $29 and dinner courses are $42. Both are three-course meals at the same high-quality customers can expect at menu prices. Normal tips and taxes are still expected, and customers should check with the restaurant when booking, as some will participate in only lunch or only dinner offerings throughout the week.


Though walk-ins are welcome all week, NYC & Company recommends making reservations early. For serious foodies, that means immediately,, as reservations have just opened this week. Of course, there are no limits on how many reservations you can make, and customers are encouraged to try as many different restaurants as possible, or to stick with a couple favorites all week long.